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Information on recently announced products from Fuguriya and Yurin Yurin.

DVD: Reo-ppoi Radio DVD 04

Product announcement for Reo-ppoi Radio DVD 04 translated by Ralen. See also the post on Reo-ppoi Radio DVD 05, which was announced simultaneously.

A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty web radio series full of yuri goodness♪

Brought to You by a Certain Reo-ish Person
A Kiss For The Petals Web Radio Show Volume 4♪

The Web Radio Broadcast, brought to you by “Reo,” from the Fuguriya game series, A Kiss For The Petals, is now on DVD!

It includes episodes 19 through 24, plus episode 24.5, a retrospective discussion hosted by Reo-ish and Mai-ish persons!
It’s the first DVD full of yuri goodness in ages!

*Please be aware that this is not a music CD.

Reo-ish person voiced by Anzu Hana
Mai-ish person voiced by Izumi Ayaka
Sara-ish person voiced by Uri Satsuki
The Spirit of Calpis Soda voiced by ?

Art & Comics: Peko

Genre: Yuri Radio DVD
System Requirements: Environment capable of playing video DVDs
Total Runtime: 241 minutes
Size: Tall-sized DVD case (14mm thick)
MSRP: ¥1500 (plus tax)
Release Date: Available in doujin shops everywhere January 15th (Friday)

I’m still short and flat, even though I’m a senior…
What should I do to get bigger?
-The Lion

↑Mystery Back Cover Comic

Remembering How We Met Version 2.0 – Japanese and Chinese Languages, New Features Added

A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met has been updated to version 2.0 on Steam and Version 2.0 is a significant update, introducing new features, the original Japanese script, and new translations in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Simplified Chinese version

When you start this new version for the first time, you will be asked to select a language. This will affect all in-game text, including menus. It can be changed at any time from the System menu, the fourth option on the title screen and the last option on the left side of the in-game text box.

Several features first introduced in A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! have been added to this version:

  • The ability to adjust the opacity of the text box freely.
  • The option to render text with a shadow or outline, which can be changed independently of the text box opacity setting.
  • An option to pause the text when a full-screen CG is shown. By default, it will pause until the user clicks.

These options are available in the second page of the System menu.

Japanese version

Version 2.0 is built in Ren’Py, which features optimizations with the Steam overlay. It is available via Steam now and on, though you will need to log into your MangaGamer account to access the latter.

A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! updated to version 1.2

Version 1.2 is built in Ren’Py 6.99.14, which includes bugfixes that affect some non-English systems and optimizations. This version corrects typos and a rendering error that causes fantasy scenes to not display properly. Redundant background data was also removed, resulting in a smaller package size than the previous version.

The new version is available from You will need to log into your account to access it.

Songworks and Cute Generation Available for Download on

Songworks cover

The music album Songworks – A Kiss For The Petals Complete Album and the extra track Cute Generation are now available for download on Gyutto is one of the few Japanese online stores that accepts orders made with international credit cards.

Though the website is in Japanese, automated Google translation will be sufficient to guide you through the ordering process. Users of Google Chrome can right-click on the page to translate it to their own language, but Firefox users can download an add-on such as S3.Google Translate for the same functionality. The Google Translate website may not work properly due to the age verification cookie required to access the product pages.

Originally released on 11 February 2015, Songworks includes opening and ending themes from visual novels published by Yurin Yurin, tracks from previous singles published by Yurin Yurin, and a recording of a live session by Anzu Hana at Girls Love Festival 11. The track Cute Generation is an arrangement of the opening theme of The New Generation performed by Anzu Hana and Izumi Ayaka. It was originally included in the expanded release Songworks Extra, released on 18 December 2015, which included the original album and a second disc containing the track. It is available as a separate purchase on Gyutto.

Also available at Gyutto is The New Generation Opening Theme Single. Find it and other music CD releases by St. Michael Girls’ School on here.

A list of A Kiss For The Petals products available for sale to international buyers is maintained at the Buying Guide on this site.

A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! updated to version 1.1

Version 1.1 is built in Ren’Py 6.99.12, which adds support for the WebP image format and support for macOS Sierra’s Gatekeeper. The package size has been reduced substantially, from 1,019 MB to 814 MB for the Windows/Linux version. The demo has also been updated with these benefits, with a reduction in size from 227 MB to 163 MB.

Two bugs have been fixed: voice playback is no longer disabled when the text box is hidden or a menu is opened, and the dots-type Climax Timer now respects the maximum lines setting. Several typos and a graphical error in the start of the Nagisa/Rina route have been corrected.

The new version is available from You will need to log into your account to access it.

Music CD: Party Time! (Updated 30 January 2017)

This article was originally published on 31 December 2016 at 10:21 PM EST.

St. Michael Girls’ School announced a music album titled Party Time! in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of A Kiss For The Petals on 26 December 2016. Advance sales began at Comiket 91 from 29-31 December 2016, and general release is scheduled for 22 February 2017. An fluffy blanket with the cover artwork is also available as a companion piece.

