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Translation release pages.

English translation: White Lily Memorial

White Lily Memorial

On 15 May 2015, St. Michael Girls’ School launched a free short story series titled White Lily Memorial (白百合のメモリアル Shiro Yuri no Memoriaru). The translation by Ralen is hosted on this server as a mirror of the original pages.

The translation is hosted here at

The series will introduce the characters of A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! ahead of its release on 26 June. The first stories feature Aya and Ai. As of this post, the first of two currently available chapters has been translated.

English translation: Hanahira!

Hanahira! English translation

A full translation of the visual novel Hanahira! (はなひらっ!) as well as the accompanying light novel Hanahira Side Story! Nagisa’s Rowdy Girls (はなひらSSっ! 渚のかしまし娘たち Hanahira SS! – Nagisa no Kashi Mashi Musume-tachi) has been released by George Henry Shaft on 17 April. These were translated independently and packaged as a single download.

Because these translations were not produced by Petals’ Garden or Yuri Project, support questions and feedback on translation should be posted on the release page at George Henry Shaft’s website.

English translation: Comiket 86 Bonus Story

Comiket 86 Bonus Story CoverThe Comiket 86 bonus volume, The Working Woman, has been translated by Ralen. Download it and other light novel translations at this release page.

Shizuku takes up part-time employment at a fast food restaurant. Eris joins her in a bid to be close to her, but struggles to keep pace with her. This is the first story to feature Shizuku and Eris exclusively and a named extra character.

English translation: Yuricycle

Yuririn logoRalen has begun translation of Yuririn, the free short story series by St. Michael Girls’ School, under the name Yuricycle. The translation is hosted on this server as a mirror of the original pages. As of February 2015, 12 chapters and the prologue have been translated.

The translation is hosted here at

At present, the series logo requires cleanup of the Japanese text.

You can discuss the translation and follow progress at Yuri Project.

English Translation: A Kiss For The Petals – Rikka-Sayuki Theater

Rikka-Sayuki Theater

Rikka-Sayuki Theater (夏雪劇場 Natsuyuki Gekijou) is a 10-episode video series released by Yurin Yurin between November 2013 and January 2014 to promote the release of A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight. These videos take place some time during the middle of the visual novel; their canonical status is unclear.

The English translation has been produced in collaboration with Yuri Project and edited to include a visual novel-style message window. English and Japanese subtitles are available, both of which mimic the text of the visual novel.

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English Translation: A Kiss For The Petals – Our Valentine’s Together

A Kiss For The Petals – Our Valentine’s Together (その花びらにくちづけを 二人のバレンタイン Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Futari no Valentine), the second light novel featuring Nanami and Yuuna, has been translated by Ralen. Download it and other light novel translations at this release page.

The roundtable at the end makes multiple references to “Sweet Enchanting Kisses”. This is the short story series published online between September 2007 and October 2009, not the visual novel later released with the same name.


Untitled-1Their first Valentine’s alone together

With Valentine’s Day a mere month away, Nanami is in a bind. This will be her first Valentine’s with Onee-sama. What kind of chocolate should she give her? Perhaps she could pour her passion into baking her a homemade chocolate cake? But what if she doesn’t like it?  Maybe an expensive store-bought chocolate would be the safer route. But then what about the cost…? There are just so many details to agonize over, but at the same time that’s half the fun.

And then, with one week to go, as soon as they’re alone together, Yuuna nervously approaches Nanami.

“Nanami, do you happen to know what day it will be one week from now?”

With Yuuna looking like she can hardly wait, Nanami responds without thinking, “But of course, Onee-sama.  I’ve got an extra-special chocolate planned for you!”

And so begins Nanami’s Operation: Valentine’s Day♪

Illustrations: Peko
Writing: Sano Shin’ichirou
Genre: Yuri short story
44 pages, B5 offset
Out of stock

Music Box of Memories Purchasing Information



Music Box of Memories, the A Kiss For The Petals doujinshi by Asagi Ryu and Tomino Nakiyoshi, has been made available as an independent package on Sellbox at a flat price of $16 USD. Transactions are made via PayPal. This package includes volumes 1-3 in English and Japanese and four previously unreleased full-color posters by Asagi Ryu.

This package is being sold separately as a step toward separating their yuri catalog from Eden of Xeno’s other products. For more information on the status of Music Box of Memories, see this post. The light novels that were once a part of Xenocross as supplementary material are now available freely on this site. If you have further questions, please contact Eden of Xeno directly.

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English Translation Update 1.1: Dyed With An Angel’s Petals

A Kiss For The Petals - Dyed with an Angel's Petals

The English translation patch for A Kiss For The Petals – Dyed With An Angel’s Petals has been updated to version 1.1 with script corrections. This is a minor update that fixes issues reported in the Yuri Project thread. If you already have the English patch installed, download an MSD only package and replace the MSD file in your program folder with it. If you find additional errors or have suggestions for the translation, please post in the thread linked above.