Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals – Angels Collection (Updated 18 April 2014)

index_mainImg On 29 January 2014, Yurin Yurin announced the Angels Collection (その花びらにくちづけを 天使たちの詰め合わせ Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Tenshi-tachi no Tsumeawase), a compilation of the three Angels visual novels in the A Kiss For The Petals series: The Angel’s Longing, The Angels’ Spring Romance, and The Angels’ Promise. It will retail for 6800 yen and release on 28 March 2014, the same day as The Angels’ Promise.

Update 7 March 2014: Yurin Yurin has uploaded a promotional video for the collection. It is a compilation of the character introductions from each visual novels’ respective opening videos, set to “Darling Gonna”, the theme song of the first Angel entry, Longing of an Angel.

Update 14 March 2014: An extended video has been published, with snippets of all three opening themes and added visual effects.

Update 18 April 2014: The drama CD that was bundled with this collection, A Kiss For The Petals – It’s Just Like Being in a Long Dream, has been announced for a separate release.

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