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Reo-ppoi Radio and Yuricycle 10th Anniversary Live Broadcast

On 16 December 2016, Reo-ppoi Radio and Yuricycle Radio resumed from a nine-month hiatus for a special live program on Nicovideo in celebration of the 10th anniversary of A Kiss For The Petals. The two shows broadcast back-to-back for one hour each starting at 7 AM EST. St. Michael Girls’ School uploaded recordings of the shows on YouTube one week after on 23 December.

Reo-ppoi Radio was hosted by Anzu Hana and Izumi Ayaka. During this broadcast, Party Time! was revealed, with the formal announcement including tracklist following three days later. I submitted a letter to this show promoting The New Generation, which was translated to Japanese by Kuma Ichigo.


ご存じのように、その花びらにくちづけを にゅーじぇね! 英語版がついに先週輝かしくリリースされました。8月のオタコン(オタワで開かれるアニメコンベンション)では、私自身が光栄にも制作発表をさせていただき、発表の準備の時間は1日もなかったのですが聴衆は親切に受け入れてくれました。共に英語化の作業をしたチームは、この制作をとても楽しみました。そして、もっと多くのその花を世界に広めるのを待ち望んでいます。


ごきげんよう、Anzu Hana-san. It is Craig Donson once again.

As you have heard, その花びらにくちづけを にゅーじぇね! English version was finally released last week to glowing reviews. I had the honor of announcing it myself at Otakon this August, and the audience there treated me kindly even as I had less than a day to prepare. The team I worked with enjoyed producing it very much, and we look forward to bringing even more その花 across the world.

Please wish us luck, and welcome back to the radio.

At 17:07 of the above recording, the letter was read. The following is a transcription of Anzu and Izumi’s reading of this letter and their response, translated by Kuma Ichigo and Ralen.

Izumi Ayaka: It’s been a while since we heard from this one too.
Anzu Hana: Who?
Ayaka: Greg!
Hana: YEAHHHHHHH! It’s been so long!
Ayaka: It’s from Mr. Craig Donson.
Hana: I say it’s been so long, but it’s only been 10 months.
Ayaka: That’s right.

Ayaka: “Gokigenyou, Anzu Hana-san. It is Craig Donson once again.”

Hana: “Craig.”
Ayaka: Yes, it’s actually Craig.

Ayaka: “As you have heard, the English version of A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! was finally released last week to glowing reviews.

Hana: Yep.

Ayaka: “I had the honor of announcing it myself at Otakon this August…”

Hana: His career is really moving forward. What’s been happening? I haven’t been keeping up.
Ayaka: He had been a fan though.

Ayaka:”…and the audience there treated me kindly even as I had less than a day to prepare. The team I worked with enjoyed [making a movie (映画化 eigaka)] very much—”

Hana: Making a MOVIE!?
Ayaka: An English version (英語化 eigoka).
Hana: Oh, an English version.
Ayaka: Sorry.  It’s not a live action version.
Hana: Ah, I was surprised for a second.

Ayaka: “…and we look forward to bringing even more Sonohana across the world. Please wish us luck, and welcome back to the radio.”
[The letter ends here, continued by the original English text.]
“Gokigenyou, Anju Hanya-shan…”

Hana: Whash ‘dat?
Ayaka: After this is in English, so I can’t read it.
Hana: It’s okay. Wow, it’s been a while!
Ayaka: Thank you!
Hana: He is spreading Sonohana all over the world.
Ayaka: When it’s English, it’s immediately broader.
Hana: Yes.
Ayaka: Right.
Hana: Then, it is possible that they will release the “cute” (old) generations’ adaptations, right?
Ayaka: In English?
Hana: The “cute” generations remember how they met too! They each have their own backstory.
Ayaka: That’s right.
Hana: Each couple has their own “Remembering How We Met“.
Ayaka: Yes, yes. I think it’d be good if they have more and more releases.

