Houraisen Rena

A Kiss For The Petals – Maidens of Michael (Michael no Otome-tachi) is now available for pre-order at Getchu for 7,980¥ (currently $101.99 USD, €82.93 EUR, £65.42 GBP). This page lists sample images, story information, and descriptions of the characters. These reflect what is currently known from Yurin Yurin’s website and other sources, but the latter has a piece of information not seen anywhere else.

The character listing on Getchu lists 13 characters. Of the 12 currently known, no new information was given. However, at the bottom of the list is an entry for an unillustrated character named Houraisen Rena. Her profile has been translated below by Procyon.

蓬莱泉 麗奈
Houraisen Rena 

A new teacher at St. Michael’s. Runa’s older sister and Takako’s former tutor. Stylish and stunningly beautiful — the perfect girl. Outgoing and easygoing. Although she’s blunt and untidy, for some reason she has the kind of likeable personality that’s impossible to hate.  An alumnus of St. Michael’s, at the time, the teachers all praised her for being a well-behaved lady. But in actuality, she was chasing skirts left and right, regardless if they were seniors or juniors. It’s rumored her lovers numbered at nearly a hundred.

Runa’s sister has had considerable influence over both Takako and Runa and is indirectly responsible for all aspects of their relationship. As of Sweet Grown-up Kisses (Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu), she still has much to answer for. Despite this, she has yet to be seen or heard in the visual novels, save for one line of narration. The image above comes from the web serial that Sweet Enchanting Kisses was based on and is the only known image of her (right). Her appearance in this new visual novel may change entirely, if she is to be visually seen at all. Note also the order of the characters on Getchu. Takako and Runa are ostensibly the fourth couple, yet they have been listed last so they could be grouped with Rena on the bottom.

10 thoughts on “Houraisen Rena”

  1. I also sense some rivaly here,but I dont think it will be a three-some because its a pure yuri story (IMO) and I guess Runa wont let her big sis gets in her way too xD well I guess this will be a story to remember for Takako who’s facing a sadistic sisters in the same time xD

    1. Hohoh I agree as if Runa will let her Nee-sama take her beloved Sensei…after all Runa sensed from the very start that her Nee-sama harbors a romantic feelings for Takako

    1. Trouble? With a smoking hotness like that, I’d say she’s pretty damn lucky. lol

      Hell, she’s the ONLY Sonohana girl with a harem.

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