Fanart: Table Turner (Updated 9 June 2013)


This is a series of comedic 4-koma manga strips featuring Nanami and Yuuna by Bruel Dratia. In the artist’s words, there is no speech in these strips, so anyone should be able to understand them. The series is nine pages long and published in Bruel Dratia’s deviantART gallery. Note that the pages are in reverse order. Bruel has announced further chapters featuring the other couples in order of introduction, including Rikka and Sayuki from Snow White’s Knight; Ringo and Chiaki, Yuuno and Satsuki, and Akira and Yui from the blue label. The next release announced is a 10-page series starring Kaede and Sara.

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One thought on “Fanart: Table Turner (Updated 9 June 2013)”

  1. This battle should be turned into a Hanabira mini-game. Nanami trying as hard as she can to prevent Yuuna from once again tempting her into making love at school. You’d think that after dating for so long, Nanami would have figured out Yuuna’s weak spot.

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