Selected @fuguriya1 Tweets May 2016-June 2016

This post is a continuation of English translations of Fuguriya (@fuguriya1) tweets by Ralen from May 2016 to June 2016.

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Some of these tweets are reposts of content from galleries of Peko’s artwork (not safe for work):

Cast Iron Skillets

Kaede-chan apparently advocates a #CastIronSkillet. #SonoHana


Good day to you.  I’m Kitajima Kaede♡
To those of you saying, “My stir-fried vegetables are clumping together,” or “My yakisoba with sauce is too watery,” have you tried using a cast iron skillet?

Now, when it comes to cast iron skillets, some of you may be thinking, “Aren’t they hard to maintain?” or “Don’t they rust easily?”


Let’s start with their merits…

  • Stir-fried vegetables will stay crisp.
  • Dishes like fried rice, yakisoba, and spaghetti Napolitan won’t get watery, and won’t stick together.
  • Flour-based foods like gyoza, okonomiyaki, and pancakes will bake in no time.

…Those are just to name a few.

A cast iron skillet can reach higher temperatures compared to a non-stick aluminum pan, which makes it easier for the water to cook out of the ingredients.


Now for the negatives…
The amount of time spent pre and post-cooking will increase.

1. Prior to cooking, the skillet must be pre-heated over full heat until white smoke rises. This should take about 1 minute.
2. Once the heat is off, you’ll have to leave it alone until the heat has left the iron. This will take about 1-2 minutes, but if you’re unable to wait, you can pat it with a damp cloth.


3. If white smoke stops rising from the skillet, add about 1/2 tsp of oil, and using a balled up paper towel or something similar, thinly spread it over the entire cooking surface.

…Then you’ll be ready to cook.
Afterward, just add cooking oil again, and cook as you usually would.

Next I’ll tell you how to wash your cast iron skillet after you’ve finished using it.


4. Clean the cooking surface with a scrubber under hot water until it’s no longer slick. Soap is generally unnecessary.
5. Place the empty pan over heat until the water has evaporated. Rust is less likely to form this way.

What do you think?  It’s a little more effort, but it’s not that bad once you get used to it♡


Naturally I’m not saying you can only use a cast iron skillet. There aren’t really any advantages if you’re preparing something that’s supposed to be particularly wet, so in those cases I’d recommend a non-stick pan.

Try using a cast iron skillet as just another tool in your kitchen, depending on the time, place, or occasion of the dish.

See what you think about having it as another option♡

Sara’s Sloppy Cooking 3: Baked Curry with Frozen Fried Potatoes

Kaede: Kitajima Sara is back!
Sara: I wanna do it this time♡


Sara’s Sloppy Cooking♡ (or Sara Slop for short) is back~!
We’re making baked curry with frozen fried potatoes.


Here’s the ingredients♪

  • Frozen fried potatoes: 150-200g (Any shape is fine)
  • Salad oil: 1 tsp
  • Boil-in-bag curry: 1 serving (any kind you want is fine!)
  • Egg: 1
  • Shredded pizza cheese: 30g
  • Parmesan cheese (powdered): As much as you want☆


Here’s how you make it♡

  1. Coat the fried potatoes in the salad oil, and use them to cover the bottom of a baking dish.  Microwave for about 2 minutes.
  2. Drop the egg in the middle and fill in the outside with the curry.
  3. Evenly cover the curry with the shredded and parmesan cheeses.

It’s okay if you don’t boil the curry first.
You can substitute butter or margarine for salad oil♪


Bake in the oven for about 5-6 minutes…
Once it’s golden brown, you’re done♡
It only uses one dish, so it’s easy♪

Hanahira! Character Draft

Here’s the final character draft from the all ages #SonoHana work, Hanahira!
Even this one was already 6 years ago…
By the way, did you know that the main character, Kaori, was voiced by #KitamuraEri?

10th Anniversary – Hanahira!

This image was also published on Pixiv.

Amane: Kaori-chaaan♡   We’ll be together forever♪
Kaori: D-Don’t be stupid… Of course we will…♡

Character Profile: Yuuki Amane


“But when Kaori-chan compliments me, it makes me really happy.”
“Why does it make me so happy?  I must really like Kaori-chan.”

