Selected @fuguriya1 Tweets February-April 2016

This post is a continuation of English translations of tweets by Fuguriya (@fuguriya1) by Ralen, posted from February to April 2016.

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Some of these tweets are reposts of content from galleries of Peko’s artwork (not safe for work):

Update 19 April 2016: The re-release of Photograph of Affection has been announced for May 2016 in the section “10th Anniversary – Kaede and Sara.”

Valentine’s Day – Kaede and Sara

Kaede: “Okay, say ‘Ahhh,’ Sara♡”
Sara: Ahhhh~♡  I love you, Kaede-chan♡”
#Happy Valentine’s

Originally published on 14 February 2007 in celebration of 500,000 website hits.

Cat Day – Reo

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work. It was originally printed on telephone cards packaged with pre-orders of the Anata to Koibito Tsunagi OVA.

“Hnnnn~  That was a good nyap♡”

Miscellaneous: Aya and Ai

This illustration is similar to those of the Yuri Moments series.

Aya: Nnnnnh!  Morning already?
Ai: Hehehe, good morning, Aya♪  You sleep well?
Aya: Sheesh, who’s the one who kept me up all night, huh?

Fuguriya Official Store

The header image used for this store is cropped from the cover artwork of the visual novel Itoshisa no Photograph. Note that this store does not offer international shipping, and some items are not related to A Kiss For The Petals.

Due to popular demand, we’ve created an official mail order site for Fuguriya~♡
It’s located on the Pixiv art site’s Booth service, so be sure to give it a try~

Wall Switch Stickers

In honor of the opening of Fuguriya’s official mail order Booth store, a new gift sticker is currently in the works~♡
It’s a wall sticker you can put next to a wall switch or outlet~

@fuguriya1 What’s up with Rinagisa?  Is the super powerful suction of their kiss so intense it’s keeping Nagisa suspended?  That’s some terrifying sucking power…

Rinagisa is an attractive force to be feared!
…That was the thought when we designed it, but if you look closely, they’re not quite touching (´・ω・`)

Miscellaneous: Nagisa and Rina

Rina: “Here’s your morning chocolate, Nagisa♪”
Nagisa: “Rina… You know you don’t have to feed it to me with your mouth…”
Rina: “Hehehe, I know, but I like it when you eat it like this♡”

Second Series Visual Novel Reprints

Currently the second series of Sonohana doujin games (Photograph of AffectionThe Joy of Loving YouWhisper with a Kiss) are out of stock, and we were going to recommend the download versions, but…
There were so many people who said they really wanted a packaged version that we’ve decided to release them as a new edition~♡
Details to come! We’ll keep you posted~

The long out of print Photograph of Affection is set to be re-released~♡
Both the old packaging and new packaging feature two-sided, reversible box art.
The music, backgrounds, and character portraits are all being revised with their later versions~

Miscellaneous: Hazuki and Manami

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work.

Hazuki: Mmm, your hair is so silky and pretty, Manami.
Manami: Nnnh~  Hazuki, I’m still sleepy…  Zzzz…
Hazuki: Fine, fine, go take a shower to wake yourself up, then.  Hehe, what would you do without me♪

Miya Pouches

This is a reference to Pochi Pouches (ポチ袋 Pochi Bukuro), a line of money envelopes featuring Pochi, a Shiba Inu, with frank sentiments about the money being offered, such as “I’m expecting you to repay this 3 times” and “Thanks to this, I’m broke now.” 

Miya Pouches~♡
Use these to gift money to that special someone♡

Miya: “I feel like I’m basically throwing money down the drain♡”

Miscellaneous: Aya and Ai 2

Aya: Ahaha♪  Not bad, it’s cute♡
Ai: Hey!  Don’t take pictures of me while I’m sleeping!
Aya: Don’t worry, my precious Ai’s sleeping face is for my eyes only♡

Miscellaneous: Hazuki and Manami 2

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work.

Hazuki: I knew MANA’s glasses were just for looks.  They aren’t prescription at all.
Manami: Hehehe, I’m surprised how good they look on you♡  I never would’ve pictured you in glasses.
Hazuki: Hnnh, you look cute in my glasses too… It’s so frustrating♡

A Classic in Five Seconds: A Kiss For The Petals (first visual novel)

It was April, when the sakura petals dance in the air.
I stood there dressed in my brand new uniform.
Yuuna: “Why are you crying?  …Let’s get married!”
Nanami: “Okay♡”

#AClassicInFiveSeconds #SonoHana

The hashtag #名作をいきなり終了させる is used to summarize famous works in a single tweet. The literal translation is “Quickly bringing a classic work to its conclusion.”

Panty Mask

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work. The image used here is from Snow White’s Knight.

