MangaGamer to Publish A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met

A Kiss for The Petals - Remembering How We Met

At Anime Expo on 4 July 2015, software publisher MangaGamer  (website is not safe for work) announced an exclusive partnership with St. Michael Girls’ School to release their products in English in their panel. The first product to be released is a home computer conversion of A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met, an iOS/Android all-ages visual novel, to be released on the Steam service. No release date or price has been announced. The official announcement is reproduced below.

July 4th, 2015–MangaGamer Announces New Acquisitions at Anime Expo!

Today we’re proud to announce several new acquisitions and partners via Anime Expo!

Our first big announcement for the night is our new partnership with St. Michael to bring A Kiss For The Petals -Remembering How We Met- to Steam! The newest chapter in the famous A Kiss For The Petals franchise, -Remembering How We Met- takes a long look back at Risa and Miya’s relationship, telling the tale of how they first met and came to be lovers.

For those who are new to the franchise, this series is a must-follow for every fan of yuri. Focusing on the relationships between two girls who fall in love with each other, A Kiss For The Petals stays true to the romance between two women. Though adult scenes are plentiful, this series is characterized by the charming, natural development of relationships as the heroines go on dates, try to steal moments alone to express their love, and bond with each other in a very tender fashion.

Remembering How We Met is a great chapter for those who new to the series as it tells the brand new story of Risa and Miya’s romance while looking back on the history of their time in St. Michael’s Girls’ School. Their story is unique, even within the franchise, as Risa and Miya were initially antagonistic toward each other. Though both are smart in different ways, they’re almost polar opposites—Risa is studious and works hard for her achievements while Miya seeks the freedom to pursue her own interests, her innate intelligence making class a bore for her. How did love manage to blossom between such rivals? Find out as they recount the tale.

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For more information on A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met, see this post.

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  1. I’ll definitely buy that if it’s on steam, nothing to lose if it’s all-ages but I really hope for physical releases of the non-mobile SonoHana games in the future from that partnership.

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