Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! (Updated 6 June 2015)

The first of St. Michael Girls’ School’s debut releases,  A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! (その花びらにくちづけを にゅーじぇね!Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Nyuu Jene!) features three new couples in an annex building of the campus. It is illustrated by Aida Takanobu and Madoka Madoka, who worked on the Angels series of visual novels. It was revealed in the December 2014 issue of Dengeki Hime. The official website launched on 23 January 2015 and contains information on story, characters, and nine preview images. It is an age-restricted site, unlike the rest of the St. Michael Girls’ School website.

The opening movie was published on YouTube on 21 May 2015. See below for information on casting.

Update 6 June 2015: A short story series title White Lily Memorial is being published to further introduce the characters prior to the release of the visual novel. Translations by Ralen are ongoing.

The release is currently scheduled for 26 June 2015 at a price of 6,800 yen, which is less than the previous full-size releases by Yurin Yurin priced at 9,600 yen. A demo version is available that contains a short portion of the introduction and excerpts of one love scene from each couple’s individual story. I have uploaded to MediaFire for the convenience of non-Japanese readers.  As with the demos of previous visual novels, it As with the visual novels proper, you will need to use a Japanese locale to run it. You can use AppLocale for this purpose; I recommend this modified version of AppLocale.

Readers from outside Japan can pre-order A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! from Mangaoh Club, which provides a Google Translate button for many languages. Shipping is provided internationally through EMS.

The new information on the overall story and characters in the order they are presented on the official website have been translated by Ralen. The stories of each couple from Dengeki Hime have been retained. See the official character information page for voice samples. Unlike the releases of Yurin Yurin, each character has only one image.

Onohara HazukiOnohara Hazuki 小野原葉月
Voice: 田中理々 Tanaka Lili (Twitter: @tanakalili)

Tough, yet kind, she’s well liked as a girl others look up to, but her personality is just an act…“The truth is, I was pretty dull at my old school, so transferring seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

Suou Manami

Suoh Manami 蘇芳愛美
Voice: 椎那天 Shiina Amane (Twitter: @shiina_amane)
A refined young lady with an air of natural grace who people naturally want to protect.  Her beauty and parentage, combined with her manner, have garnered her a large number of fans.

“You’re envious that I’ve captured Hazuki-san’s heart and won’t let it go, aren’t you?”

Note: Dengeki Hime adds the following that was not given in the website: “A sheltered girl with an air of grace and refinement. Her true personality comes out through her internet idol persona “MANA”, where she’s cruel and abusive.”

Hazuki and Manami’s Story…
Manami, who sits next to Hazuki, tips her hat to Hazuki and her humble roots, acknowledging her as “The truly refined one.” One day, Hazuki boldly proclaims to Manami, “We should become a best couple.”


Kimishima AyaKimishima Aya 君島亜弥
Voice: 柚木サチ Yuzuki Sachi (Twitter: @yuzukisachi)
Ai’s younger twin sister, she’s a tsundere with a cheerful personality.  Of modest means by nature, she doesn’t fit the mold of a refined young girl of St. Michael’s.“For the most part, the girls at this school, Ai included, don’t have a whole lot of self-restraint.”
Kimishima AiKimishima Ai 君島藍
Voice: 椿乃なお Tsubakino Nao (Twitter: @tsubakinonao)
Aya’s older twin sister, she’s her class’s mascot and has a catlike personality.  She’s always clinging to Aya.  The result of a severe sister complex?“We’re the only twins in the world to have shared a single cell between us!!”
Aya and Ai’s Story…
Aya is a transfer student, who has just gotten into the swing of things with the upper class girls. Her older twin sister, Ai, is so clingy that the rest of the class treats them like they’re a couple. But how does Aya feel about this…?


Takahata RinaTakahata Rina 高幡莉菜
Voice: 綾瀬とまり Ayase Tomari
A transcendent beauty with golden hair and porcelain skin.  She’s a kissing fiend who will proclaim her childhood friend Nagisa to be her best friend, and kiss her any chance she gets, regardless of the time or place.“You got in the way and ruined our kiss!  What’re you gonna do about it?!”
Misawa NagisaMisawa Nagisa 三澤渚
Voice: 三日月一花 Mikazuki Ichika
The half-Japanese star of the track and field team.  Her childhood friend Rina has her wrapped around her little finger, and Nagisa is always doting on her.“Like I said… You should become friends with Rina, as long as Hazuki-san says it’s okay.”
Nagisa and Rina’s story…
Rina, the radiant maiden, and Nagisa, who’s always at her side. Rina is actually a kissing fiend, and will lock lips with Nagisa any chance she gets, regardless of the time or place. Will this, combined with various other factors, push Nagisa’s embarrassment over the limit?!

A Kiss For The Petals - The New Generation! Relationship Chart
Click to enlarge.
On 8 April, a character relationship chart was added to the character information page. It has been translated into English by Seiyuuri and Ralen.
Of note is that Hazuki has links to all other characters, who have only two or three each. This, along with the story summary below, makes it rather clear that she will be the primary point of view character.

The story is as follows and places the focus on Hazuki and Manami.

Saint Michael’s Girls’ School… The girls of the annex campus have erupted into a bit of revelry.  The reason for the celebration is the Best Couples election being held at the main campus.  The students of the annex campus hold the older girls of the main campus in the highest regard, so it was bound to happen that they should proclaim…

“Let’s hold our own Best Couples election!”

…And so, the loveliest, most becoming couples were subsequently nominated.

Couple # 1 are childhood friends Misawa Nagisa and Takahata Rina.
Couple # 2 are Kimishima Ai and her younger twin sister Aya.
And transfer student Onohara Hazuki, who had been regarding the entire thing as no concern of hers, was shocked to hear that she too was selected as a nominee.

However, her partner is the sheltered princess Suoh Manami.  Hazuki has actually been a secret admirer of the impeccable Manami, but there’s little chance of them becoming an actual couple.  Though their classmates gush over them, it’s ultimately hollow.

But then, when Hazuki courageously pleads with Manami for them to become a Best Couple…

An interview question from Dengeki Hime to writer Madoka Madoka pertains to this visual novel.

“If you were to assign a love-themed catchphrase to each of the three couples, what would they be?”
For Aya and Ai, ‘We started life as one.’ …Twins searching for their missing half.
For Nagisa and Rina, ‘Love is blind.’ …The past and future spent with you is what gives my life meaning.
For Hazuki and Manami, ‘Curiosity killed the cat.’ …A fateful love, where getting too close just to satisfy her curiosity brought about her downfall.

From 13-28 February, St. Michael Girls’ School held an audition for the roles of Hazuki and Manami, the results of which were announced on 24 April. On 15 May, the full cast was announced. Unusually, the casting for the lead roles of Hazuki and Manami was done after the release date of 26 June was announced, and rather late in the visual novel’s development. Additionally, the audition was open to all applicants and all ages, but the roles were ultimately awarded to established performers. No information has been provided to clarify these extraordinary circumstances.

In addition to their roles as the primary characters, Lili and Amane perform the visual novel’s opening theme, “New Generation”, which was uploaded to YouTube by St. Michael Girls’ School on 1 May. This song was produced by Anzu Hana and is the first visual novel theme to not be performed by her. According to her tweets below following the announcement, she was offered this role after unsuccessfully auditioning for a lead role herself.

A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation!  is currently scheduled for release on 26 June 2015.

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