Xenocross – Music Box Of Memories [Updated 16 Nov 2011]

[Update 25 October 2011: Xenocross Volume 1 is now available.]
[Update 26 October 2011: Xenocross will be published in Indonesian.]
[Update 16 November 2011: The subscription option for Eden of Xeno has been cancelled. In its place, two new bundles have been released on Eden of Xeno: One containing only the first five volumes of Music Box of Memories in English and Japanese and one containing volumes 2-5 of Xenocross in English. These packages will be updated with new content as it becomes available at no extra charge.]

Xenocross, the yuri anthology e-book by Eden of Xeno, is the flagship product for their online publishing system, featuring a multi-part Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo story, titled Music Box of Memories. It will be drawn by a number of manga artists, starting with Amano Miki (formerly known as Asagi Ryu), who provided the cover above.

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Translation Standardization for Xenocross [Updated 18 Aug 2011]

Xenocross is nearing release, and I finally found a translator for the Sonohana story. After discussing the specifics of the project, we’ve come to the agreement due to the fact that multiple translators have worked across this series, translation conventions must be decided as early as possible for this product. There are several names in particular that must be standardized for this official product that we want to be sure of before we publish, so I want to ask the fanbase if they have any strong opinions toward them. Keep in mind that as Fuguriya has no input on this series, any proposals here can be overridden by Fuguriya themselves if they make a decision on them in future products, so all references to “official translations” in the below will actually be quasi-official for the time being.

The conventions below are universally accepted by the fanbase and will not be changed unless good reason is presented to do so.

  • Honorifics will be kept.
  • Names will be written in original surname-first order.
  • Grades will use the original yearly notation, not the Western numbered grade notation (e.g. “first-year” and not “10th grade” for 1年生.)
  • Nanami will refer to Yuuna as “Onee-sama” where appropriate.
  • Runa will refer to Takako as “sensei” unless context does not allow it.

The following points are less clear and must be solidified before editing begins.

  • In my translation patches, I rendered the name of the school “St. Michael’s School for Girls”. Other translations render it slightly differently. Are there any objections toward making my spelling the official translation for the school’s name?
  • How should Shitogi Erisu’s name be romanized? This has been debated before, but an agreement has not yet been reached there in the comments. Because of this, I used the straight transliteration in my writing. Japanese Wikipedia offers multiple romanizations for the name エリス. This project’s translator favors the spelling “Ellis”, as does the translator of the eighth visual novel. We reached this agreement based on “Ellis” being more popular as a baby name for girls than the next popular alternative, “Eris“. “Elise” written in Katakana is エリーゼ, not エリス, so this is most likely incorrect. Internal filenames on Fuguriya’s website refer to her as “eris”. On this basis, the translator has agreed to match this spelling in the doujinshi.
    Additionally, I have it on good authority that Erisu is half-Swedish, at least in this story, so keep that in mind if you want to propose a different spelling. Furthermore, the translator and I have reasoned that the name “Eris” could have been chosen partially at random for its exotic sound. This factor, if true, overrides concerns that Eris does not sound like a common name. If there are no objections to this decision, then “Eris” will become the de facto romanization for Erisu’s name until Fuguriya states otherwise in an official release.
  • I am considering rendering Kitajima Sara’s name with a diacritic to indicate that her name is not pronounced the same as the Western name with the same spelling. This is neither necessary nor possible in the visual novels, which have the benefit of spoken dialogue to ensure that readers pronounce her name properly. Print media do not have this luxury, so an extra measure must be taken. If you agree with this, is Sára the correct way to render it with an accent?
  • Should onomatopoeias be erased or written over?
  • Do you have any issues with breast sizes in this series? This is not a translation question, but I have been asked about it by my employer.
  • How should Runa refer to her older sister? Should it be untranslated as “Nee-sama” or translated to her “(older) sister”?

This post will be updated up until the release of the first issue as more issues are discovered.

Joined In Love With You Version 2

Version 2 of the Joined In Love With You patch has been released in response to several complaints with the quality of the translation. I deeply apologize for leaving it in that state for over three months. I admit that I fast-tracked this patch’s release and several factors contributed to this mistake.
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Xenocross – A Call For Translators [Updated 6 Jul 2011]

[Update 2 July 2011: The translator position has been filled. The first release has been pushed back to mid-July.]

[Update 3 July 2011: The English and Spanish releases will precede the Japanese and Chinese releases. The Korean version has been delayed indefinitely on account of lost translators.]

[Update 6 July 2011: A new image has been added from Asagi Ryu’s blog.]

[Update 9 July 2011: This portion of Xenocross has been formally announced. Please direct all comments to the announcement post.]

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo is a franchise that has expanded from its humble origins as a single visual novel into the mediums of animation, audio drama, and print. Its four-year history has seen it gain an as of yet relatively small, yet dedicated and growing international fanbase. Thanks to the continued support of these fans, it will expand into a new form: authorized doujinshi.

The upcoming yuri anthology Xenocross will debut later this month and will feature a multi-part Sonohana story entitled 追憶のオルゴール. (The English title has not yet been finalized, but the Japanese title translates to “music box of nostalgia.”) It is authorized by Fuguriya (but without their involvement) starting with a prelude by Asagi Ryu (I Want To Be Honest!, I Fell In Love For The First Time) with more authors to follow. Nakiyoshi Tomino (@tominonakiyoshi) is heading this project as the CEO of the Hong Kong-based publisher, Eden of Xeno. It will be published in English, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Korean, and initial proceeds will benefit Bridge for Smile, a Japanese non-profit organization dedicated to assisting former orphans. The doujinshi will therefore be first official release of a Sonohana product in English. To aid in launching this part of Xenocross, I have been personally asked to serve as editor and typesetter of the English edition of the Sonohana doujinshi. However, in order for this to follow through, I’m going to need help.

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I have opened a Formspring account for general non-support questions that do not require a timely reply.

I am announcing this because I received a very long email from the Contact form on 19 May with a number of questions that I have not been able to answer as the sender’s ISP has rejected all of my emails. If you sent this email, you can ask your questions anonymously here.

AXYPB on the Radio [Updated 11 May 2011]

Fuguriya’s ongoing web radio series, Reo-ppoi Radio, invites its listeners to submit questions to be read on the show. Last month, I got the idea to send in a letter myself, thinking that they would be intrigued at fan interest from overseas. One month later, the seventh installment of the series was released and included a section for fan letter readings. Unfortunately, due to multiple oversights on my part, I fear that I could have squandered my only chance at communicating directly to Fuguriya.

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News for Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo / A Kiss For The Petals

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