Risa: It says they caught a pervert wearing panties on their head… Isn’t that scary, Miya?
Miya: That sounds scary.
Risa: Huh?
Miya: Huh?

#PantyMask #SonoHana

The punchline 「何それ怖い」  “That sounds scary.” and response 「えっ?」  “Huh?”「えっ?」  “Huh?” appears to be derived from a 2ch meme involving comedic exchanges of misunderstandings between two people. This page gathers examples quoted from 2ch dated 2009.

Miscellaneous: Nagisa and Rina 2

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work.

Nagisa: R-Rina?!  But I locked the door!
Rina: Oh, you were in here, Nagisa? (monotone)
Nagisa: Just hurry up and shut the door!  Ahh, I can’t stop♡

Sara’s Sloppy Cooking 1: Thai Curry

See also Kaede-chan’s Newlywed Cooking.

Here comes Sara-san’s sloppy cooking.
*Read it in Uri Satsuki’s voice!

The rice may not cook fully depending on your rice pot, so in that event, mix it gently before cooking it again on “Fast Mode”~♡


It’s time to start Sara’s Sloppy Cooking♡ (or Sara Slop for short)!
We’re making canned Thai curry cooked with rice.


Here’s the ingredients♪

  • Rice: 2 cups (300g)
    Wash with water as usual.
  • Canned Thai curry: 2 cans
    Red, yellow, or green, tuna or chicken, it’s all good!


Here’s how you make it♡

  1. After the rice has absorbed all the water (about 30 minutes) strain thoroughly.
  2. Add all the curry and rice to the pot, and add water to the 2 cup fill line.
  3. Mix gently, and cook as normal.

*If your cooker has a “Cook with Food” mode, use that♪


Once cooked, stir gently with a rice paddle, and…
Serve in a rice bowl and you’re done♡
Season to taste with sliced green onions and shichimi♪

Sara’s Sloppy Cooking 2: Refrigerated Udon Carbonara

I made refrigerated udon carbonara~♡


It’s time to start Sara’s Sloppy Cooking♡ (or Sara Slop for short)!
We’re making refrigerated udon carbonara.


Here’s the ingredients♪

  • Refrigerated udon: 1 pack (nuke it in the microwave)
  • Salad oil: 1 tbsp
  • Grated garlic: 1 tbsp (from a tube is okay!)
  • Sliced bacon: 1-2 strips (cut into bite-sized pieces)

Sauce (Put all 3 together and mix them well):

  • Milk: 50 ml
  • Egg yolk: 1
  • Parmesan cheese (grated): 2 tbsp (18g)
  • Coarsely ground black pepper (however much you’d like☆)


Here’s how you make it♡

  1. Put the salad oil and garlic in a frying pan and simmer over low heat for about 3 minutes.
  2. Add the bacon and cook over medium heat until crispy.
  3. Add the microwaved udon and quickly mix together, turn off the heat, and thoroughly stir in the sauce.
    * The trick is to mix it with the remaining heat. That way the sauce won’t dry out♪


Transfer to a plate…
Sprinkle on the black pepper, and you’re done♡
It only takes one pan, so it’s simple♪

Postscript from the tweet text:

If you use the leftover egg white in egg soup, it won’t go to waste, okay?

If you cut the bacon ahead of time and separate it into portions, you can wrap it in plastic and keep it in the refrigerator for several days~

If you want a thicker sauce, use more cheese, and if you want a lighter sauce, use more milk~
Also, unlike pasta or Chinese noodles, udon will soak up a lot of water, so when you make the sauce on the watery side, the trick is to eat it fast~♡

Announcement: A Kiss For The Petals – First Series Complete Set

The cover artwork is not safe for work. See the translated announcement page for more information.

We’re going to sell a #SonoHana First Series Complete Set that includes 5 games~♡
We’re only selling 1000 copies, so each one comes with a full color autograph as a gift!
Check out the website for details~♪

St. Michael’s and Cell Phones

The tweet image originally appeared in the visual novel Joined in Love with You.

Reo: Hey, Mai. Isn’t it weird for school girls to talk on their home phone these days?
Mai: Yeah, well, back then, St. Michael’s didn’t allow cell phones, you know.
Reo: Really?
Mai: Yeah, really♡ It’s definitely not because this came out 9 years ago.

St. Michael’s really didn’t allow cell phones back then, you know.
It’s mentioned in a Reo/Mai Diaries episode from around that time~♡ #SonoHana

Actually… Since discomfort and misunderstandings are a staple of yuri stories, cell phones were prohibited 10 years ago in #SonoHana because, “If everyone had a cell phone, nobody would misunderstand anything!”
…But considering how ubiquitous cell phones are these days, that excuse won’t fly anymore~ (´・ω・`)

 10th Anniversary – Nanami and Yuuna

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work, which is also published on Pixiv. It is the basis for the cover of the visual novel Whisper with a Kiss. Note the different title logo in the top-left corner, with “A Kiss For The Petals” as a subtitle.

