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Translation release pages.

English translation: Comiket 86 Bonus Story

Comiket 86 Bonus Story CoverThe Comiket 86 bonus volume, The Working Woman, has been translated by Ralen. Download it and other light novel translations at this release page.

Shizuku takes up part-time employment at a fast food restaurant. Eris joins her in a bid to be close to her, but struggles to keep pace with her. This is the first story to feature Shizuku and Eris exclusively and a named extra character.

English translation: Yuricycle

Yuririn logoRalen has begun translation of Yuririn, the free short story series by St. Michael Girls’ School, under the name Yuricycle. The translation is hosted on this server as a mirror of the original pages. As of February 2015, 12 chapters and the prologue have been translated.

The translation is hosted here at

At present, the series logo requires cleanup of the Japanese text.

You can discuss the translation and follow progress at Yuri Project.

English Translation: A Kiss For The Petals – Rikka-Sayuki Theater

Rikka-Sayuki Theater

Rikka-Sayuki Theater (夏雪劇場 Natsuyuki Gekijou) is a 10-episode video series released by Yurin Yurin between November 2013 and January 2014 to promote the release of A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight. These videos take place some time during the middle of the visual novel; their canonical status is unclear.

The English translation has been produced in collaboration with Yuri Project and edited to include a visual novel-style message window. English and Japanese subtitles are available, both of which mimic the text of the visual novel.

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English Translation: A Kiss For The Petals – Our Valentine’s Together

A Kiss For The Petals – Our Valentine’s Together (その花びらにくちづけを 二人のバレンタイン Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Futari no Valentine), the second light novel featuring Nanami and Yuuna, has been translated by Ralen. Download it and other light novel translations at this release page.

The roundtable at the end makes multiple references to “Sweet Enchanting Kisses”. This is the short story series published online between September 2007 and October 2009, not the visual novel later released with the same name.


Untitled-1Their first Valentine’s alone together

With Valentine’s Day a mere month away, Nanami is in a bind. This will be her first Valentine’s with Onee-sama. What kind of chocolate should she give her? Perhaps she could pour her passion into baking her a homemade chocolate cake? But what if she doesn’t like it?  Maybe an expensive store-bought chocolate would be the safer route. But then what about the cost…? There are just so many details to agonize over, but at the same time that’s half the fun.

And then, with one week to go, as soon as they’re alone together, Yuuna nervously approaches Nanami.

“Nanami, do you happen to know what day it will be one week from now?”

With Yuuna looking like she can hardly wait, Nanami responds without thinking, “But of course, Onee-sama.  I’ve got an extra-special chocolate planned for you!”

And so begins Nanami’s Operation: Valentine’s Day♪

Illustrations: Peko
Writing: Sano Shin’ichirou
Genre: Yuri short story
44 pages, B5 offset
Out of stock

Music Box of Memories Purchasing Information



Music Box of Memories, the A Kiss For The Petals doujinshi by Asagi Ryu and Tomino Nakiyoshi, has been made available as an independent package on Sellbox at a flat price of $16 USD. Transactions are made via PayPal. This package includes volumes 1-3 in English and Japanese and four previously unreleased full-color posters by Asagi Ryu.

This package is being sold separately as a step toward separating their yuri catalog from Eden of Xeno’s other products. For more information on the status of Music Box of Memories, see this post. The light novels that were once a part of Xenocross as supplementary material are now available freely on this site. If you have further questions, please contact Eden of Xeno directly.

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English Translation Update 1.1: Dyed With An Angel’s Petals

A Kiss For The Petals - Dyed with an Angel's Petals

The English translation patch for A Kiss For The Petals – Dyed With An Angel’s Petals has been updated to version 1.1 with script corrections. This is a minor update that fixes issues reported in the Yuri Project thread. If you already have the English patch installed, download an MSD only package and replace the MSD file in your program folder with it. If you find additional errors or have suggestions for the translation, please post in the thread linked above.