Character Profile: Hanemura Kaori

This image was originally published on the Hanahira! product page. It is also available on Pixiv.

“Looking out for Amane is just something I’ve gotten in the habit of…”
“Ahh, hey!  It’s not like that!”

Character Profile: Uozumi Koharu

This image was originally published on the Hanahira! product page. It is also available on Pixiv.

“I’m… so flat…”
“Aww, I hope I have a nice body like Makoto-chan someday.”

Character Profile: Toudou Makoto

This image was originally published on the Hanahira! product page. It is also available on Pixiv.

“Haah, haah… This cuteness… What should I do with you?”
“Nnn… I wanna take you home…”

Logo Parodies

Found this while sorting through our hard drive contents~
10 years ago, the Fuguriya homepage designer was so busy, I made a placeholder homepage…
For some reason, I also made a bunch of designs just for fun around that time, and of course the inspirations are also 10 years old (lol).

Nowadays there are logo generators, so making them is a lot easier♡

It looks like Reo-sama’s rage was made into a movie.

10th Anniversary – Risa and Miya

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work, which is also published on Pixiv. It is the basis for the cover of the visual novel Lovers of the Atelier. Note the different title logo in the top-right corner, with “A Kiss For The Petals” as a subtitle.

Risa: We’ll be together forever too♡
Miya: Yes, not merely for ten years, but for all eternity♡

“Do you wanna squeeze my boobs?”

This is the result of an image overlay generator and an associated hashtag, , that trended in Japanese Twitter over the weekend of 13 May 2016. 

Mai: Oh…
Reo: Are you all right?  Do you wanna squeeze my boobs?

Made using the #You wanna squeeze my boobs? generator~

10th Anniversary – Takako and Runa

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work. It is the basis for the cover of the visual novel Sweet Melting Kisses. Note the different title logo in the top-right corner, with “A Kiss For The Petals” as a subtitle.

Runa: I’m in the elementary uniform again?  But I’m already in the middle school department.
Takako: R-Runa… You’re not supposed to break the fourth wall like that!

“Do you want to buy Sono Hana?”

This image was cropped from an illustration used by Yurin Yurin to announce that development for A Kiss For The Petals – Maidens of Michael was completed.

Full color autograph board and free shipping~♡

Miya: Are you all right?  Do you want to buy Sono Hana?

Cycling Diet

These quotes and images are derived from Yuricycle.

These are the kinds of heart rate monitors we recommend~♡
Here’s a wrist watch type.
Here’s a type that syncs with your smart phone.
#SonoHana #Yuricycle #CyclingDiet

Note: The above links go to Japanese stores that do not ship internationally.


“Mai-san, how do we follow the cycling diet you recommend?”

Mai: Wear a heart rate monitor and ride leisurely on a flat road for at least 30 minutes, but preferably for 1-2 hours while maintaining a heart rate of about 140-150 beats per minute. You should be able to maintain this heart rate without being out of breath. In fact, if your heart rate goes too high, you’ll switch to anaerobic activity, and you won’t burn as much fat, so be careful♡

For more information on the calories burned by a cycling diet, visit the bicycle maker Khodaa Bloom’s website~♡
#SonoHana #Yuricycle #CyclingDiet


“Is there anything wrong with jogging or walking?”

Mai: There’s nothing wrong per se, but if someone who doesn’t exercise regularly goes straight into running, there’s an increased risk of injury to the knees or ankles… (example: Yuri God of Fuguriya*)

With cycling, the risk of injury to the legs is relatively low, so there’s less to worry about♡

Also, for a 70 kg person exercising for 2 hours, jogging (at 8 km/hr) will burn about 840 calories, while cycling (at 20 km/hr) will burn 1120 calories, so cycling burns more calories, which is one of the reasons I recommend it♪

Note: “Yuri God of Fuguriya” (lit. yuri kami-sama, yuri god) is likely referring to Mi Kara Deta Saba, series producer. 

