Music CD: Songworks Extra

St. Michael Girls’ School announced an expanded version of the Songworks album titled Songworks Extra for release on 18 December 2015.

The main additions is a second disc containing a track titled “Cute Generation,” an alternate version of the New Generation theme song performed by Anzu Hana and Izumi Ayaka.

Ralen has translated the information on the official website regarding the new release.

A special edition of “Songworks♪” the A Kiss For The Petals series tie-in music album,
(released at the 2014 year-end Comic Market, with wide release on February 11th, 2015)
including a specially recorded disc, “Cute Generation,” and special cover art from Peko!!

What is the “Cute Generation” disc?
An extremely cute track with all new lyrics and heartfelt performances
by PC game A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! theme song producer, Anzu Hana,
and voice of Sawaguchi Mai, Izumi Ayaka!!

A sample of Cute Generation was played on Reo-ppoi Radio episode 113 at 28:06:

St. Michael Girls’ School’s announcement of the album on Twitter was accompanied with a survey to determine which of two images will be used for the inside cover artwork for Cute Generation. The second image, a new illustration of Mai and Reo in wedding dresses, won by a considerable margin.


Samples of the music tracks on the main Songworks disc have been published by St. Michael Girls’ School on YouTube.

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