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As a result of Music Box of Memories being prematurely ended, Eden of Xeno has graciously given me permission to release their translations of A Kiss For The Petals light novels freely. Four light novels and eight Comiket bonus short stories were translated as supplementary material for Music Box of Memories for the benefit of readers who do not have access to them, as Music Box of Memories makes frequent references to events only seen in them. They have all been translated by Ralen. He has expressed interest in continuing to translate the remaining light novels. Later translations will be added to this page.

The translations are available in rich-text format (RTF) and PDF. Placeholders for the images in the original light novels have been inserted with references to page numbers from the original light novels. For example, a note reading “[Image on page 12.]” refers to the illustration on page 12 of the original book. I’ve inserted them into the points in the text that best match the images. The covers are also included as they are freely available on Fuguriya’s website.

All Light Novels (RTF) 25 March 2015
All Light Novels (PDF) 25 March 2015

A Kiss For The Petals – Our Christmas Together
その花びらにくちづけを 二人のクリスマス

Originally released 31 December 2006

Spanish translation by Makoto Tomoya Ikari

Their first Christmas alone together♪

Yuuna and Nanami, the girls who became a couple in A Kiss For The Petals, are about to have their first Christmas Eve since they began dating…

Taking advantage of her parents’ absence, Nanami invites Yuuna to her house for a sleepover party. Although Yuuna has to attend her father’s party on the very same day, she promises to slip out halfway through, much to Nanami’s delight.

Each day after that, Nanami spends all her time preparing for Christmas and practicing her cooking. Her heart aflutter, the thought of a night alone with her beloved Onee-sama fills her to the brim with joy!

And on the promised date, after Nanami somehow managed to get everything ready just in time…

A Kiss For The Petals – Our Vacation Together
その花びらにくちづけを 二人のバカンス

Originally released 19 August 2007

The two of them on vacation, curled up on a sunset beach

Soon it will be summer vacation… The girls of St. Michael’s are anxiously making vacation plans. And yet, Kaede is feeling somewhat depressed. Because for the past three days, she hasn’t been able to see her lover Sara, due to her hectic modeling schedule…

One day, Sara, who seems to have gotten some time off for summer vacation, cheerfully cries, “Let’s go to the beach together♪”
However, Sara suddenly gets an overseas job dropped in her lap, plunging the two of them into a dark depression.
“No, I have to be supportive of my lover, now more than ever!” Kaede-chan is determined to see Sara off with a smile.

But before she knows it, Kaede is standing on a tropical coastline with Sara.
“H- How did I end up in a place like this!?”

A Kiss For The Petals – Our Hot Summer Together
その花びらにくちづけを 二人の暑い夏
Originally released 19 August 2007

Notice: The writer roundtable at the end of the book contains coarse language.

Reos Operation: Get Mai All to Myself!

Reo, filled with joy at becoming Mai’s girlfriend… Is in a particularly sour mood today. Mai, ever the sisterly Samaritan, is even more popular at St. Michael’s than ever! She seems to be paying just as much attention to Reo as she always does, but she’s totally ignoring her feelings!

“Mai, you jeeeerk!”

“After all this time giving in to her whims, I’m finally going to seize control back from Mai!” Reo cries.

As luck would have it, it just happens to be summer vacation, and Reo smirks at the thought that Mai’s obnoxious little fans won’t be able to get at her… But come summer break, Mai gets stuck watching her little siblings, and Reo’s hopes are dashed as her plans fly out the window.

But after Mai cancels her trip to visit her family in the country, could this sudden opportunity be their chance to be alone together?! And then it’s smooth sailing as they’re off to Reo’s family vacation home in Karuizawa…?!

Untitled-1A Kiss For The Petals – Our Valentine’s Together
その花びらにくちづけを 二人のバレンタイン
Originally released 22 December 2007

Notice: The roundtable at the end makes multiple references to “Sweet Enchanting Kisses”. This is the short story series published online between September 2007 and October 2009, not the visual novel later released with the same name.

Their first Valentine’s alone together

With Valentine’s Day a mere month away, Nanami is in a bind. This will be her first Valentine’s with Onee-sama.  What kind of chocolate should she give her? Perhaps she could pour her passion into baking her a homemade chocolate cake? But what if she doesn’t like it?  Maybe an expensive store-bought chocolate would be the safer route. But then what about the cost…? There are just so many details to agonize over, but at the same time that’s half the fun.

And then, with one week to go, as soon as they’re alone together, Yuuna nervously approaches Nanami.

“Nanami, do you happen to know what day it will be one week from now?”

With Yuuna looking like she can hardly wait, Nanami responds without thinking, “But of course, Onee-sama.  I’ve got an extra-special chocolate planned for you!”

And so begins Nanami’s Operation: Valentine’s Day♪

A Kiss For The Petals – Enchanting Kisses on a Tropical Island!
その花びらにくちづけを 南の島であまとろちゅ!

Originally released 25 December 2009

“This is my Christmas present to you.”

One day in December, in anticipation of Christmas, Takako was making plans for spending Christmas Eve with Runa.
“On Christmas Eve, we’ll have a party, just the two of us♪ We’ll eat cake, exchange presents…”
A modest yet enjoyable Christmas Eve; Takako had a wonderful time.

