Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals – The Angels’ Spring Romance

A Kiss For The Petals - The Angels' Spring Romance

Yurin Yurin revealed the second visual novel in the blue label series, A Kiss For The Petals – The Angels’ Spring Romance (その花びらにくちづけを 天使たちの春恋 Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi), on 11 July 2013. The staff of the previous visual novel returns: Aida Takanobu produced the art, while Madoka Madoka wrote the story. It was released on 30 August 2013.

The story brief and character information has been translated by Ralen. The lead characters previously made minor appearances in A Kiss For The Petals – The Angel’s Longing.

You can purchase this visual novel from Mangaoh Club, which ships internationally via EMS. The price, including tax, is 2,363 yen. See this guide for instructions for ordering from Mangaoh Club if the Google translation is insufficient and note that you must specify that you are over 18 years of age in your account information before you are allowed to add adult items to your cart.

Hikawa Yuuno

Katakura Yuuno
Voice: Meriru Yuka

An extreeemely pushy and overprotective girl.

In her first year of nursing school.  Satsuki’s classmate and dormmate.
Has a soft, feminine disposition.  Fairly protective, she always speaks formally, with a deference to others.

Her overbearing disposition stems from her “What would you do without me?” attitude toward the frequently troubled Satsuki.

Ishigami Satsuki石神皐
Ishigami Satsuki
Voice: Anzu Hana

A brilliant, but frank and aloof girl with boyish tendencies.

What you would call an aloof mystery. Up front and self-assured. She always speaks in a masculine way.

Although she’s never had much interest in eating, Yuuno has been using her home cooking to draw her out more, so that she’ll be straightforward with her expressions of affection, regardless of their surroundings.

The story is as follows, also translated by Ralen.

Yuuno had just been admitted to nursing school and was filled with a desire to watch over her classmate and roommate, Satsuki.

Satsuki was a brilliant girl who was admitted to nursing school with top marks; however, she wasn’t very aware of her surroundings, and her ability to get by on her own was extremely poor… She was kind of eccentric.

From that time on, Yuuno spent her days feeling fulfilled in the role of an accomplished older girl taking care of an inept younger sister…

“I feel like we’ve become more than friends.  No, I’d go as far as to say I love you.”

How will Yuuno react to Satsuki’s sudden confession…?

A Kiss For The Petals - The Angels' Spring Romance

As before, six preview images are currently available. Unlike Yurin Yurin’s previous releases, the website for this release was published without prior teasing. It was announced as one of two sequels to Longing of an Angel on Reo-ppoi Radio episode 54, released on 27 April 2013. Anzu Hana announced her involvement in this sub-series in Reo-ppoi Radio as well. With two distinct lead roles and three opening themes, Anzu Hana is now the most prolific voice actress in the A Kiss For The Petals series.

Update 26 July 2013: The opening theme for this visual novel, “Racing Pulse” (脈拍異常 Myakuhaku Ijou), was previewed in Reo-ppoi Radio episode 57. However,
Yurin Yurin published the introduction sequence for this visual novel on 26 July 2o13 and has titled the song “Darling Goona…” [sic], being an arrangement of the introduction theme from Longing of an Angel. It is unknown if this is an intentional retraction or an error.

Update 18 September 2013: Reo-ppoi Radio episode 63 opens with an announcement that the title is Myakuhaku Ijou and that the previous information was erroneous.

The release date is set for 30 August 2013. This post will be updated as new information becomes available. You can follow Yurin Yurin on Twitter (@yurinyurin_soft),  for more information in Japanese.

Update 18 September 2013: Sample voices and promotional banners have been added.


8 thoughts on “Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals – The Angels’ Spring Romance”

  1. “Racing Pulse” ??
    It does not look like a parody of the technical term of the medical symptom …

    1. “Racing Pulse” is the translation chosen by Ralen. It is an English term that can specifically refer to the increased heart rate caused by romantic feelings. “Heart Beat Disorder” is too general a term and has negative connotations; my first impression of it was a reference to irregular heartbeat.

      1. Oh… basically, Myakuhaku Ijou means not only positive image.
        The lyrics is not only positive, so, “racing” is not suitable, I felt.
        As you know we are translating the lyrics and Ralen changed the title to “Arrhythmia”. (=不整脈) Myakuhaku Ijou is a coined word but I agree the meaning is arrhythmia.

        from the lyrics,
        大切なもの 壊してしまう 怪物は怖がりで
        夜に足掻いた 爪が誰にも 届きませんように
        The monster that destroys the things that are dear is full of fear
        I pray that its clawing in the night will never hurt anyone
        (Translated by my friend(anonymous) and Ralen)

        In the promotion movie, they also say 「ちょっとエッチでちょっとシリアス」 “a little naughty, a little serious” (0:57).
        Usually they say 「ラブラブで、ちょっとエッチで、ゆりんゆりん」 “Lovely dovey, a little naughty and yurinyurin”, but spring romance is not only lovely dovey, probably. I say again that is the reason of Madoka Madoka attended, there is no reason to change the opinion from the promotion video.
        I welcome, rather I’ve been longing this change of Sonohana series. And St. Michaels’ is not changed, only nursing school is changed. That is best choice, I think.

        In the movie, song title (Darling (heart) Goona) and Yuuno’s sir name (Hikawa) should be typo.
        (Madoka Madoka said she is confused about Yuuno is Hikawa or Katakura at her blog today … it has not be sure even for Madoka herself yet. )

  2. can any one help me?
    i already installed all tenshi series but all opening song is cut-half and i only can see the bottom part of opening video
    but the opening video on michael no otome-tachi is able to play normally
    please help:)

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