The album consists of opening and ending themes, a new song featuring most of the core cast, and spoken tracks by Manazuru Kou, voice of Houraisen Rena, regarding the radio shows Reo-ppoi Radio and Yuricycle Radio. A video promoting the album, featuring the track “Thanks To You ~Love Is All Days!~”, includes greetings by the cast of Snow White’s Knight. However, Takako is absent, as her voice actress, Azuma Yui, retired from voice acting on 31 December 2015.

Update 30 January 2017: An image of the front and back cover art was published by St. Michael Girls’ School, showing the casts of The New Generation and the Angel series on the reverse in chibi form.

Customers who purchased an advance copy from Comiket 91 without this cover are invited to contact [email protected] with a photograph of their disc and a shipping address to receive one free of charge.

Three promotional events are scheduled for the full release on 22 February:

  • Curry Party!Soup Curry Kamui, a specialty cafe in Akihabara, from 5-14 February
  • Taiwan Party!: Fancy Frontier 29, the largest anime convention in Taiwan, from 11-12 February; this is A Kiss For The Petals‘ first official promotional event outside of Japan, excluding MangaGamer license announcements
  • Collaboration Cafe Party!: JAM Akihabara, where a themed cafe was held in December 2016, from 14-23 February

The album and blanket will be available for purchase at Fancy Frontier 29 and JAM Akihabara. In the event that the album and blanket sell out at these events, prior to the general release, a solo performance of “Thanks To You ~Love Is All Days!~” by Manazuru Kou as Houraisen Rena will be released.

Soup Curry Kamui posted an image in the style of the Bikkuriman foil stickers to promote their event, which will be available in limited supply as a free gift to customers. The sticker name is the cafe, Soup Curry Kamui.

Following this, St. Michael Girls’ School published a flyer advertising the menu and location.

The product announcement page and video were translated by Ralen. The video was transcribed by Kuma Ichigo, and was encoded, edited, typeset, and timed by me.

Continue reading Music CD: Party Time! (Updated 30 January 2017)

Reo-ppoi Radio and Yuricycle 10th Anniversary Live Broadcast

On 16 December 2016, Reo-ppoi Radio and Yuricycle Radio resumed from a nine-month hiatus for a special live program on Nicovideo in celebration of the 10th anniversary of A Kiss For The Petals. The two shows broadcast back-to-back for one hour each starting at 7 AM EST. St. Michael Girls’ School uploaded recordings of the shows on YouTube one week after on 23 December.

Reo-ppoi Radio was hosted by Anzu Hana and Izumi Ayaka. During this broadcast, Party Time! was revealed, with the formal announcement including tracklist following three days later. I submitted a letter to this show promoting The New Generation, which was translated to Japanese by Kuma Ichigo.


ご存じのように、その花びらにくちづけを にゅーじぇね! 英語版がついに先週輝かしくリリースされました。8月のオタコン(オタワで開かれるアニメコンベンション)では、私自身が光栄にも制作発表をさせていただき、発表の準備の時間は1日もなかったのですが聴衆は親切に受け入れてくれました。共に英語化の作業をしたチームは、この制作をとても楽しみました。そして、もっと多くのその花を世界に広めるのを待ち望んでいます。


ごきげんよう、Anzu Hana-san. It is Craig Donson once again.

As you have heard, その花びらにくちづけを にゅーじぇね! English version was finally released last week to glowing reviews. I had the honor of announcing it myself at Otakon this August, and the audience there treated me kindly even as I had less than a day to prepare. The team I worked with enjoyed producing it very much, and we look forward to bringing even more その花 across the world.

Please wish us luck, and welcome back to the radio.

At 17:07 of the above recording, the letter was read. The following is a transcription of Anzu and Izumi’s reading of this letter and their response, translated by Kuma Ichigo and Ralen.

Izumi Ayaka: It’s been a while since we heard from this one too.
Anzu Hana: Who?
Ayaka: Greg!
Hana: YEAHHHHHHH! It’s been so long!
Ayaka: It’s from Mr. Craig Donson.
Hana: I say it’s been so long, but it’s only been 10 months.
Ayaka: That’s right.

Ayaka: “Gokigenyou, Anzu Hana-san. It is Craig Donson once again.”

Hana: “Craig.”
Ayaka: Yes, it’s actually Craig.

Ayaka: “As you have heard, the English version of A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! was finally released last week to glowing reviews.

Hana: Yep.

Ayaka: “I had the honor of announcing it myself at Otakon this August…”

Hana: His career is really moving forward. What’s been happening? I haven’t been keeping up.
Ayaka: He had been a fan though.

