Xenocross Volume 1 Update: A Kiss For The Petals – Our Christmas Together

An English translation of the light novel Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Futari no Christmas (その花びらにくちづけを 二人のクリスマス) has been added to Xenocross Volume 1 under the name Our Christmas Together.

Their first Christmas alone together♪

Yuuna and Nanami, the girls who became a couple in A Kiss For The Petals, are about to have their first Christmas Eve since they began dating…

Taking advantage of her parents’ absence, Nanami invites Yuuna to her house for a sleepover party.  Although Yuuna has to attend her father’s party on the very same day, she promises to slip out halfway through, much to Nanami’s delight.

Each day after that, Nanami spends all her time preparing for Christmas and practicing her cooking.  Her heart aflutter, the thought of a night alone with her beloved Onee-sama fills her to the brim with joy!

And on the promised date, after Nanami somehow managed to get everything ready just in time…

Illustration: Peko
Writing: Sano Shin’ichirou

If you have already purchased volume 1, it has been added to your bookshelf; no action is needed from you. You can purchase the original light novel within the Extras Roundup anthology from Mangaoh Club, which ships internationally via EMS. See this guide for instructions for ordering from Mangaoh Club if the Google translation is insufficient and note that you must specify that you are over 18 years of age in your account information before you are allowed to add adult items to your cart.

Our Christmas Together is referenced in the first chapter of Music Box of Memories, also in Xenocross Volume 1. Future light novel translations will be included in later volumes of Xenocross for the benefit of English readers who do not have access to the light novels.  This and future Sonohana light novel translations come at no additional charge and have been authorized by Fuguriya, but they do not include any artwork. It is therefore on the reader to obtain the images absent from this translation.

However, due to limitations with Eden of Xeno’s book reader, the visual effect of the pages turning is reversed. This is due to Xenocross being defined as having a right-to-left page order and this light novel reading left-to-right. The pages have been arranged so that the page order for normal left-to-right reading is correct, but the all pages view has the pages alternate.

6 thoughts on “Xenocross Volume 1 Update: A Kiss For The Petals – Our Christmas Together”

  1. It’s nice to be able to read one of the light novels in English. If it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t have bought Xenocross.

  2. I actually think a non-flash based reader would also be useful but I do understand that it means people might save the works and distribute. But it’s a shame I can’t read Xenocross on my IPhone.

    But either way, I’ve enjoyed it thus far. I’ve spent my money well

  3. I added a translation of the official summary of the light novel. Future light novel releases through Xenocross will have translations of the summaries in the corresponding announcement posts.

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