Selected @fuguriya1 Tweets July 2016-October 2016

This post is a continuation of English translations of Fuguriya (@fuguriya1) and St. Michael Girls’ School (@mikajyo_info) tweets by Ralen from July 2016 to October 2016.

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Tanabata: May yuri spread throughout the world~ #SonoHana

The photos in the above tweet notably lack the acrylic stand of Hazuki and Manami. Tanaka Lili (@tanakalili), voice of Hazuki, took exception to this.

There’s no HazuMana… Is it because they don’t have many fans…?
Stay strong, HazuMana… ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・ Don’t give in, HazuMana! ・゜・(ノД`)・゜・

Sorry…  Don’t read too much into it, they just fell when the picture was being taken (¯―¯٥)

Demi-Glace Sauce

Here’s a recipe for that demi-glace sauce in a can~♡
It seems to elevate cheap croquettes by several levels.


Mai: “Hey, Reo, if you had some freshly fried croquettes right now… what would you put on them?”
Reo: “There you go again out of nowhere… Well, whatever. I’d put sauce on them, obviously.”


Mai: “Well, lately I’ve really gotten into frying croquettes~ But I got sick of always using the same sauce…”
Reo: “You should really stop going on and on about the same stuff all the time, Mai… Well, what about mayonnaise?”


Mai: “Mayonnaise… That’s not bad either… But personally, I’d recommend demi-glace sauce♡ It just seems to elevate it somehow.”
Reo: “Demi-glace sauce? That just makes me think of salisbury steak, though…”


Mai: “Well, I thought, where’s the creativity in just using it on salisbury steak? So I tried an experiment… And I have to say, this is pretty good too♡”
Reo: “You know, Mai… there was a time when all you ever made was salisbury steak…”


Mai: “For 2-3 croquettes, put about 100 grams of demi-glace sauce on a plate, mixed with 1 tbsp of salad oil and 1 tsp of grated garlic… then cook it in the microwave, and it’s ready♡”
Reo: “You add oil? And you really like garlic, don’t you…”


Mai: “Add about 15-50 ml of water to thin it out to your liking. Croquettes served with demi-glace are Mai-san’s latest pick♡”
Reo: “Hnnh… How can it sound so fattening, but so good at the same time…”


Mai (monotone): “Er, according to my dad.”
Reo: “…That’s not true!”


Mai: “Oh? Sake, Takako-sensei♡?”
Takako: “Oh, Mai-san… Yes, I got it from a fellow teacher… I don’t handle Japanese sake very well, though…”


Mai: “Ahh… A lot of Japanese sakes do miss the mark… It also doesn’t go very well with western cooking.”
Takako: “But it was a gift… I wonder if I should just drink it anyway.”


Mai: “You can cut it with lemon tea. Or milk tea, or something♡ It’s really drinkable if you put some ice in a glass and mix it about half and half.”
Takako: “S-Sake and lemon tea? I’m not sure I could imagine how that would taste…”



Mai: “If you have iffy shochu or sake and mix it with lemon tea, it suddenly becomes really drinkable, so I totally recommend it~♡”
Takako: “I-I see… I learned something new. You seem to know an awful lot about sake, though…”

Mai (monotone): “Er, according to my dad.”
Reo: “…Liar! You’re always hey what’re you doing cut itasdffsda”


Mai: “By the way, Takako-sensei, you know those bags of buttered peanuts they sell?”
Takako: “Mai-san… Your mind jumps around, doesn’t it… Yes, I see them at the grocery store all the time.”


Mai: “But if you look at the ingredients, it lists ‘vegetable oil.’ They don’t use butter at all!”
Takako: “Well… You know, they do the same thing with those buttered potatoes you get at the fair. They actually use margarine… But what can you do…?”


Mai: “Well… I tried melting a small pat of butter (about 5g) in the microwave, then tossed some peanuts in it and sprinkled them with salt… It was crazy good♡”
Takako: “M-Mai-san… don’t butter and salt run counter to typical Japanese tastes? Of course they’re delicious, but…”


Mai: “They go really well with herb-seasoned salt too, and the texture is great… It’s the perfect snack to go with the sake. I totally recommend it~♡”
Takako: “I… think I’ll get some peanuts on the way home today… Wait, why do you know so much about sake, again…?”