“Cute Generations” refers to the couples in previous titles, in contrast to The New Generation, and a track in Songworks Extra of that name, an arrangement of the theme song of The New Generation performed by Anzu Hana and Izumi Ayaka as Reo and Mai.

For my contribution to the show, I received a letter of gratitude and a sticker featuring Mai, Reo, Risa, and Miya. Click on the images to enlarge.

Yuricycle Radio followed immediately after, but I have little information on it as I was unable to watch it live.

Fanart: St. Michael’s Music Academy ~Sunset Story~ (2017)

Following the release of St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side StoryMarking (Twitter: @mkdu_music) has announced a follow-up album, St. Michael’s Music Academy ~Sunset Story~ for release in 2017. Previously teased in the weeks leading to the launch of the St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story, the only information available is the above video and a tease of it being Marking’s largest project to date.

St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story, Marking’s most current release, is available now at Bandcamp.

Fanart: St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story Released

St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story, a compilation of remixes of A Kiss For The Petals music, has been released today by Marking (Twitter: @mkdu_music) on Bandcamp. The compilation includes re-releases of St. Michael’s Music Academy (originally released on 21 August 2011) and St. Michael’s Music AcademySide Story (originally released on 8 April 2012), and a third disc titled “+” with new tracks, artist commentary, and fan artwork. Each disc is offered on a name-your-price basis with previews available for all tracks.

St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story was released in commemoration of five years since the initial release of St. Michael’s Music Academy and the 10th anniversary of A Kiss For The Petals. Additionally, the descriptions for the first two discs are reviews I wrote for them on Petals’ Garden on their initial releases.

The track titled “Time in the Garden” on the + disc was created for an artwork and music anthology of A Kiss For The Petals fanworks titled Sonohana Fan Illustrations, which was sold at Girls Love Festival 9 on 26 May 2013. Marking was approached by Kamibukuro Works to produce a track for the anthology, which was exclusive to it until this release. See the previous post on this album for more information.

St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story is available now at Bandcamp.

Fanart: St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story (Updated 18 November 2016)

Marking (Twitter: @mkdu_music) has announced a re-release of St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story, a compilation of remixes of A Kiss For The Petals music. Originally released on 21 August 2011, this expanded version includes the original St. Michael’s Music Academy album, the added Side Story tracks (first released on 8 April 2012), and new content. The re-release is scheduled for 25 November 2016, five years after the initial release and in observance of the 10th anniversary of A Kiss For The Petals. The cover artwork by snowrinn (Twitter: @snowrinn) was published on 14 November 2016.

The album will be distributed on a name-your-price basis. Listeners will be able to pay any amount they choose, or none at all.

Update 18 November 2016: In an effort to allow fans to support the artists and obtain early access to the album, pre-orders are available for each disc. The minimum price is $1.00 for each disc, though the album will still be available at any price, including for free, on the release date of 25 November. Two tracks from each disc are available for preview in full. Additionally, the descriptions for the first two discs are reviews I wrote for them on Petals’ Garden on their initial releases.

Also announced is a new album scheduled for 2017. Aside from a blurred image of the cover, no other information was provided.

On 13 November 2016, samples of all three discs were published on SoundCloud. They are embedded below. The first is a sample of disc 1, and the second is a sample of discs 2 and 3.

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Fanart: Eye Catcher

Eye Catcher by Yuriwhale

Yuriwhale (deviantART, Pixiv) has returned from hiatus and published a new 4-koma doujinshi on Pixiv titled Eye Catcher. Mai and Reo pay a visit to Shizuku’s home for a sleepover, before she and Eris can fully prepare for their arrival. As with all of Yuriwhale’s previous doujinshi, this story features no dialogue, but it also contains moderate sexual content. This story is eight pages long with two strips per page.