English Translation: A Kiss For The Petals – Our Hot Summer Together

A Kiss For The Petals – Our Hot Summer Together (その花びらにくちづけを 二人の暑い夏 Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Futari no Atsui Natsu), the first light novel featuring Mai and Reo, has been translated by Ralen. Download it and other light novel translations at this release page. It should be noted that the writer roundtable in the end of the book contains coarse language.


02ReoOperation: Get Mai All to Myself!

Reo, filled with joy at becoming Mai’s girlfriend… Is in a particularly sour mood today. Mai, ever the sisterly Samaritan, is even more popular at St. Michael’s than ever! She seems to be paying just as much attention to Reo as she always does, but she’s totally ignoring her feelings!

“Mai, you jeeeerk!”

“After all this time giving in to her whims, I’m finally going to seize control back from Mai!” Reo cries.

As luck would have it, it just happens to be summer vacation, and Reo smirks at the thought that Mai’s obnoxious little fans won’t be able to get at her… But come summer break, Mai gets stuck watching her little siblings, and Reo’s hopes are dashed as her plans fly out the window.

But after Mai cancels her trip to visit her family in the country, could this sudden opportunity be their chance to be alone together?! And then it’s smooth sailing as they’re off to Reo’s family vacation home in Karuizawa…?!

Illustration: Peko
Writing: Sano Shin’ichiro

Genre: Yuri short story
44 pages, B5 offset

Out of stock.
*This book is included in its entirety in A Kiss For The Petals – Extras Roundup.

Snow White’s Knight Countdown Voice English Translation

Ralen has translated the “countdown voice” dialogues that promoted the release of A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight from 6-20 December 2013. Adobe Flash is required to hear them.

This set of countdown voices includes a large  number of references to Japanese television shows, some of which may have been overlooked in the translation.

Rikka: Nice to meet you, everyone.  I’m Shinozaki Rikka.  I’m a freshman at St. Michael’s.
Sayuki: And my name is Shirakawa Sayuki.  Likewise, I am a freshman at St. Michael’s.  It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Rikka: Aww, that’s awesome, Sayuki-san!  You just did a perfect job of conveying your graceful charm with class and style.
Sayuki: Goodness, such praise… I’m so delighted, but also so embarrassed… Ahh, you’re too kind to me, Rikka-san!
Rikka: If you want to see just how beautiful Sayuki-san is, just play the game and you’ll all be sure to see for yourselves.  Ahh, you really are incredible, Sayuki-san.
Sayuki: That would be A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight which will be going on sale in just 14 more days.  We’re looking forward to your support!

Rikka: R- Risa-nee!  This is huge!  It’s incredibly major!
Risa: Rikka! What could possibly be so important to get you in such a panic?
Rikka: W- Well, Sayuki-san, she… she made a lunch for me by hand!  And it was full of all my favorite foods!
Risa: Whoa, that is a big deal.  But wait, something even bigger than that is happening!
Rikka: Huh?  What on Earth could be more important than Sayuki-san’s hand-made lunch, Risa-nee?
Risa: A game that features you, and me, and all the other Best Couples, A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight, goes on sale in just 13 more days!

Miya: Ahh, Risa… You’re looking cute as ever today.  You make me want to do all sorts of lovely things to you.
Risa: Arrgh, geeze!!  All you ever do is have your way with me, Miya! Well, I’m not staying quiet anymore!  I’m gonna get you back double!*
Miya: Oh, you’re going to pay me back twofold?  I’m thrilled to hear that, Risa.  Hehe, that makes for two times the lovemaking.
Risa: I, I was just kidding!  I’m not, I’m not really!
Miya: Oh, we can’t have that now.  If you don’t do anything, then I’m just going to have to increase my efforts one hundredfold!*
Risa: Eeee!  When A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale in 12 more days I’ll buy twice the copies if you’ll just let me go!

Ref: Hanzawa Naoki
Baigaeshi” is the popular catch phrase of the title character of Hanzawa Naoki.  It means to return the favor to your enemy many times over.