The next morning, after being woken up by Runa, Takako is told to get ready to go out…
The next thing she knows, she’s being handed her passport and a ticket at the airport and getting on board an airplane?!

“Where… are we…?”
Stretched out as far as the eye can see is the cobalt-blue sea.
Underfoot is an incredible white sand beach.
And overhead, the sun is beating down.
That’s right, it’s a deserted tropical island!

“This is my Christmas present to you.”

A Kiss For The Petals – Seize the Summer!
その花びらにくちづけを 夏をぎゅっとね!

Originally released 14 August 2010

“More than anything, I wanted to see it with Reo.”

As the two of them head into summer vacation, Mai extends an invitation to Reo to go on a trip together. Reo is ecstatic, but Mai won’t tell her where they’re going until the day of the trip. Just before they arrive by train, she learns that it’s a place surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains and sea.

“Oh, Grandma, I forgot to tell you something important.”
“Ohh? What is it…?”
“Well, um, Reo is my future bride!”
“Pfft?! M-M-M-M- Mai?!”

It’s a supplemental story to The Petals series that seizes hold of Mai and Reo’s summer. Don’t miss it!

Click on the thumbnails of the Comiket covers for the full versions.

Comiket 75 Bonus VolumeComiket 75 Bonus Volume
A Rowdy Open Air Bath!

Originally released 29 December 2008

This is the first instance where all the main characters (at the time, Nanami, Yuuna, Kaede, Sara, Mai, and Reo) were gathered in the same place and interacted with each other.

Comiket 76 Bonus VolumeComiket 76 Bonus Volume
“Just Because it’s a Pajama Party, Who Says We Have to Wear Pajamas?” Said the Dirty Girl
Originally released 15 August 2009

Similar to the previous story, this gathers all six Petals characters at the time into a single place.

Comiket 77 Bonus VolumeComiket 77 Bonus Volume
The Bud Has Thorns
Originally released on 30 December 2009

This is a supplemental story to Enchanting Kisses on a Tropical Island!, which was also released at Comiket 77. It can be seen as a transition between the prologue and chapter one. All eight characters at the time of its release are present.

Comiket 78 Bonus VolumeComiket 78 Bonus Volume
Mai and Reo’s Petals Radio
Originally released 14 August 2010

This is based on the bonus track from Always Together In Summer (ずっといっしょの夏 Zutto Issho no Natsu), the first drama CD featuring Mai and Reo. With some surprise guests and subject matter familiar to fans of all involved, this concept was adapted into Reo-ppoi Radio in January 2011. The thumbnail to the left links to a translation of the cover; click here to see the original.

Comiket 80 Bonus VolumeComiket 80 Bonus Volume
Nanami and Kaede Brag About Their Girlfriends

Originally released 13 August 2011

As a point of interest, this is the first bonus story that does not feature Mai or Reo.

Comiket 81 Bonus Volume
What if a Yuri Couple from St. Michael’s Bumped into a Senior Couple at an Open Air Bath?
Originally released 31 December 2011

This story takes place during the light novel Bathed in Warmth (ぬくもりに包まれてNukumori ni Kurumarete) as Mai and Reo encounter Shizuku and Eris during their bath in a public bath house. Note that Mai and Reo do not appear in the light novel proper.

Comiket 82 Bonus VolumeComiket 82 Bonus Volume
Kaede, Takako, and Skimpy Swimsuits

Originally released on 11 August 2012

Kaede and Takako are made to model swimsuits for Sara’s modelling company as Sara and Runa look on. It is the first instance of Runa directly interacting with main characters other than Takako. (Prior to this story, Takako was featured in several Reo-ppoi Radio episodes by way of her voice actress, Azuma Yui, and was featured in segments with Reo.)

Comiket 83 Bonus VolumeComiket 83 Bonus Volume
Miya’s Secret Gourmet Tastes
Originally released 31 December 2012

Although this story features Risa and Miya, characters from Yurin Yurin and not Fuguriya, the format remains unchanged. Similar to the internet videos, it is told entirely through dialogue.

Comiket 84 Bonus Volume

Comiket 84 Bonus Volume
Steamy Secret Talk
Originally released 12 August 2013

This story is third to feature Mai, Reo, Shizuku, and Eris, and calls back themes from Maidens of Michael and the Comiket 81 Bonus Volume.

001Comiket 85 Bonus Volume
The Loverbirds’ Hella Jelly Christmas
Originally released 31 December 2013

This is Rikka and Sayuki’s first appearance in the bonus stories and takes place alongside the drama CD Kitten Love  (仔猫な恋人 Koneko na Koibito). The unusual word “jerashikku” in the Japanese title led Ralen to take a liberty in the translation, as it’s unclear whether it’s simply a play on the word “jealous” or a deliberate misspelling of “Jurassic”.


Comiket 86 Bonus Story CoverComiket 86 Bonus Volume
The Working Woman
Originally release 14 August 2014

Shizuku takes up part-time employment at a fast food restaurant. Eris joins her in a bid to be close to her, but struggles to keep pace with her. This is the first story to feature Shizuku and Eris exclusively and a named extra character.

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