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Web novel: A Kiss For The Petals – Michael’s Villainess (Updated 21 November 2017)

This post was originally published on 24 October 2017 at 12:24 AM EDT.

Update 21 November 2017: Fuguriya has posted the profile of Kitajima Sayuri, also known as Houjou Sarasa. She is Sara’s mother, Kaede’s aunt, and the first parent of a main character to make a full appearance.

Fuguriya started publication of an online novel series titled A Kiss For The Petals – Michael’s Villainess (その花びらにくちづけを ミカエルの悪役令嬢 Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Michael no Akuyaku Reijou) on Pixiv on 6 October 2017. It stars Inatori Kurara, one of several new characters illustrated by Aida Takanobu first introduced in Getchu on 28 October 2016.

The novel begins as the consciousness of a 29-year-old office lady displaces that of Kurara in a visual novel titled A Pair of Strangers (ふたりのエトランゼ Futari no Étrangères), and her efforts to avert that story’s conclusion that sees Kurara’s expulsion from St. Michael’s. As of this writing, A Pair of Strangers is currently a fictional work for the novel. Whether it is the title of an actual upcoming product is yet to be determined.

Starting on 23 October, Fuguriya posted tweets containing first full-color illustrations of the new characters in this story. The images are translated below by Ralen.

The latest in the Petals series, the short story, “Michael’s Villainess,” is currently being serialized on Pixiv~♡
Today, we’ll be giving you a synopsis, as well as introducing our protagonist, Kurara.
*You can read the story here♡

“A Kiss For The Petals – Michael’s… Villainess?!”

I used to be a 29-year-old office lady who loved yuri, but somehow I suddenly found myself in the Petals universe…
Now, I’ve been reincarnated as a St. Michael’s student?!

“Ahh?! It’s Yuuna-sama and Mai-san… and over there’s Kaede-chan♡”

I was in a frenzy over seeing all the characters I admired…
But then I realized I was in the body of Inatori Kurara, the character introduced in the latest Petals work, “A Pair of Strangers.” That’s right… Kurara was the one who teased and bullied our heroines until she was ultimately thrown out of St. Michael’s…
She was the villainess?!

(Largish ribbon)
“St. Michael’s students have a ‘yuri backstage pass’…”
“There’s no way I’ll let myself be thrown out of this paradise!”

Inatori Kurara (稲取眩蘭)
A first year student at the Saint Michael Girls’ School junior high facility, a so-called “pure” Michael’s girl, having attended since kindergarten.
Her true identity is… a 29-year-old office lady who loves yuri, reincarnated(?) into the Petals universe, and presently vowing to “raise her popularity!” by being helpful and studying hard, in the hope that she can somehow avert the story’s ending where Kurara is expelled from St. Michael’s.
As a hardcore yuri fan, she’s particularly fired up about collecting (spying on) each couple’s yuri scenes.

Kurara shares a family name with Inatori Akira (稲取晶) from the Angel subseries, also illustrated by Aida Takanobu. Akira starred in the third title in that series, The Angel’s Promise. Relations between Kurara and Akira, if any, are currently unknown.

It’s Udou Eiko, childhood friend and hanger-on of the protagonist of Michael’s Villainess, Kurara~♡
Her charm points are her wide, angular eyes and cat’s mouth.
*You can read the story here♡

(Teasing cat’s mouth)
“The old Kurara-sama’s queen-like behavior was lovely too…
But the way she shines as bright as the sun now makes me love being around her.”

Udou Eiko (宇藤英子)
In the same grade as Kurara, and one of her hangers-on. She always holds her position behind Kurara, and to the right.
A daughter of a subsidiary of Kurara’s father’s company, she and childhood friend Ikue have been Kurara’s entourage since they were in the St. Michael’s kindergarten together.

In the game, “A Pair of Strangers,” she admired Kurara’s pushy and domineering behavior, following her lead. She was a real devil.
Kurara calls her, “The cat-like half of my power duo.”

It’s Enobi Ikue, childhood friend and hanger-on of the protagonist of Michael’s Villainess, Kurara~♡
Her charm point is the way she carries herself with a vague sense of ennui.
*You can read the story here♡

(Parted in the back)
“Yes, just being able to be near Kurara-sama is an exceptional honor.”

Enobi Ikue (栄野比郁枝)
In the same grade as Kurara, and one of her hangers-on. She always holds her position behind Kurara, and to the left.
Along with Eiko, she’s been part of Kurara’s entourage since they were in the St. Michael’s kindergarten together. She adores Kurara as both an admired and respected companion.

She think it’s a good thing the way Kurara’s been treating students other than the two of them more kindly, but at the same time, it makes her feel kind of lonely.
Kurara calls her, “The ennui half of my power duo.”

The image gives the reading いえのびいくえ “Ienobi Ikue” for her name, rather than “Enobi Ikue” in the tweet text, but this is likely a typo.

It’s Tozawa Maki, student council officer and close friend (one of few) of the protagonist of Michael’s Villainess, Kurara~♡
Her charm points are her bare-minimum height and the way she carries herself like an adult.
*You can read the story here♡

(Under rim glasses)
(Ribbon-style barrette)
“I-It was nothing more than, you know… I was just so moved by Sayuki-sama’s attitude! It’s nothing like that!”

