A Kiss For The Petals – The Angels’ Spring Romance Promotional Video (Updated 5 August 2013)

Yurin Yurin has published the opening video for A Kiss For The Petals – The Angels’ Spring Romance on YouTube on 26 July 2013. The song in the video was previously published in Reo-ppoi Radio episode 57 and is the opening theme for this visual novel. However, in that episode, the song was referred to as “Racing Pulse” (脈拍異常 Myakuhaku Ijou), whereas in this video it is titled “Darling Goona…” [sic], the same as the song from Longing of an Angel, of which it is arrangement. As noted in Reo-ppoi Radio, this song was written and performed by Anzu Hana, whose voice here is far deeper than in her previous performances.

Update 5 August 2013: On 31 July, Yurin Yurin issued a retraction regarding Yuuno’s surname. It has been corrected from “Hikawa” to “Katakura”, which is consistent with her previous appearances in Longing of an Angel and in print. This video has been amended with that correction.

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