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Character analysis: Kitajima Kaede 北嶋楓

Kitajima Kaede
Kitajima Kaede
Peko, 7 February 2007


This is an ongoing character study that I will update as new products and translations become available. Readers are encouraged to debate any points raised here, as it is entirely my conjecture.

The second visual novel in the A Kiss For The Petals series marks an attempt by Fuguriya to present a more serious storyline without diminishing the main appeal of their previous work. Kaede, the protagonist, is presented as a character in a troubled emotional state, in contrast to the generally enthusiastic protagonists before and after. This gives the story plenty of room for character development and as a result, Kaede is perhaps the most dynamic character in the series. There is much that can be explored in Kaede’s personality simply because she is an internally conflicted protagonist to an extent greater than all other protagonists in the series so far presented. From the start of My Dear Prince to the end of Beloved Photograph, her personality changes almost completely, thanks entirely to Sara’s involvement in her life.

This post contains spoilers for: A Kiss For The Petals – My Dear Prince, A Kiss For The Petals – Beloved Photograph

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Azumi Risa & Ayase Miya

In my post about Houraisen Rena, I was mistaken in claiming that the Getchu profiles for the characters of Maidens of Michael revealed no new information for the current characters. Indeed, I had overlooked the profiles for the two new lead characters. Their information has been translated below by Ralen.

安曇 璃紗
Azumi Risa

Class Representative of the Year 1 “Snow” class, and a classmate of Miya’s. Has an earnest and hardworking personality. As a hard-nosed person, she often finds herself in leadership positions.  She’s what you might call a high-class tsundere girl.

While she naturally does well academically and has common sense, whenever she gets into it with Miya, she always gets outreasoned and frequently stomps her feet. Having an unusually strong sense of shame, she gets flustered and briefly digs herself into a hole when thrust into a romantic relationship.

The half-Japanese daughter of a foreign company with a British mother. Built like a model, and the owner of enormous breasts.

綾瀬 美夜
Ayase Miya

A student of the Year 1 “Snow” class, and a classmate of Risa’s. A prominent genius on campus, but has difficulty in social situations.  Doesn’t really take issue with people other than Risa, and socializes as little as possible.

Whenever she speaks with Risa it’s always abusive, but she’s actually covering her own embarrassment.  Her speech and behavior always keep others at a distance. She rarely shows her soft side and is unflappable.  When she does show her soft side, she becomes timid and casts nervous glances from beneath her lashes.

Although you wouldn’t guess it from the way she talks, her behavior is actually quite ladylike. Possessing one of the most prominent intellects on campus, she has been offered the chance to study abroad and even skip grades, but she hates interacting with others, so she enrolled in the not particularly academically demanding school for high-class girls, St. Michael’s.

Houraisen Rena

A Kiss For The Petals – Maidens of Michael (Michael no Otome-tachi) is now available for pre-order at Getchu for 7,980¥ (currently $101.99 USD, €82.93 EUR, £65.42 GBP). This page lists sample images, story information, and descriptions of the characters. These reflect what is currently known from Yurin Yurin’s website and other sources, but the latter has a piece of information not seen anywhere else.

The character listing on Getchu lists 13 characters. Of the 12 currently known, no new information was given. However, at the bottom of the list is an entry for an unillustrated character named Houraisen Rena. Her profile has been translated below by Procyon.

蓬莱泉 麗奈
Houraisen Rena 

A new teacher at St. Michael’s. Runa’s older sister and Takako’s former tutor. Stylish and stunningly beautiful — the perfect girl. Outgoing and easygoing. Although she’s blunt and untidy, for some reason she has the kind of likeable personality that’s impossible to hate.  An alumnus of St. Michael’s, at the time, the teachers all praised her for being a well-behaved lady. But in actuality, she was chasing skirts left and right, regardless if they were seniors or juniors. It’s rumored her lovers numbered at nearly a hundred.

Runa’s sister has had considerable influence over both Takako and Runa and is indirectly responsible for all aspects of their relationship. As of Sweet Grown-up Kisses (Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu), she still has much to answer for. Despite this, she has yet to be seen or heard in the visual novels, save for one line of narration. The image above comes from the web serial that Sweet Enchanting Kisses was based on and is the only known image of her (right). Her appearance in this new visual novel may change entirely, if she is to be visually seen at all. Note also the order of the characters on Getchu. Takako and Runa are ostensibly the fourth couple, yet they have been listed last so they could be grouped with Rena on the bottom.

Comparison of Joined In Love With You and the OVA [Updated 29 Mar 2011]

This post contains spoilers for the visual novel and anime OVA titled Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Anata to Koibito Tsunagi and should not be read without familiarity of both. In the interest of keeping this blog work-safe, no explicit images will be shown. This post will be updated as more material is explored. Readers are encouraged to debate any points presented here.

The OVA released on 30 July 2010, three years after the visual novel it was based on, takes a number of liberties in plot, characterization, and setting due to it telling an original story. Despite these changes, it was well-received with many fans wondering when the next episode is scheduled for release. However, the deviations that the OVA made from the source material are great enough that they warrant examination should the next episode continue their story. For the purpose of this examination, the fansub released by UFW will be used as a reference, although it was released under the name “Becoming Your Lover”.
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