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Polls regarding site practices and popularity of specific elements, such as characters.

SHK Election #5 July Tallies

Reo-ppoi Radio episode 35 featured the current results of the fifth SHK Election.

The question is: Who is the sexiest (most erotic) character?

The current runnings are as follows:

  1. Mai – 4142
  2. Yuuna – 2374
  3. Eris – 895
  4. Reo – 512
  5. Sara – 318
  6. Nanami – 300
  7. Kaede – 180
  8. Calpis Soda* – 100
  9. Runa – 90
  10. Takako, Shizuku – 75
  11. Izumi Ayaka – 65

* See Reo-ppoi Radio episode 30 for Calpis Soda’s most recent appearance.

There is approximately one month of voting remaining. Votes are due by Comiket 82 on 10 August. To vote in this election, send an e-mail to (replacing the ★ with @) with the subject line SHK総選挙 and at least one of the following names in Japanese.

Izumi Ayaka和泉あやか
Calpis Sodaカルピスソーダ
Anzu Hana杏花

Each e-mail sent is allocated 100 votes that can be split between multiple characters; an e-mail with only one name will cast 100 votes for that character. To vote for multiple characters, write each name with a number next to it. No additional text is required. Multiple votes are allowed, but please vote responsibly.

In addition to these results, it was announced that Kaede will be featured in the next drama CD for winning the previous Election, to be released at Comiket 82. Details of this CD are pending.

SHK Election #5 Halftime Results [Updated 12 Apr 2012]

Four months remain for voting in the fifth SHK Election and Reo-ppoi Radio episode 28 revealed the current results halfway through the election period. This election is a listener poll that asks which of the characters is the most erotic. These are the rankings in the order they were revealed:

  1. Mai – 944 votes
  2. Yunna – 760 votes
  3. Eris – 295 votes
  4. Nanami – 100 votes
  5. Runa – 30 votes
  6. Kaede – 60 votes
  7. Takako – 25 votes
  8. Shizuku – 25 votes
  9. Izumi Ayaka – 20 votes
  10. Reo – 1 vote
  11. Calpis Soda – 100 votes

Runa’s name was, for an unknown reason, introduced before Kaede despite having fewer votes. 40 votes are unaccounted for, assuming all voters used their 100 votes. It is possible that Runa actually has 70 votes, explaining her position. Sara has yet to receive any votes.

It has been speculated that Mai has an unfair advantage due to Izumi Ayaka’s frequent appearances on the show (hence the 20 votes for Ayaka herself). Thus far she has appeared on episodes 10, 12, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 25, and 26. Yuuna is a favorite to win and may have received more votes if she made appearances on the show. Calpis Soda is also frequently mentioned by name by Hana throughout the series, leading to her envying its apparent popularity.

For instructions on voting, see How to Vote in SHK Election #5.

New Name Needed

I would like to rename AXYPB World as soon as possible. If there are any suggestions, I would like to hear them.

Ideally, the new name should decouple my name from the site’s content and be only tangentially related to Sonohana. My current idea would be to inherit some form of the former name of Hanabira-Kun’s blog, Amai Hanazono, but I would like the name to be more subtle than that. I would like the identity of this blog to be as friendly as possible to anyone unfamiliar with Sonohana so that this blog can be easily referred to for someone who wishes to learn more about it. This is an issue I’ve been meaning to correct since I started posting on it, but I’ve been unable to produce a clever name myself. Due to a number of current issues, this must be addressed as soon as possible.

[Update 24 February 2012: My latest idea is something like Garden of the Petals which implies a home of the characters as they're collectively as in Music Box of Memories, but that may be somewhat limiting to my ability to expand in the future.]

[Update 25 February 2012: Contrary to previous statements, I have learned that I can change my URL and maintain my traffic for a yearly fee. When I change this blog's name, I will more than likely do this. I'm leaning toward the name Petals' Garden in the possessive, in reference to what the characters are collectively known as in Music Box of Memories, a major topic for this blog. In this case, the new URL would be or even if I choose to move away from hosting for more flexibility.]

