Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals – My Sworn Love for You

Fuguriya announced a new visual novel featuring Shizuku and Eris titled A Kiss For The Petals – My Sworn Love for You (その花びらにくちづけを あなたに誓う愛 Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata ni Chikau Ai) for release on 23 May 2014 as a download and 31 May 2014 on disc. This is Fuguriya’s first visual novel release since Yurin Yurin launched in mid-2012. According to the copy below, this is the first product mentioned in Fuguriya’s initiative to give the couples of Shizuku/Eris and Takako/Runa individual attention after stories for them were absent in Snow White’s Knight. As it has yet to be announced formally by Yurin Yurin, it remains to be seen if this story will be included in the canon currently undergoing in their products.

The announcement has been translated by Ralen. See the original announcement for the cover image, the character profile images, and the sample event images, which are not safe for work.

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A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty romantic comedy full of yuri goodness~♪

The doujin game circle Fuguriya’s 11th foray is once again a yuri romantic comedy! A Kiss For The Petals – My Sworn Love for You!

In response to everyone’s requests, we’ve taken the Shizuku/Eris scenario which was unable to be included in the commercial game A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight, and turned it into its own game!

The tropical vacation for all the Best Couples isn’t over yet! The junior college couple Shizuku and Eris get up to some sexy mischief here too♪

And for a whole week… Ahh, I wonder how Eris and I will pass the time?  Hehehe.”

We hope you’re looking forward to this sexy, romantic comedy featuring the rich tapestry of the partnership between the tsundere Yamato Nadeshiko, Shizuku, and the carefree, guileless blonde exchange student, Eris♪ arasuji Shizuku and her girlfriend Eris enjoyed their vacation with the other Best Couples from St. Michael’s…

But after getting tangled up with Rena, who still has some summer vacation left, they’ve lingered on the tropical island.

However, Eris continues to be a hit with the ladies, and Shizuku is feeling a little let down.  But when she decides to consult with Rena about her anxiety…

Character Introductions

Kirishima Shizuku
Character Voice: Mi Ei

A tsundere Yamato Nadeshiko who’s poor with foreign languages.

A Japanese beauty who was brought up at St. Michael’s, she’s currently enrolled in St. Michael’s Junior College. She and her girlfriend/fiancée Eris are engaged to be married.

She’s always at the mercy of Eris, who just so happens to cluelessly flirt with everyone she meets.  But Eris is just so popular with the other girls…

Shitogi Eris
Character Voice: Oukawa Mio

A candid and carefree blond exchange student.

A half-Japanese girl with strong Nordic blood, she and her girlfriend Shizuku were originally a famous couple at St. Michael’s Academy named one of the high school division’s Best Couples.

She’s currently continuing her education at junior college alongside Shizuku, where they continue their days of passion. That said, it seems her continual clueless lady-killing is really starting to get to Shizuku.

Title A Kiss For The Petals – My Sworn Love for You
Genre Yuri Adventure Game
Release Date Download version: May 23rd, 2014 (Friday)
Packaged version: May 31st, 2014 (Saturday)
Price Download version: ¥1400 (plus tax)
Packaged version: ¥1600 (plus tax)
Artwork Peko
Scenario JUN, Hiyoshi Hiyori
OS Compatibility Japanese Language Editions of Windows XP/Vista/7 only
CPU Pentium Ⅲ 500MHz or better
Memory 256 MB or more
Graphics High color 800×600 resolution or better
Music DirectSound compatible device required
Voice Fully voiced

Note: The vertical promotional banners on the announcement page currently incorrectly read “Lily Platinum”. hanabira11_l1 hanabira11_s1 hanabira11_l2 hanabira11_s2 hanabira11_l3 hanabira11_s3 sizuku1sizuku2
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  1. *squee**!!! One of my fav couple is back and in a much different setting also adding Rena in the mix since SH 7 and her appearance on Miya and Risa’s theater Maidens of St. Michael’s. Cannot wait =)

  2. Could anyone tell me how to play this on mac? i already have the setup.exe and everything but how do you install it to play on mac? cause the gam my sworn love for you isn’t there yet

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