When the seat is high, it can be uncomfortable and make it harder for your feet to reach the ground… but when you pedal, you don’t have to raise your knees as high, which makes it easier!
Then you just need to keep your chain lubricated~♡
#SonoHana #Yuricycle #CyclingDiet


“I don’t have a sports bicycle…(´・ω・`) Is a granny bike okay?”

Mai: It’s fine♡  Just follow these two rules.

  1. Get a bicycle pump and inflate the tires with enough pressure that you can squeeze them firmly between your fingers without compressing them.
  2. Raise the seat high enough so that your heels are raised when the pedals are at their lowest point.  The best height is where your knees are fully extended.

These rules go for sports bicycles too, by the way♡

Aerobic exercise diets are all about how much time you spend doing them, so by their nature they’re slow and lengthy.
As long as you maintain your heart rate, your speed and distance don’t matter, so just ride at your own pace~♡


“If you raise your heart rate higher and ride harder, won’t you burn more calories and lose more weight?”

Mai: It’s true you’ll burn more calories that way… but you’ll also wear yourself out. In the beginning you’ll manage to find the motivation to keep going, but the longer you keep it up, the more determination you’ll need, right?

From that perspective, this is a low enough intensity exercise that as long as you keep your heart rate in the fat-burning range, you can still take it easy.  So the priority should be something that even people who don’t exercise often can handle, and that you can keep up for long stretches of time♡

The trick is to drink often, every 10 minutes or so~♡
By the time you realize you’re thirsty, it’s already too late.
Drink before you get thirsty!  That’s the key to aerobic exercise~
#SonoHana #Yuricycle #CyclingDiet


“What other tricks to aerobic exercise are there besides maintaining your heart rate?”

Mai: I definitely recommend taking water with you♪  It’s important to drink a little bit at a time as you exercise before you start feeling thirsty. The fact that you’re sweating means your blood is losing water…

Blood with lower water content becomes thicker, making it more difficult to carry oxygen and sugar into your muscles, lowering their ability to recover…

In other words, if you aren’t vigilant about replenishing your fluids, it’ll be harder for you to burn fat~

Essentially, the focus of aerobic exercise is on burning fat rather than building muscle.
If you look at the participants of the Tour de France, you’ll notice they all have slim, tight bodies~
#SonoHana #Yuricycle #CyclingDiet


“Cycling seems like it’d make you build muscle and get thicker legs…”

Mai: In sports cycling, the ones who build muscle and get thicker legs are the team members who are basically sprinting (short distances). Team members who ride over long distances are usually slender, with slim arms and legs.

You can see the same thing in track and field sports.  Members who run the 100 meter dash have totally different body types from those who run marathons.  It’s the same thing♪

If you’re cycling to lose weight, your legs are going to slim down♡

In my case, I went from 93 kg to 69 kg (205 lb to 152 lb) over about a year and a half~
Even hopeless adults who claim to hate exercise can keep up a relaxed cycling diet where the focus is on burning fat.
#SonoHana #Yuricycle #CyclingDiet


“I’m not that fat, so I don’t really need to diet…”

Mai: In that case, you should do it to stay healthy♪

Even the Yuri God of Fuguriya was a hopeless adult who never exercised after graduating from school, and avoided physical exams out of fear of getting lectured… After losing 24 kg on a cycling diet, now physical exams end with “Everything looks good.”

If all you ever do is diet or exercise haphazardly, you’ll probably end up with health problems of some kind.  Even doctors agree with me on that♡


In the below translation, the image is read before the tweet text.

“I’m not wearing any panties today.”

Shizuku: I-It’s all right when you’re in a kimono.

Eris: Well, I still wear them when I’m in a skirt.
Shizuku: ……
Eris: Shizuku… Why’re you looking away?

Microwaveable Croquettes

In the case of curry, it’s way cheaper than adding meat or vegetables.


Mai: Hey, Reo, have you seen these refrigerated croquettes they’ve got at the supermarket lately, where all you need to do is microwave it?
Reo: What are you…?  Well, whatever.  It seems pretty convenient, right?


Mai: Yeah, well… I wondered if they were any good, so I decided to try some, but they tasted lousy and they weren’t very crispy.
Reo: Ohh… Stuff does tend to get soggy in the microwave.  But it’s fine for instant food, right?


