Drama CD re-release: Eternal Summer With You

Fuguriya has re-released their third drama CD, A Kiss For The Petals – Eternal Summer With You (その花びらにくちづけを ずっといっしょの夏 Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Zutto Issho no Natsu) in MP3 format. As noted in their tweets from December 2015, the first three drama CDs are no longer available in stores, so they are in the process of releasing all drama CDs through online doujin game outlets.

The drama CDs are in MP3 format at 160 kbps, 44.1kHz with cover artwork included in JPG format.

The CD is available on the English versions of DLSite and DMM, as well as a sample containing the first two tracks. Both accept international credit cards. DLSite is recommended as it presents the price in US dollars and offers a reward program for frequent purchases.

Ralen has translated the original information page for the drama CD below.

A Kiss For The Petals - Eternal Summer With You

A Kiss For The Petals - Eternal Summer With You cover

Reo and Mai’s summer break.
Making out in an air conditioned room is fine, but…
I’d rather get an audacious swimsuit
and go to the pool together♪

It’s their first summer break since they started going out. Naturally they visit Reo’s summer home, but after that, Reo can’t be bothered to leave the house since “it’s too hot.”
Mai offers to take her swimming at the pool, since it’s finally summer… but Reo, who can’t swim, refuses, saying “no way!”
There has to be some way to teach her to swim… That was the moment Mai’s switch flipped and set her on the warpath.

All that and more in this frisky Mai and Reo drama CD! The hot summer sun makes these two all the more daring!
A shared summer between the perpetual tsundere Reo and sex fiend Mai♪

Writing: Sano Shin’ichirou
Artwork: Peko
Voice Performance:
Sawaguchi Mai: Izumi Ayaka
Kawamura Reo: Anzu Hana

A Kiss For The Petals – Eternal Summer With You

Genre: Yuri Drama CD
System Requirements: Environment capable of audio CD playback
Runtime: 64 minutes
Size: Tall DVD case (14mm thick)
MSRP: 1900¥ (plus tax)
Download version: 1700¥ (plus tax)
*Download version includes jacket and label artwork data♪

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