A Kiss For The Petals – Nanami and Yuuna

#SonoHana turns 10 this year!
These two are still together after 10 years.

Cat Ears

Sara: “Ehehe♪ Kaede-cha~an.”
Kaede: “Cat ears? Did you use those during a photo shoot?”
Sara: “Yeah, the company president said it was okay to take them♡ How do they look?”
Kaede: “……”
Sara: “Kaede-chan? Why do you look so serious?”
Kaede: (…Good job, Madam President!)

Originally published on “Peko-tan in the house!” on 20 June 2011.

10th Anniversary – Kaede and Sara

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work, which is also published on Pixiv. It is the basis for the cover of the visual novel Photograph of Affection. Note the different title logo in the top-left corner, with “A Kiss For The Petals” as a subtitle.

Ever since we announced the First Series, people have been asking, “What about the re-release of Photograph of Affection?”
We’re planning on putting out around the middle of next month~

Miya’s Fabulous Cooking

The final panel of this comic is not safe for work.

Important warning: No one other than Miya should attempt this at home.
* The last panel is just something we found, okay?


It’s time to start Miya’s Fabulous Cooking♡ (or Miya Fab for short)!
We’re making panty tea with Risa’s panties.


Here’s the ingredients♪

  • Risa: 1
  • Risa’s panties: 1 (a pair still being worn is preferable)
  • Black tea: Whichever kind you prefer♪


Here’s how you make it♡

  1. First, enjoy a cup of tea with Risa.
  2. Wait for Risa to start to doze off.
  3. Without waking her, slowly and quietly slide Risa’s panties off.
    * The trick is to not succumb to your carnal desires and take her right there.
    That’s for later when she’s awake…♪

See the tweet link above for the final panel.

Pour the tea from the pot slowly through the panties, so that it leaves a stain…
…and you’re done♡  Mmm, exquisite flavor♡


This tweet was posted as a follow-up to Miya’s Fabulous Cooking. The image originally appeared in Snow White’s Knight.

Use this whenever you’ve been hijacked by something~

Sara: Kaede-chan?! I get the feeling we’ve been hijacked!

10th Anniversary – Mai and Reo

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work, which is also published on Pixiv. It is the basis for the cover of the visual novel The Joy of Loving You. Note the different title logo in the top-left corner, with “A Kiss For The Petals” as a subtitle.

Reo: It’s been 9 years for us, though.
Mai: Hey, don’t ruin the mood!

Risa’s Recent Concern

This tweet was posted as a follow-up to Miya’s Fabulous Cooking.

Risa-san’s secret concern recently.


I’m damp…

Risa-san, unable to hide how unsettled she is that lately, when she wakes up after nodding off, she’s damp for some reason.

Risa: Have I… been drinking too much tea?

Rena’s Sloppy Cooking

The images in this comic (save the fourth panel) originally appeared in Maidens of Michael.

Important warning: No one other than Rena-sensei should (you know).
* The last panel is just something we found, okay? (distant stare)


It’s time to start Rena’s Sloppy Cooking♡ (or Rena Slop for short)♪
We’re making super delicious Runa Tea.


Here’s the ingredients♪

  • Runa: 1 (Steal her when Takako isn’t looking)
    …Whoops, I got the wrong one~ (tee-hee♪)
  • Black tea: Use whatever kind of leaves you like♪

Yuuna: Nanami?!


Here’s how you make it♡

  1. First, gently massage Runa’s feet.
  2. Wait for Runa to start to doze off.
  3. While Runa is asleep, prepare some lukewarm tea.
    *The trick is to remove the socks and massage the feet directly.
    Of course you’ll want to wash your hands thoroughly first♪


Slowly pour the tea from the pot over Runa’s feet…

Takako: Runa?!

…and you’re done♡  Savor and enjoy♡

It Happens All the Time at St. Michael’s

Nothing fazes Mai-san. #SonoHana


A growing string of sloppy cooking victims…
At St. Michael’s…
One St. Michael’s student says…
“It happens all the time at St. Michael’s!”

A template with the first two lines in the top right blank, with and without the TV scanlines effect, was also published on Pixiv.

This is in reference to a 2ch meme, ロスでは日常茶飯事だぜ  (“It happens all the time in Los Angeles”). An image of a man giving a thumbs up captioned “It happens all the time in Los Angeles” was originally used as a response from the 2ch server during excess traffic, but is now posted as a reassuring response to a shocking event or a personal conflict. It comes from a perception that the United States is so vast that such unusual events are commonplace, hence the man’s blasé response. The man’s identity is unknown.