Eris: Shizukuuuu~, now that we’re in junior college, it seems like we’re developing more every day.
Shizuku: That’s true.  This new environment has been a bountiful source of stimulation for us.
Wh-, Eris!  What are you doing?!
Eris: Hehehe.  I think your body has been developing quite a bit too, Shizuku.  It’s time for a physical.
Shizuku: Wh-, Ahhh!  That tickles, Eris!
Eris: And you can be sure to do a thorough check on my development too, okay?
Shizuku: N- Never mind that!  There are only 10 days until A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale!

Takako: Haah… Lately, Runa seems like she’s getting pushier by the day. Haah…
Runa: Sensei, I’m sick of hearing you sigh all the time.  Forget about that and hurry up and get dinner started, would you?
Takako: I’m just not in the mood for that right now… Haah…
Runa: There you go again.  Hmph.  What’s with you today, Sensei?  All you’ve been doing is sighing.
Takako: It’s just, whenever I think about how you’re just going to push me around again in this next game… Haah…
Runa: O- Oh yeah, that’s right!  There are only 10 more days until A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale!

Mai: Hey, Reo!  What’re you doing at an important time like this?
Reo: I’m looking online to see what new sweets the department stores have.  They’ve just started selling marrons chocolat.
Mai: We’re about to start selling something way more important than that, Reo!
Reo: Come on, Mai.  There’s nothing new going on sale that I could care more about than… Huh!?
Mai: It’s coming out.  It’s coming out this year.  After nearly a year, a new release is about to go on sale, Reo!
Reo: It’s finally coming out, Mai!  There are only nine more days until A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale!

Sara: Ahhhh, I’m so excited!  Only eight more days!  Heeheeheehee.
Kaede: You seem awfully happy, Sara.  But I admit, I’m looking forward to it too.  Just eight more days until it goes on sale.
Sara: I can’t wait anymore!  Ahh, why can’t it come out earlier?  I want my new Kaede-chan CD that comes bundled with a handshake ticket!
Kaede: Huh?  You’re looking forward to my new CD?  But you know that was delayed due to various circumstances, right?
Sara: Whaaat?!  No way, I don’t believe it!!  I already ordered 100 copies!  I’ve spent all this time looking forward to getting to shake your hand!  Then what are you looking forward to, Kaede-chan?
Kaede: Isn’t that obvious?  In just eight more days, A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale.  Let’s go get it together, Sara.

Yuuna: Nanami, I want to tell you something.  Once I graduate from St. Michael’s, I’ve decided to become a skin diver.*
Nanami: Ba-ba-ba- What on Earth has gotten into you, Yuuna Onee-sama?!  That sounds like some crazy idea you got from watching morning TV soap dramas!
Yuuna: Not at all!  I want to go out and catch sea urchins with my own two hands so I can make bowls of delicious sea urchin rice for my precious Nanami!
Nanami: You really have been watching too many soap dramas… But there’s something even more important than diving in the ocean!  Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten, Onee-sama!
Yuuna: Hmmmmm?  Do you mean about the two of us joining an idol group?
Nanami: We’ve got enough of that with Sara-san and Kaede-sama!  A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale in just seven more days, Onee-sama.

Ref: Amachan
Amachan, which aired in 2013, was a morning drama series about a teenaged girl who moves from Tokyo to a small town to become a skin diver, then eventually joins an idol group with one of her friends from high school.

Risa: Hey, Miya, what exactly is this?
Miya: Oh, that?  It’s one of those stuffed bears you’re so fond of.  They were selling them in front of the train station, so I bought one for you.
Risa: Th- Thanks…  Hm, but this one’s a little different from the Puchikko Bears in my collection.  It seems kind of sinister, and has kind of a Nobuyo vibe.
Miya: You think so?  I rather prefer this kind.  Right now I can just imagine him saying “You all better buy our game!  U-pu-pu-pu~!”* or something like that.
Risa: M- Miya, put it down!  I think it’s about to self-destruct!
Miya: Hehehehe.  A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale in six more days.

