Fanart: Bouquet of Sonohana 2014

Bouquet of Sonohana 2014 Kanduki Kamibukuro (Twitter @kanduki_lily) has announced a 44-page collection of A Kiss For The Petals fanart titled Bouquet of Sonohana 2014 to be sold at Comiket 86 on 15 August 2014 and online. Featuring the work of 24 artists, the book is size A4 (210 mm × 297 mm / 8.3″ × 11.7″) and costs 1500¥ (as of this writing, equivalent to $14.69 USD, 10.81 EUR, £8.56 GBP). The book will have a glossy finish and perfect binding.

Kamibukuro intends to sell this book to international fans. It is recommended to pre-order from Booth (requires a free Pixiv account) and use a proxy shipping service such as Tenso. See this page for Tenso’s service and shipping fees to your country. The estimated weight of the book is given as 300-400 grams. The EMS shipping cost for weight increases above 300 grams, so in the calculator at the bottom of the page, enter 300 and 400 grams to see the difference in cost should it change in the final product. Shipping will commence at the start of Comiket 86 on 15 August.

The contributors to this fanbook, some of whom have been featured on this site in the past and in the fanart wiki page, are as follows:

Samples of the book have been posted on Pixiv.

For more Sonohana fanart, see this wiki page.

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