Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals – The Angel’s Longing

その花びらにくちづけを 天使のあこがれ


Update 18 November 2014: When this visual novel was first announced, the title was translated to “Longing of an Angel”. This was before the titles of the subsequent visual novels, The Angels’ Spring Romance and The Angels’ Promise, were revealed. To maintain consistency with those two titles, I have changed the translation of this one to The Angel’s Longing.

The second title announced in January has been revealed: A Kiss For The Petals – The Angel’s Longing (その花びらにくちづけを 天使のあこがれ Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Tenshi no Akogare). As noted previously, the art is credited to Aida Takanobu (会田孝信) of Kogado Studio, a visual novel company linked on Yurin Yurin’s website, and the writing credited to Madoka Madoka (円まどか), writer of Kogado Studio’s yuri visual novel White Robe Love Syndrome (白衣性恋愛症候群 Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun). As indicated by the blue coloring of the logo, it is a separate series from the mainline “red label” visual novels and takes place in a separate continuity from the previous titles. Two sequels are planned for release this year. The July 2013 issue of Dengeki Hime revealed characters from them, who also make appearances in this visual novel in minor roles.

A promotional YouTube series titled Chiaki-Ringo Theater has been published on 30 May 2013. Ten episodes are planned, as with previous YouTube series. Unusally, the bulk of the episodes are to be released after the release of the visual novel, as opposed to several weeks in advance.

You can purchase this visual novel from Mangaoh Club, which ships internationally via EMS. The price, including tax, is 2,363 yen. See this guide for instructions for ordering from Mangaoh Club if the Google translation is insufficient and note that you must specify that you are over 18 years of age in your account information before you are allowed to add adult items to your cart.

Update 5 June 2013: This visual novel is available as a download on as of 31 May 2013. The price is 2,300 yen ($23.01 USD, €17.58 EUR, £15.01 GBP). For instructions on buying from Gyutto, see this post.


Aihara Ringo

An energetic, aspiring young girl.

A first year student in nursing school and graduate of St. Michael’s.  A hard worker who always maintains excellent grades.

She’s family friends with Chiaki, who is a nurse and teacher, and has admired her since they were little.

Taking her acceptance to nursing school as an opportunity to become independent from her parents, she’s begun living with Chiaki in her apartment.


Takao Chiaki

A picture perfect nurse.

…But she’s actually pretty spoiled.

She’s both a nurse in the gastrointestinal surgery ward at Saint Michael’s General Hospital as well as a nursing instructor.

With Ringo being accepted to nursing school, Chiaki offers to take her under her wing, and the two begin living together in her apartment.

Ordinarily she’s a flawless model of a woman, but at home, she has surprisingly little concern for herself; in some ways, she’s a bit of a wreck.

The story is as follows, also translated by Ralen.

Ringo, who is in her first year at the nursing school, has decided to room with Chiaki, an old family friend from back home.

Ringo idolizes Chiaki and has made it her life’s goal to become a respectable nurse just like her.  However…

Once they actually start living together, Ringo comes to realize that Chiaki takes much worse care of herself than she imagined, and is at the same time a very physically affectionate person.

Will the disparity between Chiaki the goddess and the Chiaki who delights in sexual harassment drive Ringo crazy!?

The story, as is known at present, is only tenuously linked to the main A Kiss For The Petals series. The heretofore unmentioned general hospital is not stated to be connected to the Matsubara family. That said, the character dynamic appears to be a variant of that of Nanami and Yuuna. The primary difference is in Chiaki’s personality, in that the disparity between her public and private personas is greater.

The six preview images introduce a departure from Peko’s familiar art style, which could signal a shift in tone in the story as well. It remains to be seen if this installment will remain a spinoff or be later integrated into the main story.

Reo-ppoi Radio episode 54, released on 27 April 2013, revealed that this is the start of a three-part series independent from the storyline set at St. Michael’s Academy for Girls as indicated by the blue color of the logo. Anzu Hana, the voice of Kawamura Reo, will voice a new character, Ishigami Satsuki, who will comprise one half of the leading couple in the next visual novel in this sub-series. This character will be a tomboy, according to information from Hana shared in Dengeki Hime. She will also perform the opening themes for these visual novels, the first of which was broadcast in Reo-ppoi Radio. On 2 May, the opening sequence was published as a promotional video on YouTube.

Update 30 May 2013: submarine9, a Japanese reader of Dengeki Hime, provided photographs of the magazine containing visuals of the new characters Hikawa Yuuno (left) and Ishigami Satsuki (right).


The release date is set for 31 May 2013 with a price of 2,625 yen. This post will be updated as new information becomes available. You can follow Yurin Yurin on Twitter (@yurinyurin_soft),  for more information in Japanese.

Update 4 April 2013: Promotional banners and Twitter icons have been published.


20 thoughts on “Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals – The Angel’s Longing”

  1. Yesssss, new couple! I’m so so excited for this!! They look really cute and I like their character designs (though I’m wary of the huge breasts, I admit) and neither of them looks tsundere! (Though I’ve been wrong in that respect before…) Ahhh, I just wanna know more about them right now…!

    Kinda sad to see Peko not doing the artwork, though. If not for that artwork I probably would’ve given up on Hanabira long ago…

  2. maybe they are the nurses in St. Michael XD
    whenever the students need their school nurse, she ain’t there, remember? XD
    Just like in MaiReo’s and SaraKaede’s game XD
    just an assumption~

    1. Oh, yeah, you’re maybe right! I thought the same today, because I’ve played the third installment again and I wondered me, because I saw this here! I did really think, that they are the School Nurses!

  3. I rly like Peko’s art too and humongous boobs are not my thing so will prolly skip this one, well maybe a try since i like all the other Hanabira games.

    1. Looking forward for the story but not the art…The new artist’s art is kinda erotic and you see it a lot in hentai manga that usually use yuri for the bait.

        1. Yes, I believe so since I’ve read your blog. You should be proud of yourself then for having more experiences in yuri than other people (please, I don’t mean it in sarcastic way or anything).

          But I still do find it’s disappointing since I love Sonohana series cause its art and story. And as the same fellow who loves yuri, we all know yuri usually used for eroge, doujin, etc. It’s rare to see an artist who can draw yuri not in such erotic way (even though Peko has drawn some eroges).

          Last but not least, thank you for writing such a great blog. I’ve seen some good yuri animes & mangas, thanks to your blog 😉

  4. hmmm from what im reading it seems it will be a little more dramatic. at least when the time comes for to go that way. cant wait to play….which is gonna be a long time

  5. Ehh,that might explain why there’s never any nurses when he other couples hang out at the nurses’ offiice;the nurse is busy being lovey-dovey herself!
    I miss Peko too,but a change of scenery doesn’t hurt,once in a while 😀

  6. “Just which one is the real you?”

    That line.
    I am immediately captivated by this even though I’m not a big fan of the art (well, Ringo looks fine, but I’m a bit neutral about Chiaki).

  7. I bought this game from Gyutto. Unfortunately the installation only operates of Japanese windows… 🙁 anyone have a copy of the english translation? please reach me at [email protected]

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