JAM Akihabara Cafe – A Kiss For The Petals 10th Anniversary Themed Cafe Collaboration

To close out the 10th anniversary of A Kiss For The Petals, St. Michael Girls’ School and the JAM Akihabara cafe (Twitter: @jam_akihabara) are holding a limited-time themed cafe from 15-31 December 2016. The menu and decor are tailored after the core cast, particularly that of Snow White’s Knight. This marks the first official usage of titles from Yurin Yurin by St. Michael Girls’ School beyond minor references to events from those stories. A number of merchandise items have also debuted at this event.

A description of the cafe and the menu was provided by St. Michael Girls’ School at the Getchu blog. Ralen has translated the blog post, which reiterates information found on St. Michael Girls’ School’s website on the event.

Mai: “Today is the start of the Collaboration Cafe!”
Reo: “It’s going on from the 15th through the 31st!”
Being held at JAM Akihabara!

Good day to you~

Thanks to all of you, the landmark yuri game, A Kiss For The Petals, is now ten years old.

In honor of this tenth anniversary, a limited time collaboration cafe will be opening at JAM Akihabara, a quiet little cafe located on the outskirts of Akihabara.

First, let’s introduce you to the menu.

Food Menu

Sara: “ABCs of cooking, here I come!”

“Sara and Kaede’s Homemade Napolitan” – ¥1,200
(Made by the couple in the drama CD, Kaede-chan’s Newlywed Cooking)

JAM Akihabara’s comments:
Made with green peppers, onions, and Vienna sausages, it really feels homemade.


“Maidens’ After School Tea Set” – ¥1,000
A tea set fit for the students of the Saint Michael Girls’ School.  Perfect for tea parties.

JAM Akihabara’s comments:

Top Tier:
Cake-style baumkuchen
Black tea gelatin

The cupcake will be randomly selected from salted caramel, chocolate, or cheesecake.
The black tea gelatin is made with Earl Grey.

Bottom Tier:
Plain scone
Fruit pound cake
Strawberry jam

Drink Menu

“10th Anniversary Tea” – ¥750
Yuuna-sama conjures up images of black tea, served with strawberry jam reminiscent of Nanami.
Combining the two makes for a cup of yuri goodness perfectly suited for their tenth anniversary.

JAM Akihabara’s comments:
Flavored tea served with a side of strawberry jam.

“Reo’s Tropical Juice” – ¥750
The juice that Reo drank and highly recommended to Eris in Snow White’s Knight.

JAM Akihabara’s comments:
Tonic water mixed with blue syrup.
Garnished with an edible flower to give a tropical feeling.


“Mai’s Lemon Tea with Sake” – ¥900
From Fuguriya’s Twitter, “if you cut low-grade sake with lemon tea (Go Go Lemon Tea), it becomes really drinkable…
Sake and Go Go Lemon Tea, served half and half over crushed ice.

JAM Akihabara’s comments:
Mixed 1:1.  Served over crushed ice.

For each item ordered from the collaboration menu, you’ll receive a random one of seven coasters featuring new illustrations by Peko-sensei.

We also have original 10th anniversary placemats prepared as gifts.

Goods for Sale

The Petals 10th anniversary full color mug.

We’ll serve your favorite hot drink in The Petals 10th anniversary full color mug.

¥1,300 plus the cost of the drink (mugs sold individually for ¥1,500).

  • You will receive an unused mug at the time of checkout.
  • It’s a bargain with savings of ¥200 (plus tax).

JAM Akihabara A Kiss For The Petals Collaboration T-shirt – ¥2,500

Other Miscellaneous Goods

* For every ¥2,500 worth of goods purchased, you will receive your choice of coaster.

Yuri Couple Perks

Female couples, as well as anyone self-identifying as a yuri couple will receive a pair of “May the World Overflow with Yuri♪” stickers!!
The secret phrase is, “We’re full of yuri goodness!!”  (watashi tachi wa yurin yurin desu!!)

It’s on the honor system, so be brave and let the shop fairy know.

* Quantities are limited.

To fully convey these ten years of history, we’ve prepared several items to put on display, as well as the opportunity for a sneak preview of a new piece of background music.

If you love yuri and The Petals, and happen to be passing through Akihabara, please make a stop by JAM Akihabara!

Written by:
Saint Michael Girls’ School staff.

JAM Akihabara Website
Saint Michael Girls’ School Official Website

St. Michael Girls’ School and JAM Akihabara are currently posting photographs of the cafe in operation on Twitter, including the menu, decor, and staff members dressed as St. Michael students. A selection of these photos is linked below.

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