Survey: Should I upload full Reo-ppoi Radio episodes on YouTube and embed them here?

Update 26 February 2012: YouTube user nobuhiho is already uploading full episodes on their channel. You can find all episodes there. I will embed those uploads on this blog starting with episode 26, which was released yesterday. Below is episode 25, the first episode in the newly reorganized format, released on 11 February 2012.

Possibility for Greek and Cyrillic Language Translations

I have discovered that the text engine in the Sonohana visual novels support Greek and Cyrillic characters, and ArcTool has at least partial support for inserting them in scripts. It may be possible to translate them into these languages. If you are interested in doing this, please contact me with a Translator Application.

In these two screenshots, I inserted the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets into single lines in the remake of the first visual novel. There are some spacing issues due to the multi-byte characters these alphabets use, but they should be trivial to fix. I am not entirely familiar with these languages, so let me know if there are potential complications with using them in a text box limited to 25 characters per line.

2011 In Review

Last Monday marks the first anniversary of the first release from this site. The year has seen five translation releases, the start of a doujin manga series with my involvement, and a great increase in Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo fandom in general. This last accomplishment has always been the mission of this blog, but I feel that not enough was done to that end last year. In order to bolster growth further, I’ve reflected on my own practices in and out of this site by examining traffic patterns and user feedback. This year, I will focus on streamlining my workflow to hopefully improve the quality of our releases going forward. This will entail changes in this blog’s posting structure, my engagement with users on outside sites, and internal translation and editing practices. This will hopefully result in changes in release frequency and increased interest in Sonohana.
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Call for Questions Regarding Xenocross, Eden of Xeno, and Sonohana

I will hold an interview with Tomino Nakiyoshi, the CEO of Eden of Xeno and writer of Music Box of Memories, to learn more about her company and its flagship product, Xenocross, as well as the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo series. As I’ve received some questions about the nature of the anthology, I was offered this interview to allow the readers of this blog to learn more about it from the source rather than from me. For Xenocross, I am looking for questions about all aspects of this project and not just Music Box of Memories as it is multinational in scope. Questions about Sonohana will be answered in a separate part of the interview.

Possible questions include:

  • When was Eden of Xeno formed?
  • How were the artists for Xenocross selected? Are you still accepting artists or writers?
  • Was Xenocross always intended to be an internationally-available product?
  • How long is Xenocross planned to run?
  • What is your experience with Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo?
  • What does the title Music Box of Memories mean?
  • Why did you choose to introduce a male character into a story based on Sonohana?
  • You mentioned that there could be a second OVA if sales of Xenocross are great enough. Do you know what it would be about?
  • How is the reception of Xenocross Volume 1 in the non-English markets?

While there is currently no deadline for questions, I would like to conduct this interview ideally before Nekocon begins this Friday. If I do not receive enough questions by then, it will be postponed until after the convention.

Working Outline for the A Kiss For The Petals Panel at Nekocon 14

This is a request for comment on my outline for my presentation on A Kiss For The Petals at Nekocon 14 at 12:00 A.M. on Sunday, 6 November 2011. Review it on Google Docs here; you do not need to sign in to Google to view it. It will be updated continuously up to the time of the convention.

To recap, I am to speak for one hour on the series, its characters, its expanse, and how it’s grown over the last five years. I plan to open with a brief discussion of its context in the yuri genre and how it distinguished itself from similar products. About half of the panel will be spent discussing the individual couples’ strengths; the rest will discuss the series in general and how it has grown, especially with unofficial products such as the OVA and Xenocross.

Translation Patch Survey: The Joy Of Loving You

It’s been one month since the release of the patch, so I’d like to ask some questions about your thoughts on the game now that it’s in a language you can understand. Answer as many of the questions below as you like, but only after you finish the visual novel (i.e., get to the credits). Scales from 1-5 go from lowest to highest. Note: I normally post a survey two weeks after the release of a patch, but more urgent duties have delayed this one by one month.

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