Mai: Yeah… but it’s hard to throw stuff like that out.  But then I thought, ‘What if there was a way to make them good, even if they weren’t crispy?’
Reo: I have no idea what you’re talking about… What do you mean, like drowning them in sauce or something?


Mai: I tried putting them in a bowl of udon♡  It was like croquette udon. Naturally I used Katokichi brand refrigerated udon, so that was okay to microwave too.
Reo: That’s something the anti-croquette udon crowd will never understand… Katokichi is pretty good, though…


Mai: It wasn’t just udon and soba, they were really good with curry too!  You don’t even need any other ingredients, you can just eat it straight with curry roux.
Reo: Oh, like that stuff they sell at CoCo Ichibanya?  Isn’t that kind of lazy, though?


Mai: A few croquettes are enough to satisfy an empty stomach, and it couldn’t be more simple or convenient.  Microwaveable croquettes are Mai-san’s latest pick♡
Reo: Hnnh… How can it seem so lazy, but sound so good…

Sara’s Sloppy Cooking 4: Plain Curry Sauce

Curry roux is 200 yen for an 8-pack, so that’s 25 yen apiece~♡
Plus, microwaveable croquettes are 160 yen for 5, so that’s only 32 yen each!
You’ll be in awe that curry roux had this kind of power~


It’s time to start Sara’s Sloppy Cooking♡ (or Sara Slop for short).
We’re making plain curry sauce with curry roux.


Here’s the ingredients♪

  • Curry roux: 23 g (1 package contains 185 g, so 1/8th.  Or in other words, one square☆)
  • Water: 180 ml (200 ml if you want some left over for fried ingredients)

That’s it!
You can add croquettes or whatever other fried ingredients you want!


Here’s how you make it♡

  1. Put the water in a pot and bring to a boil.  Once boiling, reduce the heat and add the curry roux.
  2. Stir until the roux has melted, and continue to stir over low heat for 2-3 minutes, until the sauce thickens.
  3. During that time, go ahead and heat up the microwaveable croquettes in the microwave☆

The trick is to lower the heat when you add the roux.  That way it won’t clump up♪


Plate with rice…
…add the croquettes, and you’re done♡
Who knew curry roux had such amazing power♪

Pic Mail

Hnngh… I’m getting old~
If you don’t call taking a picture with a smartphone and sending it via e-mail “pic mail” then what do you call it?!

Takako: What?!  They don’t call it ‘pic mail’ anymore?!

Photograph of Affection Summary

This tweet contains an image that is not safe for work.

A summary of Photograph of Affection (not really).
Obviously, we can’t recommend this to people who don’t like natto.

The heroine, Kitajima Kaede, suggests to her younger cousin, Kitajima Sara, adding a teaspoon of ground garlic from a tube to her curry instead of making it with only water.  Doing this will make it much more rich and flavorful♪

Sara says, “Adding croquettes to curry made just with water is much more economical than adding meat or vegetables♪”  …but croquettes aren’t always available.  In that case, I try adding thickened natto to the roux… doing that will give it an even richer flavor and texture…

Photograph of Affection Summary 2

Here’s the real summary of Photograph of Affection (not really).




Girl A: My… Kaede-sama is making such a sour expression…
Girl B: Yes… But even her displeased face is lovely♡
Girl C: Indeed… Improper as it may be… Ahh♡


It’s a face that says she was going to make miso soup last night, but then realized she was out of miso paste… but having already started the stock, she tried her best to make do anyway, ultimately only ending up with a flavorless broth… and with that in mind, recalling, “Oh yes, I have to pick up miso paste on the way home today.”


Kaede: Sara… it’s important to watch how much salt you use.

Rena’s Expression

Actually… it’s kind of troubling how often this happens.




Girl A: My… Rena-sensei’s expression… is so lovely♡
Girl B: With her smartphone in her hand, it’s like something out of a drawing♡
Girl C: Such an unhappy expression… What’s on her phone…?  Ahh♡


It’s a face that says she was going to look up something she didn’t know on her smartphone… but as soon as she opened the app, she forgot what she wanted to look up…


Rena: You guys who were just thinking I’m an old lady…
I won’t be mad, so just ‘fess up.

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