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Music Box of Memories Purchasing Information



Music Box of Memories, the A Kiss For The Petals doujinshi by Asagi Ryu and Tomino Nakiyoshi, has been made available as an independent package on Sellbox at a flat price of $16 USD. Transactions are made via PayPal. This package includes volumes 1-3 in English and Japanese and four previously unreleased full-color posters by Asagi Ryu.

This package is being sold separately as a step toward separating their yuri catalog from Eden of Xeno’s other products. For more information on the status of Music Box of Memories, see this post. The light novels that were once a part of Xenocross as supplementary material are now available freely on this site. If you have further questions, please contact Eden of Xeno directly.

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Status of Music Box of Memories (Updated 11 May 2014)

Some users have expressed concern of the future of Music Box of Memories, as the latest chapter was released in August 2012. I have inquired on the status of future chapters and have been recently cleared to announce the following.

In July 2012, Yurin Yurin launched and opened its website, and with it, Maidens of Michael was announced. It introduced a number of new elements to the A Kiss For The Petals canon that necessitated extensive rewrites to the Music Box of Memories storyline. However, at the same time, the manga’s artist, Asagi Ryu, was approached by Yurin Yurin for a collaboration. Unfortunately, shortly afterward, Ryu decided to leave the Xenocross project, leaving Music Box of Memories without a conclusion. Effective immediately, it is discontinued. The specifics of this proposed partnership, whether it was successful, and Asagi Ryu’s reasons for leaving Eden of Xeno were not disclosed.

As for Eden of Xeno, it is currently working on its own unrelated series of yuri visual novels. As my contract with Eden of Xeno stipulated that I would only work on A Kiss For The Petals-related titles, I will not be involved with them or any future projects with Eden of Xeno. I would like to thank everyone who made my time with them possible and those who supported us while it lasted.

Music Box of Memories will continue to be on sale despite these developments.

Update 11 May 2014: It is available on Sellbox as a single package containing all three volumes in English and Japanese. If you have any questions, please direct them to Eden of Xeno.

Xenocross Volume 4 Update: Comiket 82 Extra Volume

The Comiket 82 story features “Kaede, Takako, and Skimpy Swimsuits.” In this story, Kaede and Takako are made to model swimsuits for Sara’s modelling company as Sara and Runa look on. This story bears some thematic resemblance to the end of Our Vacation Together. This is the second story to not feature Mai or Reo. It is also the first to have Runa directly interact with main characters other than Takako.

This story has been added to Xenocross Volume 4 and the Volume 2-5 compilation free of charge. For more information, see this post.

Xenocross Volume 4 Update: A Kiss For The Petals Comic Market Extra Volumes (Updated 17 October 2012)

The five remaining A Kiss For The Petals bonus stories from past Comic Markets have been translated into English for Xenocross Volume 4 and the Volume 2-5 compilation. The bonus stories for Comiket 77 and Comiket 81 are already available in volume 4. (Fuguriya did not attend Comiket 79.) As of this writing, Xenocross Volume 4 now includes translations for all Comiket bonus stories. All of these translations have been added at no additional cost. For convenience, the existing bonus story translations are also listed below. The volumes from Comikets 75, 76, 78, 80, and 82 are new. It should also be noted that none of these stories are canon. Click on the images below to enlarge.

Update 17 October 2012: The Comiket 82 story has been translated.

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Xenocross Volume 3

Mai and Reo have taken a vacation from filming to visit the former’s grandmother. On the way back to Omaezaki, they are caught in a violent storm and subsequently shipwrecked. With Reo’s mother’s ship in ruins, they find themselves on an uninhabited island with limited supplies and no way of contacting the others. They have only each other to rely on while the crew in Omaezaki frantically organize their search and rescue. Meanwhile, Mei Ling’s medical condition is cause for concern for Yuuna and a number of her associates.

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Xenocross Volume 4 Update: Comiket 81 Extra Volume

A short bonus story, “What if a Yuri Couple from St. Michael’s Bumped into a Senior Couple at an Open Air Bath?” has been added to Xenocross Volume 4 and the Volume 2-5 compilation. This short story was distributed freely to accompany the light novel Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Nukumori ni Kurumarete (ぬくもりに包まれて Enveloped by Warmth)* at Comiket 81 and for a limited time at Fuguriya’s website. This story takes place during that light novel as Mai and Reo encounter Shizuku and Eris during their bath in a public bath house. This translation has been added at no additional cost.

See this post for more information on Xenocross Volume 4.

* This is a preliminary translated title and is not to be taken officially.