Ref: Danganronpa
The character Monokuma (officially translated as Monobear), is a black and white remotely controlled stuffed bear and the main antagonist of the series Danganronpa.  His character is voiced by Oyama Nobuyo, has the trademark laugh “U-pu-pu-pu,” and is known to self-destruct at will, or if shaken too hard.

Runa: Sensei still isn’t back from shopping yet… Hnnn.  What’s taking her so long?!
Rena: I’m home!  Runa, Takako, I hope you’ve been well.
Runa: Welcome home, Sensei… Wait, I mean Nee-sama?!  What are you doing back in Japan?!
Rena: I had some important business to attend to!  I wanted to see how much my precious students and adorable little sister have developed this past year.
Runa: Nee-sama… Uh, but, how are you planning to see that?
Rena: You’re just going to have to see for yourself in A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight when it goes on sale in five more days.

Eris: Hey, Shizukuuu~ Let me copy your notes~
Shizuku: And why is that my problem?!  It’s your own fault for sleeping during class.
Eris: Aww, but the only reason I was so sleepy is ‘cause I was fooling around with you all last night.  This is half your fault, too, you know.  You should own up to it.
Shizuku: Wh- Wh- What are you talking about?!  Honestly, Eris, you just do whatever you want whenever you want!
Eris: Hehehehe.  I’m just a free spirit like that.  You know this thing between us is just a passing fancy, after all… Just kidding *mwah.*
Shizuku: E- Eris, not here…
Eris: Shizuku… You’re blushing…
Wh- Shizuku?  Where are you going?  A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale in just four more days, you know!

Reo: Hey, my mail-ordered snacks are missing!
Mai: My goodness!  This is serious, Reo!
Reo: Hrrr… I’ll bet the victim is among us.
Mai: Well, yeah.  I mean the victim is you, Reo.
Reo: Wait, I messed that up.  I meant the culprit is among us!  One truth prevails!*  You ate them, didn’t you, Mai!
Mai: D- Don’t be ridiculous!  The only thing I ever crave is cute little Reo!
Reo: Wh- What’s wrong with you?  Never mind that, just give me back my snacks!  Gimme!
Mai: Good grief… I guess the way to your heart really is through your stomach, Reo.  There’s only three more days until A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale!

Ref: Case Closed
“One truth prevails” is the catch phrase of Conan Edogawa from the detective series Case Closed.

Kaede: Sara, why are you staring at me like that?
Sara: I just can’t help myself.  I’m so into you no matter how much I look I can’t get enough.
Kaede: Aw, that’s embarrassing… But as long as it’s you, you can stare as much as you like.
Sara: Wow, really?  Are you falling for me all over again?
Kaede: Sara, I couldn’t possibly fall for you any harder than I already have.
Sara: Eeee!  Kaede-chan!
Kaede: Hehehe.  There are only two more days until A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale, Sara.

Yuuna: Ahhhh… Hehe… Hehehehe.
Nanami: Yuuna Onee-sama, you seem pretty happy.  Did something good happen?
Yuuna: Hmm, want me to tell you about it, Nanami?
Nanami: Yeah, of course I do!
Yuuna: Well, you see, I had the most wonderful dream today.  Ahh, just remembering it is making my heart pound!
Nanami: A dream?  Just what kind of dream?
Yuuna: Well, in my dream, my darling little Nanami absolutely soaked the sheets when…
Nanami: Waah!  Waahaaah!  Forget about that!  There’s only one more day until A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale, Onee-sama!

Rikka: Sayuki-san, where should we go on our date today?
Sayuki: I don’t even need to think about it, Rikka-san.  Today I want to go to the game store.
Rikka: Huh?  You want to go to the game store?  I didn’t know you played games, Sayuki-san.
Sayuki: No, I don’t ordinarily.  But there’s one game packed full of memories with my beloved Rikka-san that I absolutely must play!
Rikka: I see.  Is it that day already?  I want to play it too.  It’s making my heart pound.
Sayuki: Today is the day A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight goes on sale.  Everyone please be sure to check it out.
Rikka: Please do.