Fanart: Outfits for Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Repost)

Originally posted on 4 March 2013.

すいと (Twitter: @lilylion26) has created three custom outfits for use in the Nintendo 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf, released in North America on 9 June 2013, with a European release due on 15 June. These outfits have been posted on pixiv and include, among others, the St. Michael’s Academy for Girls uniform and Reo and Mai’s casual outfits seen in Maidens of Michael. You may need to click for the full-size images in order to have the game recognize the codes.

See also the Mii characters I created modeled after the A Kiss For The Petals characters, which now includes Ringo and Chiaki.

ミカジョのせいふくれおっぽいふく まいっぽいふく

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