Q: It’s not like it’s a CRT TV.  LCD TVs don’t have scan lines, right?
A: Gkh…  It was 9 years ago, okay?!
Q: Wasn’t the St. Michael’s with Risa and Miya only 4 years ago?
A: So annoying!  But kind of hot…

Joined in Love with You Promotion

This image was originally posted on Peko-tan in the house! on 9 July 2007 to promote the visual novel Joined in Love with You.

Mai-san really isn’t fazed by anything. #SonoHana

Panel 1:

Rin: With the release of A Kiss For The Petals – Joined in Love with You upon us…
Rin: …we thought we’d ask the two heroines of the story to tell us a little about it.  Please, dive right in.

Panel 2:

Mai: Reo is my wife!!
Reo: What?!

Panel 3:

Reo: Why’re you saying embarrassing stuff like that front of people?!
Mai: It’s fine, I’m not embarrassed at all.
Rin: We hope you’re excited about it.

Wallpaper: Mai and Reo, 2010

This tweet links to an image on Pixiv, as Twitter enforces downscaling and a quality reduction for large images that is unavoidable. It is not safe for work. It was originally published on the Wallpaper Gallery on 20 February 2010 and is also available on Pixiv with a 10th Anniversary label. The resolution is 1600×1200, a 4:3 ratio that may not scale cleanly on most devices.

Morning coffee and a wakeup kiss.

Mai: Morning, Reo♡  Did you sleep well?
Reo: …… (I can’t tell her I was up all night looking at her face…)

Miscellaneous: Nanami and Yuuna, 2006

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work. It was originally published on “Peko-tan in the house!” on 20 August 2006.

Nanami-san, bothered by the difference between her and Onee-sama.
Nanami: I’m glad she took me to the pool… but this disparity…
Yuuna: What’s the matter, Nanami~?

Good Bath Day

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work. It was posted by St. Michael Girls’ School rather than Fuguriya.

4/26 is “Good Bath Day.”

(“Yoi furo.”  4=yo 2=fu 6=ro)

10th Anniversary – Shizuku and Eris

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work, which is also published on Pixiv. It is the basis for the cover of the visual novel Dyed with Angelic Petals. Note the different title logo in the top-right corner, with “A Kiss For The Petals” as a subtitle.

Eris: We should dress in our St. Michael’s uniforms once in a while…♡
Shizuku: H-Honestly, what are you saying?!  …If it’s only once in a while…

Sara’s Sloppy Cooking with Kaede: Chinese Restaurant-Style Fried Rice

Kaede: What?  You want me to stand in for Sara?


Good day to you.  I’m Kitajima Kaede♡
Sara is sulking in bed today, so I’m going to be her stand-in for “Sara’s Sloppy Cooking.”
Today’s dish is…
Not your mother’s fried rice, but fried rice like from a real Chinese restaurant♡


So, here are the ingredients.

(Serves 1)

  • Lard: 30g
    * Pork fatback is preferable.
  • Refrigerated cooked rice: 1 bowl
    * Thaw halfway unwrapped.
  • Egg: 1
    * Beat well.
  • Somi brand Chinese soup stock: 1 tsp
    * Mix with the beaten egg.
  • Sausage: 2 links
    * Quarter, then chop finely.
    Char siu is preferable.
  • Green onion: Finely chopped, about 1 handful.
  • Salt and pepper: To taste
  • Take the refrigerated cooked rice, unwrapped, and thaw it in a toaster oven for slightly longer than half the amount of time to warm it up.  A fair amount of moisture will evaporate, reducing the dampness of the rice.
  • When you add the soup stock, you’ll be surprised how much it tastes like fried rice from a restaurant.  Well… that’s because that’s the same kind of stock they use at Chinese restaurants, though.  Of course, a similar product is also okay.


And here’s how we’ll make it.

  1. Add the lard to a skillet and melt over the stove.
    * If using fatback, cut into small pieces and saute over low heat until crispy, with all the fat separated.
  2. Add the egg, and quickly add and mix in the rice.
    Be sure to keep the heat consistent at its highest level.
    Without shaking the skillet, use a spatula or other implement to mix and fold the ingredients.
  3. Add the sausage and green onion, and continue to fry while mixing with the rice.
  4. Once the sausage begins to brown slightly, taste and season with salt and pepper.
    Once satisfied, turn off the heat, plate, and you’re finished♡


Things to be aware of when preparing are:

  • Somi soup stock has a strong flavor, so soy sauce and other seasonings aren’t necessary.
  • Using lard will result in a richer flavor.  About 30 grams will be enough to keep the rice from sticking.
  • If possible, use a cast iron skillet.  It will make the ingredients less likely to clump together than a non-stick aluminum skillet.

…Say, Sara?  Was this about what you wanted?

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