Mai: “Er, according to my dad?”
Reo: “…Why’d you phrase it as a question?!”


Mai: “But you know, there are a lot of people who say they aren’t fond of sake, not because they don’t like the taste, but because they can’t hold their liquor.”
Takako: “Oh? Yes… There are a lot of times where I’ll have a headache the the next day… I wonder if it’s because the alcohol content is so high.”


Mai: “Takako-sensei, how do you drink your sake? Do you drink it cold over ice?”
Takako: “Yes… When I’m out drinking with friends or something. It just pairs so well with Japanese food, and really hits the spot…”


Mai: “Ahh… When the sake is lower than your body temperature, it keeps you from getting drunk right away. Once it warms up inside your body, the alcohol is finally absorbed.”
Takako: “Really? So then… all those times I’ve felt nauseous… Could it be I was just drinking too much…?”


Mai: “Yes. So… I recommend drinking your sake more leisurely, so you can enjoy the change in fragrance~♡”
Takako: “I-I see… I’ve learned something again… Wait, why does it sound like you’re speaking from personal experience…?”

Mai: “Er, it sounds like something I would’ve heard from my dad…”
Reo: “Your excuses are getting more and more half-assed…”


Mai: “Takako-sensei? Do you know those ‘Kororo’ grape-flavored gummies? They almost taste like the real thing…”
Takako: “Yes, I’ve had them a number of times. They’re kind of like dried fruit, aren’t they?”


Mai: “Those are the ones~ If you let them soak in sake, you’ll get a pretty interesting snack.”
Takako: “What? Gummies soaked in sake? I’m not sure I could picture how that would taste…”


Mai: “It’s easy to make☆ Put some Kororo into a bowl, and just barely cover them in sake… Then leave them overnight♡”
Takako: “My… That is simple. And it sounds like you wouldn’t need to use much sake either.”


Mai: “They’ll soak up the sake and get really juicy☆ And the sake will end up like a sweet wine. It’s so good~”
Takako: “Kororo… I think they sell those at the store nearby… Wait, why do you always know so much about sake…?”


Bread shaped like glasses.  I got them as a souvenir.

PlayStation VR

Miya-san, witnessing despair when she tried the PlayStation VR.

Miya: “What is the meaning of this…?!”

Out of play area

Recycling Day Tanka

This is a tanka poem originally published as the first place winner for a contest held by Yurin Yurin in September 2013 to promote Snow White’s Knight. The above illustration by Peko was created to accompany it.

Tanka is a form of poetry similar to haiku. One major difference is its syllable structure: 5-7-5-7-7. The first three and second two lines are traditionally separate, but related parts. For more information, see this page on and the Wikipedia article.

Omiyage ni
Kossori are kore
Medete tanoshimu
Puchi risaikuru
I secret away
Little knick-knacks as trophies
And carry them home
To admire and enjoy
My way of recycling

#RecyclingDay #SonoHana (A tanka from Mokumoku-sama).

What if Miya were a YuriTuber?

Miya is suddenly a YuriTuber?! She put up a video, “YuriTuber, President Miya’s explosive debut!!!! I tried removing my sleeping girlfriend’s panties without waking her.”

YuriTube” is used by St. Michael Girls’ School to refer to their official YouTube channel. The attached video is an extended promotion for From the Day We First Met, exploring the premise, “What if Ayase Miya, from the landmark series, A Kiss For The Petals, were a YouTuber?”

According to the YuriTube page, a “YuriTuber” is a generic term for girls whose activities further the spread of yuri throughout the world with the key phrase, “Live a life of yuri.” It is a parody of the Japanese slogan for YouTube, 好きなことで、生きていく (roughly: “Live the life you want.”). For reference, the English slogan is “Broadcast yourself.”

Apron Angel Reo-ppoi Radio Character Profile: Ashura

“Apron Angel Magical Reo” Character Profile
Voiced by Tsubakino Nao

Ashura is a cadre of Black Star, an evil group that opposes Magical Reo, and is known for her intense laugh befitting a lady of class. She operates in civilian settings as a student of a school for well-to-do ladies under the alias “Shura Ai”.

This tweet was translated by me. It was posted on 6 January 2016, but referenced in a Getchu blog post on 28 October 2016.

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