Tozawa Maki (登沢真紀)
A first-year annex student attending on scholarship. She’s the student council secretary and one of Kurara’s best friends, although in a different class.
Admitted because of her humble roots and academic ability, she feels a sense of competitiveness with the “pure” St. Michael’s girls, and was particularly vigilant when she fist met Kurara (based on rumors about her being domineering when she was in the elementary school), but now they’re open around one another and speak casually, with a close, comfortable friendship.
She’s serious and a hard worker, although she’s troubled by her short stature and childlike physique.
She tries to look more grown up with her glasses and hair tied up, but she still gets treated like a kid all the time because of her height.

Maki was first shown in a tweet from Fuguriya dated 25 December 2015. Her profile was posted in a tweet dated 19 January 2016 and she appeared in A Kiss For The Petals Revolution! Rinagisa (voiced by Izumi Ayaka) and the second chapter of the Revolution Prologue as a secondary character. She was introduced as a third-year student of the St. Michael’s annex and the former president of the student council. These details, along with the appearances of Yuuna, Kaede, and Mai in the prologue, establish Michael’s Villainess—and, by extension, A Pair of Strangers—as taking place two years before both Maidens of Michael and The New Generation. However, this is at odds with the profiles of Inatori Rushia and Houjou Sarasa below.

It’s Inatori Rushia, the older sister of the protagonist of Michael’s Villainess, Kurara~♡
She’s an easygoing girl who’s the polar opposite of Kurara… but she’s totally in love with her little sister.
*You can read the story here♡

(Same ribbon as her sister)
(Hair is cut straight across)
“It’s fine, this is just sisterly skinship. It’s practiced all over the world.”

Inatori Rushia (稲取琉幸)
A junior at the St. Michael’s main campus and Kurara’s older sister. Although they’re biological sisters, her hair is darkish-blonde.
A so-called “sis-con,” she loves Kurara♡ She’s heavily into skinship activities like bathing with her sister and holding hands, even at school.
She didn’t appear in the game, A Pair of Strangers, but her character was mostly established.
She dotes on Kurara to make up for their overly-strict mother, which resulted in Kurara becoming the villainess that she is.
She’s in the same class as Kirishima Shizuku, and the two share a close friendship.

This image is the first illustration of the uniform of the main St. Michael’s campus by Aida Takanobu. Additionally, as a junior in the same class as Shizuku, this contradicts the above speculation that Michael’s Villainess is set two years before the first full visual novels, as this detail would place it one year before.

At present, this profile is published on Pixiv, rather than Twitter.

It’s Houjou Sarasa, the famous actress cast in the TV commercial for Kurara’s father’s company, INATORI~♡
Her true identity is… Sara-chan’s mother and Kaede-chan’s aunt.
*You can read the story here♡

(Eyeshadow at the outer corners)
“You know, my daughter will actually be attending St. Michael’s starting next year.”

Houjou Sarasa (北条更紗)
A nationally famous actress who was cast in a commercial for Kurara’s father’s company, INATORI. Kurara is such a huge fan that she used her position as the president’s daughter to attend the filming, so the two are acquainted.
She has a gentle personality, with a penchant for mischief. She’s a cute, beautiful woman who youthful looks conceal her age.
Her real name is Kitajima Sayuri (北島紗百合), Sara’s mother and Kaede’s aunt (the younger sister of Kaede’s father). She’s divorced from her husband from the business world. She’s also an alumna of St. Michael’s.

Introduced in chapter 9, Sarasa is the first parent of a main character to make a full visual appearance in the series. Her profile was illustrated by Aida Takanobu, but Kaede and Sara were designed by Peko. Her given name “Sayuri” uses the kanji for yuri 百合 as used by the genre.

There have not yet been any announcements regarding visual novels featuring Kurara or other characters illustrated by Takanobu, including Noel and Takai Sakura. However, it should be noted that the visual novel A Kiss For The Petals – Sweet Melting Kisses was first published as a web novel and later adapted into a full product, eventually to be integrated into the storylines of the other main couples in Maidens of Michael. This is only speculation and is to be treated as such until further information is made available.

Light novel: Spring Splash

Product announcement for the light novel A Kiss For The Petals – Spring Splash (その花びらにくちづけを スプリング・スプラッシュ Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Supuringu Suprasshu) translated by Ralen. See the original announcement for the cover image, which is not safe for work.

A Kiss For The Petals – Spring Splash
Powered by Luminocity and Fuguriya

It’s Risa and Miya’s first date at the pool♪

One day during spring vacation, Risa gets an invitation from Miya to visit a popular new spot that just finished construction.  It’s a pre-opening party for Tokyo Sky City.
Being the shopaholic that she is, Risa couldn’t be happier, and Miya can’t help but smile at her lover’s joy.

Even so, Miya doesn’t handle large crowds well, and she soon finds herself feeling worn out.
And what’s more, it comes to light that due to cutting class all this time, she’s never once been swimming!
“At last, I’ve found Miya’s weakness!”

Risa points to the facility’s pool wearing an ominous smile.

“Hey, Miya… Why don’t I teach you how to swim?”
“Reduced to asking Risa to teach me something…  How humiliating…”

That’s how things go in this supplemental story to The Petals series featuring Risa and Miya.
With an atmosphere of a resort in the tropics, we invite you to check it out!

Illustrations: Peko
Story: JUN

A Kiss For The Petals – Spring Splash
Genre: Yuri short story
40 pages, B5 offset
MSRP: 700¥ (plus tax)
Release Date: Available December 31st (Saturday) at Comiket 83 and doujin shops everywhere