Hanahiranime! Episode 1

Fuguriya has started a video series named Hanahiranime!, a 10-part companion series to Hanahira! in the style of the Reo/Mai Diaries. Unlike the Diaries, it is being posted on Nico Nico Douga, not on their YouTube channel. I will upload them to YouTube myself for convenience unless Fuguriya chooses to do so themselves. Note that the Nico Nico Douga has additional subtitles for the benefit of Japanese viewers.

This playlist collects all episodes on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “Hanahiranime! Episode 1”

  1. Glorious. Hopefully these get subbed like Reo x Mai, but for now I think I can sort of follow it raw. Thanks for pointing these out.

  2. Btw, will you be making a post for each episode, or just updating this one? I’m trying to determine the best way to keep track of when new episodes go up, and I have you in RSS so separate posts would achieve that. Otherwise I guess I just check Fuguriya’s page or the Nico account constantly.

    1. I will write an individual post for each episode. This will allow me to track interest for the series as it progresses. This is part of an initiative to increase activity and post volume on this blog that I will detail next month.

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