Selected @fuguriya1 Tweets December 2015-January 2016

Fuguriya opened a Twitter account on 19 December 2015 at @fuguriya1. This post will contain translations of a selection of their tweets by Ralen, largely those containing information on the series on Fuguriya’s website that has not been translated previously. Some of these tweets are reposts of content from galleries of Peko’s artwork on Fuguriya’s website (not safe for work):

Other installments:

Rationale for A Kiss For The Petals

In 2004, shortly after the Marimite anime began, all at once there was a flood of adult doujinshi on the market targeted at males…
However, most of them involved rape, or perversion, or sprouting a d*ck~
Conversely, original works focused on love were exclusively targeted at all ages, so it was a time when there truly was nothing “middle of the road”~

The central theme of #SonoHana was intended to be “the joy of falling in love.”
Because the characters were lovers, naturally they would have sex, and be mushy with one another.
That way, no matter which round of sex they were on, the heroines could be be fidgety and pleading…
That’s what we truly wanted to do~♡

In a way, you might say it was Fuguriya’s goal all along to do something single-mindedly focused on mushy yuri love, without skimping on the story~ (lol)

The above image is a mockup of the 2009 Nintendo DS game Love Plus. It was originally posted on a news post on Fuguriya’s website dated 27 October 2009.

The St. Michael’s Uniform

The following three illustrations were originally published in Fuguriya’s Wallpaper Gallery section on 29 September 2008.

The St. Michael’s winter uniform is designed with a removable bolero jacket.
Underneath is a blouse with a dress worn over it.
…Huh? What about the sex scenes where they’re half undressed with no blouse?
U-Um… That’s just a simplified version with a detached collar, of course…


Without the bolero jacket, it’s a midseason outfit~
The sailor collar is an accessory.
As an aside, the sailor-looking collar and sleeves are a holdover from when sailor uniforms were popular, back when the school first opened~

The blouse looks like this with the bolero jacket and skirt removed~
Yuuna: “But Nanami-chan, the simplified one without the blouse is so much easier to remove, don’t you agree?”
Nanami: “Sheesh… Onee-sama, we’re at school, here… Try to restrain yourself♡”

Yuuna: “But I refuse.”

Nanami’s Voice Actresses

In the preview above, the text in the body of the tweet is intended to be read before the image.

Yuuna: “And then, on the last night…”
Nanami: “I’m going to make sure your body doesn’t forget me.
Yuuna: “When you whispered that to me… I got shivers and even wet myself a little!”
Nanami: “I’d never say something like that, even if Hell froze over!”

Yuuna: “Even someone as innocent as Nanami can be an assertive little devil in bed♡”
Nanami: “That’s not true! It’s a lie, a lie!”

This conversation takes place in the yuri goddess’s favorite drama CD, Dreamlike Days
Did you know this was the farewell performance of Nanami’s earlier voice actor, Haruna Yumi?

Speaking of Nanami’s voice actresses…
The Original Game: Toiro Fuyaka
Eternal Blissful Kiss: Toiro Fuyuka
Whisper With a Kiss (唇とキスで呟いて Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite): Haruna Yumi
Dreamlike Days (夢のような日々 Yume no you na Hibi): Yasaka Nana
Maidens of Michael: Takanashi Konoko
…But for all the times it’s changed, the truth is that Toiro Fuyuka, Haruna Yumi, and Yasaka Nana are all the same person. It’s one of those grown-up things~

Comments About the OVA

Did you know that Joined in Love With You (あなたと恋人つなぎ Anata to Koibito Tsunagi) was made into an anime DVD?
And the animation director/key frame artist was a certain Sakai Kyuta~♡
*She’s the one who was made lead animation director for the anime version of Sakura Trick

Reo: “Mai! When are they gonna make another Petals anime?!”
Mai: “Huh? What’re you asking me for? Besides, even if they do, it’ll probably be another couple.”
Reo: “Oh, really? Never mind then.”
Mai: “Whoa, you’re so cold…”

Mai: “Mwahaha, even in the anime, Reo’s tiny and cute♡”
Reo: “M-Mai, you sex fiend!”

Drama CD Re-releases

The drama CD Eternal Blissful Kiss is out of stock, and we were thinking of doing another run, then a female acquaintance in her late 20s made the shocking revelation, “I don’t even have a CD player.” Σ( ̄▽ ̄;)
She buys everything as MP3s.
…Should we release our drama CDs like that?

Well, naturally we’re going to release a CD version, but maybe we should release an MP3 version too~
We would include the jacket and label artwork with the MP3 version too.
Since it’s adult-oriented, we can’t sell it through iTunes, but it would be distributed through doujin download sites similar to the games~

That acquaintance isn’t in the industry, so she doesn’t really watch anime or play games~
Even though she uses a computer at work, she doesn’t have one at home, and does most things on her smartphone.
There’s a shared computer at her parents’ house, but they only ever use it for printing New Year’s cards anymore… In case you were wondering (^-^;

Would a drama CD that’s sold as a download still be called a drama “CD”?  lol~

Just a quick note~
As of right now, we’re moving forward with releasing the out of stock drama CDs, Eternal Blissful Kiss, Kaede-chan Super Mode (楓ちゃんスーパーモード), and Eternal Summer with You (ずっといっしょの夏 Zutto Issho no Natsu), as downloads~
They’ll include the MP3 data as well as jacket and label artwork.

