Drama CD: Remember Our Love Again (Updated 14 October 2016)

Product announcement for the drama CD A Kiss For The Petals – Remember Our Love Again (愛の記憶をもういちど  Ai no Kioku wo Mou Ichido), translated by Ralen.

Update 11 October 2016: Remember Our Love Again is now available on English DMM.

Update 14 October 2016: Remember Our Love Again is now available on English DLSite.

Unlike previous drama CD releases, this CD has an initial release as an MP3 download. It is available now worldwide at the following sites:

Samples are available on Booth and DMM.


A Kiss For The Petals – Remember Our Love Again

Miya has amnesia?! Bring back the memories of your love!

Risa and Miya’s romantic life together continues as usual, but something is troubling Risa…
Every single day, Miya tries to force herself on Risa, regardless of the mood. Suddenly, Risa snaps and shouts, “You jerk! You sex fiend!!” Reeling from the shock, Miya faints and strikes her head…

Now, Miya has no recollection of their relationship together… Without any memory, Miya seems to have reverted to a more innocent time… which Risa finds irresistible♡

“She’s so innocent. Imagine, Miya not being a sex fiend…♪”

So begins the pair’s frisky, romantic rehabilitation(?) full of yuri goodness♪

Writing: JUN, Hiyoshi Hiyori
Artwork: Peko
Voice Performance:
Azumi Risa: Kuroi Neko
Ayase Miya: Akimoto Nerine

Title: Remember Our Love Again

Genre: Yuri Drama CD
Runtime: 72 minutes

Download Version: mp3 file
MSRP: 1500¥ (plus tax)
Available now
System Requirements: Environment capable of MP3 file playback

*The download version includes image files of the CD jacket and label artwork♪

Packaged Version: Tall DVD case (14mm thick)
MSRP: 1900¥ (plus tax)
Available October 21st (Friday) in doujin shops everywhere
System Requirements: Environment capable of audio CD playback



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