Selected @fuguriya1 and @mikajyo_info Tweets January 2017-

This post was originally published on 10 January 2017 at 9:27 PM EST.

This post is a continuation of English translations of Fuguriya (@fuguriya1) and St. Michael Girls’ School (@mikajyo_info) tweets by Ralen from January 2017.

New Year Greeting 2017

Praying from the bottom of our hearts for everyone to be in good health, and for yuri to take over the world.
– Fuguriya

There are only a few hours remaining in the year~
We’ve got lots of plans in development for #SonoHana in the coming year.
We’ll keep doing our best to help yuri take over the world~
Well, everyone, have a great year~ (・ω・)ノシ

Gogyou Nazuna Joins Twitter

Gogyou Nazuna, voice of Kitajima Kaede, joined Twitter earlier this month as @nazuna_gogyo.

Oh, by the way, Anzu Hana-tan already tweeted about this, but it seems like A Kiss For The Petals was in its 10th year, so I went to the Sonohana Collaboration Cafe at the end of the year~♡
The coaster I got was Kaede and Saraヽ(*´∀`)ノ Heehee.
I don’t know when the Sonohana family got to be so big, but I hope you’ll keep on supporting us♪

Taglines from Favorite Games

A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty, romantic comedy full of yuri goodness♪
#TaglinesFromFavoriteGames #SonoHana

Flower Viewing


Good Bath Day

26 April is Good Bath Day.

This is a scene from Maidens of Michael, based on the Comiket 81 Bonus Volume. English translations of it and other A Kiss For The Petals light novels are available here.

Kurara and Maki’s First Meeting

The scene where Kurara and Maki first meet is worth commemorating~♡
You can read chapter 2, where Maki-san makes her first appearance, here♪

Kurara: “I’ve heard the requirements for a St. Michael’s scholarship are quite strict… You must be an exceptional individual.”
(Maki’s head)↓
Maki: “Huh? No, that’s… Um, thank you?”

See the post on A Kiss For The Petals – Michael’s Villainess for more information.

New Year Greeting 2018

Happy New Year.
Hoping you’ll keep Fuguriya in your thoughts again this year♡

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