Call to Action: A Chance to License A Kiss For The Petals

Update 16 July 2012: Yurin Yurin has responded to the localization proposal.

As a doujin series spanning six years of visual novels, animation, drama CDs, internet radio shows, light novels, and an anime OVA, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke woA Kiss For The Petals is a rare exemplar of pure yuri content. It was an experiment, and by all accounts it was very successful.

On 6 July 2012, Yurin Yurin launched as a professional successor to Fuguriya, presumably for all future releases, to the surprise of fans. This is Fuguriya’s biggest accomplishment arguably since the announcement of the OVA in 2009. However, with the change in legal status from independent to professional, our strategy to support Sonohana abroad must change entirely. Continuing to modify their works in secrecy is no longer an option. Now that they wield much more legal power than before, it is imperative that we actively seek their consent to build upon their work. To this end, I must make a confession. There have been efforts in the past to gain consent to localize Fuguriya’s visual novels, and although I have avoided contact with Fuguriya, I eventually became involved with these legitimate proposals without informing my readers.

Therefore, I am announcing now that Eden of Xeno, JAST USA, and I have formed a joint effort to negotiate a licensing deal with Yurin Yurin for all current and future Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo visual novels. However, I must emphasize that I cannot offer any concrete information about these plans at this time, owing to the lack of information on Yurin Yurin. The situation now calls for transparency, so I will give a history of attempts to localize Fuguriya’s visual novels.

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A Kiss For The Petals – Enchanting Kisses on a Tropical Island! (Updated 19 July 2012)

“This is my Christmas present to you.”

One day in December, in anticipation of Christmas, Takako was making plans for spending Christmas Eve with Runa.
“On Christmas Eve, we’ll have a party, just the two of us♪  We’ll eat cake, exchange presents…”
A modest yet enjoyable Christmas Eve; Takako had a wonderful time.

The next morning, after being woken up by Runa, Takako is told to get ready to go out…
The next thing she knows, she’s being handed her passport and a ticket at the airport and getting on board an airplane?!

“Where… are we…?”
Stretched out as far as the eye can see is the cobalt-blue sea.
Underfoot is an incredible white sand beach.
And overhead, the sun is beating down.
That’s right, it’s a deserted tropical island!

“This is my Christmas present to you.”

Illustration: Peko
Writing: Sano Shin’ichirou

An English translation of the light novel Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Minami no Shima de Amatoro Chu! (南の島であまとろちゅ!) is included in Xenocross Volume 4 and the Xenocross Volume 2-5 compilation. You can purchase the original light novel from Mangaoh Club, which ships internationally via EMS. See this guide for instructions for ordering from Mangaoh Club if the Google translation is insufficient and note that you must specify that you are over 18 years of age in your account information before you are allowed to add adult items to your cart.

Two short non-canonical bonus stories are included for free in Xenocross Volume 4. The first is “The Bud Has Thorns”, which accompanied this light novel’s release and was distributed freely during Comiket 77 in December 2009. It was also made available as a free download on Fuguriya’s website for two weeks following Comiket 77.  It can be seen as a transition between the prologue and chapter one of Enchanting Kisses on a Tropical Island!

The second is “What if a Yuri Couple from St. Michael’s Bumped into a Senior Couple at an Open Air Bath?”, added to volume 4 and the volume 2-5 compilation on 19 July 2012. It accompanied the light novel Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Nukumori ni Kurumarete (ぬくもりに包まれて Enveloped by Warmth)* at Comiket 81. This story takes place during that light novel as Mai and Reo encounter Shizuku and Eris during their bath in a public bath house.

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Eden of Xeno: Why Should I Write a Blog in the Facebook Era?! [Updated 30 Apr 2012]

Eden of Xeno posted this message on their website on 27 April 2012 (revised 30 April  2012).

Even Yuki Kajiura has moved on to Twitter; what’s the damn purpose of starting a blog now!

Well, that’s what I thought, but it’s true that we haven’t delivered news about our activity and work at EOX properly, so my secretaries held me at gunpoint to write this stupid blog.

Nice to meet you, I’m Nakiyoshi Tomino, CEO of EOX and Chief Director of Xenocross.

Right now I’m busy as heck dealing with the ReoxMai manga, EroWres, script checking, choosing voice actors, sound editing, finding new artists, having administrative meetings, investor sessions, etc. etc…

And the PR team asks me to write about the Sonohana manga project and our activities? What did I hire you guys for then??

 Fine, I’ll do this.

Secretary C: Hey guys, if you’ve got some questions you want to ask our CEO, please send us a message by e-mail.