MangaGamer 2016 Licensing Survey

MangaGamer Licensing Survey 2016

MangaGamer has opened their second annual licensing survey to all readers through 12 February. The final page asks for up to three license requests, and I implore readers of this site to submit A Kiss For The Petals titles. By submitting your e-mail address, you also become eligible to win one of five copies of Kindred Spirits on the Roof(As a point of interest, Oukawa Mio, who voices Shitogi Eris in A Kiss For The Petals, voices Maki Seina in Kindred Spirits on the Roof.)

My recommendations for titles to request are, in order:

  • Maidens of Michael, my strongest recommendation and the direct sequel to Remembering How We Met as well as the largest title featuring the core St. Michael’s cast;
  • Any of Fuguriya’s releases prior to Maidens of Michael, particularly the original A Kiss For The Petals, from which I believe later titles will naturally follow;
  • The New Generation, the first full-length release from St. Michael Girls’ School;
  • The Angel’s Longing, which features a more mature storyline.

Due to the difficulty and time required to acquire licenses for any visual novel, I do not recommend requesting products that follow any of the above titles until those are licensed and released first, which include Lovers of the Atelier, Snow White’s Knight, My Sworn Love For You, The Angels’ Spring Romance, The Angels’ Promise, and Revolution.

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