Yurin Yurin’s Response to the Localization Proposal (Updated 18 April 2013)

Update 18 April 2013: Please see State of Localization for Yurin Yurin Products for updates on this topic.

On 10 July 2012, I announced that Eden of Xeno and JAST are in communication with Yurin Yurin with a proposal to license Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo / A Kiss For The Petals. This is the reply from Yurin Yurin.

Yurin Yurin is focusing its effort on the launch of the first commercial title of the Sonohana series. Because of this recent workload, they have opted not to get involved with any collaborations, including multimedia adaptations and foreign localized releases. For now, they would prefer to only release in Japan and not name a commercial partner.

They would consider proposals by third parties only after determining the success of the launch, presumably after they announce their second title. Yurin Yurin is not opposed to the terms of English localization, but now is not the proper time for any new developments. In addition, they will not acknowledge the current fan translations, but at the same time, they will not oppose those translations becoming official English releases.

JAST USA president Peter Payne made this statement regarding their plans to localize Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo.

We are passionate about bringing Japanese visual novels out in a format that fans all over the world can enjoy. Fans have been very vocal to us about wanting more yuri titles, and we mean to do our best to make this happen in the future.

We must recommend not to translate Yurin Yurin’s first release and instead focus on completing translations of the current releases. Therefore, more than ever, it is imperative that you do all you can to support the developer upon release of ミカエルの乙女たち and purchase it from legitimate sources. Again, I remind you to follow @yurinyurin_soft on Twitter and use the hashtag #その花 to show your support for English localization of Sonohana.

11 thoughts on “Yurin Yurin’s Response to the Localization Proposal (Updated 18 April 2013)”

  1. oh well. as long they won’t mind the current translations, I am completely fine with this decision. official licensing is overrated, anyway. unofficially doing things is the best way! continue the good work then, as if nothing happened! :)

  2. Well, at least Yurin Yurin is open-minded regarding foreign localizations and stuff.

    However, I have a thing to say, AXYPB. Since all the current SonoHanabira titles are available on DLsite, and the first 3 titles has a moderate success on downloads. I propose this:
    1. You guys, finish all the ongoing translations and proofread the already-translated ones.
    2. Sell them to Fuguriya.
    3. Let Fuguriya do whatever he wants with those translations.

    This is, by far, the most equable option: you’ll earn some money (although it’s not that), Fuguriya will not lose (ATM) his doujin-circle status and the games, at least, will have legal translations in English, albeit not released by JAST but by Fuguriya himself.

    How about it?

    1. Fuguriya was not supportive of this plan when Eden of Xeno proposed it and I have no reason to believe this has changed. Until we have an understanding of Yurin Yurin’s operation, we must handle this matter delicately.

      1. Since Fuguriya didn’t accept, I think that his plans includes moving his current SH releases and republishes as Yurin Yurin.

        And talking about EOX, Xenocross is officially canceled because of this or what?

        1. I can’t comment on the exact impact this announcement has on Xenocross, but there will most likely be changes as a result.

  3. Ah! Before I forget, I’m talking about the current doujin releases, not the commercial one. If you have some issues, ask Fuguriya for support and send some evidences of circles that translates his works on English and releases on DLsite under their authority (DA HOOTCH, for example).

  4. The result itself is negative, but they don’t inhibit our localization patch. They don’t want change the situation of fan translation…???
    Anyway, I respect to your many efforts to get official localization license. おつかれさまでした。

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