Previous Table Turner installments:

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Fanart: Yuuna x Nanami Pillow Talker


Yuuna x Nanami Pillow Talker

Yuriwhale (deviantART, Pixiv) continues the Pillow Talker series of 4-koma doujinshi with Nanami and Yuuna, instead of the remaining Angel couples as expected. The Pillow Talker series features heightened sexual content compared to Yuriwhale’s previous series, Table Turner. Like Table Turner, these stories use no dialogue. This installment includes six pages on deviantART and Pixiv. Note that in the deviantART gallery, the pages are in reverse order.

Previous Table Turner installments:

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Songworks Niconico Livestream 2, 14 February 2015

A second live broadcast focusing on the music CD Songworks has been announced for 14 February 2015, at 8:00 P.M. Japan time, or 6:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time. This follows the first show on 22 December 2014, which promoted its release at Comiket 87 on 28 December 2014.  The St. Michael Girls’ School community page on Niconico will host the broadcast, which is unlikely to make a timeshifted archival available immediately following. A Niconico account will be required to watch it.

As noted on the post for the first show, I am posting this information to inform readers that fan mail is being accepted. The announcement page above has a form for sending fan mail. The accepted topics are impressions of Songworks and yuri-related thoughts and memories of Valentine’s Day. Listeners whose letters are read on the show are eligible to receive a gift of chocolate, and I can confirm that St. Michael Girls’ School is able to ship internationally. I encourage all interested readers to send fan mail, but be advised that the hosts are not fluent in English.

As with the previous show, it will be hosted by Anzu Hana, Manazuru Kou (Houraisen Rena, Girl C), and Tsubakino Nao (Girl D). The topic of this show will be rectifying the errors of the previous show in a bid for “revenge” and working on a Valentine’s Day present for the listeners. The show also has a secondary goal of 1,000 concurrent listeners.


Niconico Livestream: Anzu Hana’s Tendonitis Santa Special!!

On 22 December 2014, St. Michael Girls’ School hosted a livestream on Niconico to promote the release of Songworks at Comiket 87 on 28 December 2014. The show was hosted by Anzu Hana, Manazuru Kou (Houraisen Rena, the extra character “Girl C”) and Tsubakino Nao 椿野なお (the extra character “Girl D”). Throughout the broadcast, Anzu Hana signed 500 special discs to be distributed at Comiket, which contains an alternate version of “Sakura in Bloom ~The Scent of Flowers~”. The show took place between 8:00-10:30 P.M. Japan time, 6:00-8:30 A.M. Eastern Standard Time.

I had learned of it only hours before it started, and that the show would accept fan mail. I quickly wrote a letter with the help of Kuma Ichigo and sent it immediately before I went to bed. As it was a special event, I incorporated grandiose posturing in my text and wrote it longer than I normally write for Reo-ppoi Radio. However, in my haste to make myself known on the show, I had realized the following morning that I have failed to both take any measures to record the show and adequately inform readers of this opportunity. For this, I sincerely apologize and will take greater effort to prevent this in the future.

At the time, I had assumed that Niconico livestreams were automatically archived for later viewing (known as “timeshifting”), but St. Michael Girls’ School opted out of this feature for this video as the hosts’ faces were shown on camera for a brief time. I learned that my letter was read, but because no one had recorded the show, I thought the reply was lost. However, on 29 December, the entire show was uploaded in three parts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), albeit edited to remove the hosts’ faces. I believe readers will find the hosts’ reply to my letter entertaining. It has been transcribed by Kuma Ichigo (who provides annotations) and translated by Ralen.

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Reo-ppoi Radio Episode 90

YouTube user momoiro koneko has uploaded Reo-ppoi Radio 90 on their channel, which was originally uploaded on Niconico on 25 October 2014.  Izumi Ayaka, who had served as the “assistant” for the past several episodes, formally graduates from that role in the cold open of this episode. This episode is treated as a milestone celebration.

玲緒っぽいらじお 第90回-1 玲緒っぽいらじお 第90回-2 玲緒っぽいらじお 第90回-3 玲緒っぽいらじお 第90回-4

At 7:40,  it’s the Reo & Mai True Friendship Quiz, where the hosts test their knowledge of their friendship, particularly in past episodes.

