Music CD: Innocent Flower Fortune Telling

Product announcement page for A Kiss For The Petals – Innocent Flower Fortune Telling (その花びらにくちづけを 純真な花うらない Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Junshin na Hana Uranai) translated by Ralen.

その花びらにくちづけを 純真な花うらない

A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty, homemade CD full of yuri goodness ♪

Anzu Hana-san, the person of “Reo-ppoi Radio,” the web radio broadcast brought to you care of Fuguriya, has had her self-produced vocal piece, “Innocent Flower Fortune Telling,” made into a CD!

In addition, there’s a duet piece with Mai-ish person Izumi Ayaka-san, “Twinkle Star Sweetie Star,” along with a bonus drama, “Reo’s First Love Duet”!

There’s also a bonus behind-the-scenes feature included in this music CD full of yuri goodness♪

01: A Kiss For The Petals – Innocent Flower Fortune Telling
02: Twinkle Star Sweetie Star – Lovey-dovey version
03: Twinkle Star Sweetie Star – Mai version
04: Twinkle Star Sweetie Star – Reo version
05: Bonus Drama, “Reo’s First Love Duet”
06: Bonus Behind-the-Scenes and a Message for You

Song and Performance:
Reo-ish person voiced by Anzu Hana
Mai-ish person voiced by Izumi Ayaka

Art: Peko Writing: JUN

Genre: Yuri music CD
System Requirements: Environment capable of playing music CDs
Runtime: 35 minutes
Size: Slim jewel case (5mm thick)
MSRP: 952¥* (plus tax)
Estimated release: August 11, 2012 (Saturday)

↑ Mystery Cover Art

* As of this writing, equivalent to $12.17 USD, €9.91 EUR, £7.74 GBP.

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