Fuguriya here~ who was shocked by the revelation, “I don’t have a CD player at home.”
Which is why we’re planning to release three of them this month.
Naturally we’re also planning to release download versions of the subsequent drama CDs, as well as Reo-ppoi Radio~♡

Eternal Blissful Kiss has been registered at the usual six download shops♡
Now all that’s left to do is wait for them all to finish the registration process, so your patience is appreciated~
We’ll notify you as the registrations complete on the website below~
Translation of release page: Eternal Blissful Kiss

Mystery Back Cover Comic

St. Michael’s Girls School Breast Comparison

The chart was published in three parts followed by a compiled image, mirroring its original publication on Peko’s gallery on Fuguriya’s website (not safe for work)  from 20-25 December 2006. They will be linked here as plain text due to the chart’s graphic content.

Original tweets:

Compiled chart:

#SonoHana Breast Comparison♡
Kitajima Kaede (Explosive): “H-How embarrassing…”
Matsubara Yuuna (Huge): “Hehehe, quite marvelous, Kaede-san♪”
Sawaguchi Mai (Ample): “(…Why are we lined up totally naked?)”
Otsuki Aoi (Ample): “Wh-What’s going on…? Where am I? Why am I naked?!”
Shitara Misaki (Average): “It’s bad enough that we’re lined up, but I refuse to accept that Aoi is bigger than me!”
Kitajima Sara (Modest): “K-Kaede-chan happens to like them this size!”
Oda Nanami (Lacking): “Hnnh… Onee-sama is so far ahead of me~”
Asou Rin (Diminutive): “This is Jet Stream Attack… With me, your pilot through the night, Asou Rin.”
Kawamura Reo (Imaginary): “Nngah! ‘Imaginary’?! What’re you calling ‘imaginary’?!”

We’ve got a sticker gift campaign going on right now!

Rin is quoting Jou Tatsuya, former host of the late night Tokyo FM radio program Jet Stream.
“Jet Stream Attack” is the name of an attack from the Gundam series.

Fuguriya Website Mascots

These characters were introduced as Nanami’s friends in the web series “Girls’ School Confessions.” See the translation for character profiles. They have not appeared in any visual novels or drama CDs, but do make appearances in some light novels featuring Nanami and Yuuna.

One of the “ample” girls from the Breast Comparison is none other than Ootsuki Aoi, one of Fuguriya’s three mascot characters~♡
She’s in the same grade as Nanami, and part of her circle of friends.
(She’s in a different class from Risa and Sara, though~)

Originally published 1 September 2006.

This is another of the Fuguriya Website’s three mascot characters, the stuck-up rich girl, Shitara Misaki~♡
The best way to describe her is that she’s the one at the very bottom of the Fuguriya main page, lol.

Originally published 5 September 2006.

Striped panties♡
This is one of the three girls from the Fuguriya website, Asou Rin~
The combination of pantyhose and striped panties is quite stylish!

Originally published 9 September 2006.

Character Introduction: Tozawa Maki

Tozawa Maki, voiced by Izumi Ayaka.
A third-year student at the St. Michael’s annex, she’s the former student council president.
Although studious and hardworking, she’s troubled by her short stature and childlike physique.
She attends on a full scholarship, and her father is an ordinary corporate employee.
The youngest of three sisters, everyone in her family (except her father) is short.

Miscellaneous: Kaede and Sara, 2006

This tweet promotes the release of The Spoiled Princess and the Snow Prince and a promotion through Amazon Japan seller “Monotone” (ものとーん) for IC card stickers featuring Reo and Mai included with qualifying purchases. The sticker is in reference to Suica’s IC card design. Note that the promotion is only available through this seller, which does not ship internationally.

The image was originally published on 22 September 2006 and is the first promotional render of Kaede and Sara, before the release of their first visual novel. An interesting difference is that Kaede is shown wearing tights, and while she appears to wear tights in her character images, she does not in any CGs, and they were removed entirely in Maidens of Michael. It appears the decision for her not to wear tights was a last-minute change.

Sara: “Kaede-chan♡  A boxed version of our drama CD is out!”
Kaede: “That’s right, Sara♡  If you buy through this seller ‘Monotone,’ you’ll get a sticker thrown in for free.”

Miscellaneous: “My heart can’t take it!!” Overlay

Use this when something makes your heart flutter♡

“My heart can’t take it!!”

(Direct link to image)

For example♡

Kaede: “I’m going to give it to you good tonight, Sara♡”
Sara: “Ah… Kaede-chaaan♡”

“My heart can’t take it!!”

Miscellaneous: Kaede and Sara 2, 2007

This image and caption were originally published on Peko’s gallery on Fuguriya’s website on 16 June 2007.

Kaede: “Sara… My lovely princess♪”
Sara: “K-Kaede-chan… Hynnn☆”

Sara: “Mmm, Kaede-chan, you’re so forceful… My face is on fire~♡”
Kaede: “Nnnh… Nnnh…( ̄_ ̄|||)”

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