19:05 introduces a new segment named “Ask Reo-chan-senpai”, an advice column.

At 25:07, Reo and Mai read letters to each other, making many references to both past episodes of the show and the light novels and drama CDs.

In the closing minutes of this episode, Hana announces a giveaway for a line of yuri-related goods at 34:40. The top prize is a bundle of three CDs published in her name: First Love Melon KissInnocent Flower Fortune Telling, and the Non-Reo-ish Radio Summer 2013 special. They will be autographed by both Hana and Ayaka, similar to the discs sold at the autograph session from Girls Love Festival 12 the week before. One runner up will receive a yuri goods set that is yet to be determined. This contest requires a valid mailing address in Japan.

I have written a letter about the CDs Hana signed for me. If it’s accepted, it will appear approximately a month from now.

You can listen to every Reo-ppoi Radio to date on this YouTube playlist.

Brand announcement: St. Michael Girls’ School (Updated 29 October 2014)

Update 30 October 2014: The website has officially launched.

Girls Love Festival 12 has concluded, and at the booth of Yurin Yurin’s parent company, Carnival, a new brand under their umbrella has been revealed. It is named St. Michael Girls’ School (生ミカエル女子学園 Sei Mikaeru Joshi Gakuen), after the school in which A Kiss For The Petals takes place.

Update 28 October 2014: A clear scan of the banner from Girls Love Festival 12 was posted on Carnival’s staff blog on 22 October. It contains an official English name for the new brand, St. Michael Girls’ School. The post has been updated with this new name.

St. Michael Girls' School

St. Michael's Academy for Girls

This photo by @yuriseyui was the first to show information on the first product of this new brand. The person in the photo was a worker at the booth. It is currently unclear if Yurin Yurin will be absorbed into this brand, as neither they nor Fuguriya have yet made any announcements on it, and the address is currently displaying a placeholder page. It will launch on 30 October, on which the December issue of Dengeki Hime will be released.

Six new characters are shown in the photo, along with Risa and Miya dressed in what appears to be sporting attire. The character designs and different uniforms have led some to speculate that Peko is not involved with this product.

Update 29 October 2014: Dengeki Hime released silhouettes of the six new characters via Twitter.


In addition, Ralen is currently in Japan for language classes, and he was gracious enough to attend at my request on short notice. He returned with two photos of interest.


Update 20 October 2014: This leaflet was distributed at Carnival’s booth and advertises A Kiss For The Petals – Songworks, the complete album of the theme songs performed by Anzu Hana. It will be sold at Comiket 87 on 28-30 December 2014.

In addition, he was kind enough to return with something I didn’t expect at all.


I had asked him to buy any drama CDs that were missing from my collection on my behalf had they sold them there. None of the drama CDs were available, but the music CDs released under Anzu Hana’s name were, and as Anzu Hana was in attendance, he was even able to get her to autograph them for me. He mentioned my name to her, and, in her excitement, Hana struggled to pronounce my name correctly. He clarified that it begins with ク (as in クレイグ Craig) rather than グ (as in グレッグ Greg) , and she signed it クレッグ, an amalgam of the two. It is a new addition to the running joke that my name to the Japanese fans is anything but my actual name.

It should be clarified this autograph signing was her only appearance at this event, unlike the previous Girls Love Festival where she held her own panel. The overall presence of A Kiss For The Petals was lesser than the previous show as well. Neither Yurin Yurin nor Fuguriya were in attendance. More information about this brand will be available on 30 October, and possibly the next installment of Reo-ppoi Radio.

Update 19 October 2014: Anzu Hana has addressed the new brand and her visit to Girls Love Festival 12 on her website in a post dated 20 October 2014 and on Twitter (@anjyuhanyan) across two tweets. She also uploaded another photo of the banner showcasing the new characters.