Fuguriya News Post 8 August 2012

Translated by Ralen.

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↑Sooo Skiiimpy

Lately, Fuguriya has been cycling like crazy~
Today we have news pertaining to this weekend’s upcoming Comiket~

This time we’ll be premiering both “Newlywed Cooking” and “Innocent Flower Fortune Telling.”
Of course we’ll have previous products with us as well, so anyone who missed their chance to buy them in stores, please drop by~

This time we’ll also be presenting those who purchase either game software or a drama CD with a Special Gift Book~
The title of it is… Kaede, Takako, and Skimpy Swimsuits.
As usual, you’ll have to guess at its contents from the title (lol).

We’re planning to post this book in its entirety on the website at the end of August, free of charge.
This version will be identical to the printed book, so only those of you who absolutely have to have a hard copy, please stop by the convention center, okay?

Also, anyone who purchases the music CD “Innocent Flower Fortune Telling” will get a pattern paper for a Collar for the St. Michael’s T-shirt.
This pattern paper was handmade by Reo-ish person Anzu Hana-san, so be sure to snatch it up!

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I can do anything if I
put my mind to it!

A diehard personality!
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Can-do spirit!

And finally, we’ve decided to stock the T-shirts we’re giving away on “Reo-ppoi Radio” at the convention center~
And the price is the same as the games and drama CDs we’re selling at the venue.
※We don’t have many on hand, so those of you who have to have one, please, get there early~

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Fuguriya 8/11 (Saturday) ※Day 2 West Section あ-61ab
Luminocity 8/12 (Sunday) ※Day 3 East Section C-29a

Last time we were there on day 3, but this time we’ll be attending on day 2, so make sure you don’t get it wrong!

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