Music CD: Songworks (Updated 19 December 2014)

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The final product announced in Dengeki Hime is A Kiss For The Petals – Songworks (その花びらにくちづけを そんぐわーくす), a music album by Anzu Hana. The album contains 13 tracks and consists of theme songs from the visual novels (some of which appeared on previous albums) and songs that originated in Reo-ppoi Radio. It will cost 2500 yen and will be released during Comiket 87 on 28 December 2014.

Update 19 December 2014: St. Michael Girls’ School has uploaded previews of all tracks on YouTube as a single video.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. A Kiss For The Petals – Innocent Flower Fortune Telling
  2. Twinkle Star Sweetie Star
  3. We wish you a yurry♡christmas
  4. Ave Maria
  5. Apron Angel Magical Reo Theme Song*
  6. The Way I Feel
  7. Darling♡Gonna…
  8. Racing Pulse
  9. Dog Fight!!
  10. First Love Melon Kiss
  11. Sweet Garden ~Complete Mix~ (Anzu Hana version)
  12. Sakura in Bloom ~The Scent of Flowers~**
  13. A Kiss For The Petals – Innocent Flower Fortune Telling (Girls Love Festival 11 Live at Kamata, 2 March 2014)

* Apron Angel Magical Reo was a recurring segment on Reo-ppoi Radio that aired in 2011. The theme song was debuted in episode 63.

** This song was previewed in episode 82 of Reo-ppoi Radio. The Japanese title is “Sakura Saku – Hana no Kaori” and was translated literally here. The phrase “sakura saku” can also generally be used as an expression of something fortuitous or auspicious occurring.

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