Ayaka:”…and the audience there treated me kindly even as I had less than a day to prepare. The team I worked with enjoyed [making a movie (映画化 eigaka)] very much—”

Hana: Making a MOVIE!?
Ayaka: An English version (英語化 eigoka).
Hana: Oh, an English version.
Ayaka: Sorry.  It’s not a live action version.
Hana: Ah, I was surprised for a second.

Ayaka: “…and we look forward to bringing even more Sonohana across the world. Please wish us luck, and welcome back to the radio.”
[The letter ends here, continued by the original English text.]
“Gokigenyou, Anju Hanya-shan…”

Hana: Whash ‘dat?
Ayaka: After this is in English, so I can’t read it.
Hana: It’s okay. Wow, it’s been a while!
Ayaka: Thank you!
Hana: He is spreading Sonohana all over the world.
Ayaka: When it’s English, it’s immediately broader.
Hana: Yes.
Ayaka: Right.
Hana: Then, it is possible that they will release the “cute” (old) generations’ adaptations, right?
Ayaka: In English?
Hana: The “cute” generations remember how they met too! They each have their own backstory.
Ayaka: That’s right.
Hana: Each couple has their own “Remembering How We Met“.
Ayaka: Yes, yes. I think it’d be good if they have more and more releases.

“Cute Generations” refers to the couples in previous titles, in contrast to The New Generation, and a track in Songworks Extra of that name, an arrangement of the theme song of The New Generation performed by Anzu Hana and Izumi Ayaka as Reo and Mai.

For my contribution to the show, I received a letter of gratitude and a sticker featuring Mai, Reo, Risa, and Miya. Click on the images to enlarge.

Yuricycle Radio followed immediately after, but I have little information on it as I was unable to watch it live.

Drama CD: Making Up Like Never Before

Product announcement for the drama CD A Kiss For The Petals – Making Up Like Never Before (かつてない仲なおり Katsutenai Naka Naori) translated by Ralen.

It is available worldwide now in MP3 format at the following sites with samples available:

A Kiss For The Petals – Making Up Like Never Before

Reo and Mai have a huge fight?! I hope they make up soon…

Mai has been making her usual commute to Reo’s house, but their stubbornness leads them to a huge fight.
Normally Reo would give in right away, but this time neither one will budge…

Now, after fighting with Mai… Reo is by herself all the time. Mai gets anxious leaving her like that, and even though she tries to secretly watch over her, she can’t help but worry. She asks Reo’s close friends, Eris and Miya to look out for her, but…

Mai and Reo should be full of frisky, romantic yuri goodness. What will become of them?!

Writing: JUN, Hiyoshi Hiyori
Artwork: Peko
Voice Performance:
Sawaguchi Mai: Izumi Ayaka
Kawamura Reo: Anzu Hana

Title: Making Up Like Never Before

Genre: Yuri Drama CD
Runtime: 71 minutes

Download Version: MP3 file
MSRP: ¥1500 (plus tax)
Available December 23rd (Friday) with plans for distribution on doujin download sites everywhere
System Requirements: Environment capable of MP3 file playback

*The download version includes image files of the CD jacket and label artwork♪

Packaged Version: Tall DVD case (14mm thick)
MSRP: ¥1900 (plus tax)
Available December 29th (Thursday) at Comic Market, with plans for distribution in doujin shops everywhere
System Requirements: Environment capable of audio CD playback

A Drama CD full of yuri goodness, serving as a sequel to the game A Kiss For The Petals – Snow White’s Knight

A mushy, sexy, extremely dirty love story featuring Mai and Reo, who attend the Saint Michael Girls’ School, a school for refined young ladies♪

MangaGamer 2017 Licensing Survey


MangaGamer has opened their third annual licensing survey to all readers. The final page asks for up to three license requests, and as with previous years, I highly recommend submitting A Kiss For The Petals titles. By submitting your e-mail address, you also become eligible to win one of three copies of Da Capo III R.

In the 2016 survey, the A Kiss For The Petals series as a whole ranked third in license requests, and The New Generation! was released in November of that year. With many more legacy titles remaining, I implore readers of this site to continue this momentum.

My recommendations for titles to request are, in order:

  • Maidens of Michael, my strongest recommendation and the direct sequel to Remembering How We Met as well as the largest title featuring the core St. Michael’s cast;
  • Any of Fuguriya’s releases prior to Maidens of Michael, particularly the original A Kiss For The Petals, from which I believe later titles will naturally follow;
  • The Angel’s Longing, which features a more mature storyline and was written and illustrated by the same staff as The New Generation;
  • From the Day We First Met, the follow-up to Remembering How We Met.

Fanart: St. Michael’s Music Academy ~Sunset Story~ (2017)

Following the release of St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side StoryMarking (Twitter: @mkdu_music) has announced a follow-up album, St. Michael’s Music Academy ~Sunset Story~ for release in 2017. Previously teased in the weeks leading to the launch of the St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story, the only information available is the above video and a tease of it being Marking’s largest project to date.

St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story, Marking’s most current release, is available now at Bandcamp.