Partial Translation of Fuguriya’s FAQ

Translated from by Tomino Nakiyoshi (@tominonakiyoshi). Technical questions (how to install, what to do if the game ends prematurely, etc.) have been omitted. The date and time of the latest update is unknown.

Q: Is Fuguriya yuri-only?

A: Yes, we are a yuri-only circle.

Peko and Sano will work only on the Sonohana series. We will keep on with yurin-yurin without sex toys, men, or futanari. By the way, if you’re looking for non-yuri games, please visit our sister circle Amagamidou.

Q: Does Fuguriya allow fanfiction?

A: “I’m fine with that!”

So this is it. Please create freely. Illustrations, short stories, comics, doujinshi, CG collections, figures, etc. are all welcome. As for commercial works that exceed the level of doujin, please contact us through e-mail first.

Q: Why does St. Michael’s campus look nothing like a noble girls’ school?

A: Because years 1 and 2 study at the new campus.

Year 3’s campus is an old antique building imitating the Western architecture style. This old campus is the oldest building in St. Michael’s, founded in the Taishou period. It is exclusively used by the third-year students. Studying in this old campus is the dream of all students, and every generation, third-year students were in charge of carefully maintaining the campus.

After all, when St. Michael’s was founded, it was a girls’ school for children of the Kazoku. The number of students was small and the old campus could contain them all. But nowadays it can only contain the third-year classes.

Also, the new campus for the first- and second-year classes was built in the mid-1970s after the Oil Shock. It is not decorative and it looks boring like some public school building… Yes, blame the economic depression!

And the old campus has a classical western garden just like a noble girls’ school.
…What? You ask why Yuuna and the others never use that garden? Naturally, there is an understanding that those are exclusively for the third-year classes. Trust me.



Q: Why do the nurse’s office and rear garden never have people there?

A: Because those are managed entirely on a reservation basis.

Those places are subject to reservation, secretly managed by the Environmental Protection Committee led by a certain dirty girl. Those scenes that happened at places that you thought people could pass by freely are actually actions planned in advance. There is no chance that someone will pass by when they are enjoying themselves, so they can push their lovers down without worry.

You should not underestimate her political influence. She ruled St. Michael’s in the shadow even before she became the President. She secretly gave those rights to students who share the same ideal—— HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP SOMEONE PLEASE HELP~~~~~~!!——————————

Q: Why is Sara-chan so good at “that”?

A: It is because she loves Kaede-chan, of course.

Well, that is not a lie, though… But the fact is, at the level of popular models like her, she has the special skill called “Real Shadow”.

When she imagines her partner strongly enough, she can generate the physical response on her body to the imaginary sexual stimulus by the imaginary partner. This is a training method similar to shadowboxing. This is Real Shadow.
Sara… what a fearful girl!?

Sara, who is so longing for Kaede, had already practiced this many times and grown technically. The manga author Hirano Kouta also said that this is theoretically possible.
So, onee-sama throughout the world, would you like to try it out?

Q: Please tell me the origin of the name “Fuguriya”.

A: Because we love fugu (blowfish)!

The blowfish at our circle’s logo is a species called midorifugu (Green-spotted puffer). Our representative feeds that blowfish in his aquarium and named the blowfish Itou Midori. He loves her so much.

However… the eroge CG artist Shimizu Naotaka kept calling the blowfish “Fuguri” (scrotum), even though we warned him again and again. After some time, other people in the company also started calling her Fuguri…

So, when we needed to decide our circle’s name, the only choices were “Fuguriya” (blowfish house) or “Fuguri Soft”. So Fuguriya was chosen.

We heard some gentlemen grieve, “Scrotum in a yuri game!?”
Please note our origin is blowfish…

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  1. Most interesting set of questions I must say and even Fuguriya acknowledges the unrivaled power of the “dirtiest player in the game”. I so want that dream triple threat match I spoke of long ago to become a reality.

  2. Ha ha! Yuuna’s the “Dirty Girl” !! She had power even before bein’ made president! Man! Yuuna is the most awesome Ero-Otome EVAR!!

  3. “We will keep on with yurin-yurin without sex toys, men, or futanari.”
    Why is this so rare? ;_; But infinite love to Fuguriya to providing us yuri done right.

    The rest of their answers are pretty hilarious – thanks for translating this. It was a good read.

  4. Yuuna truely is the greatest ever! Its because of her that we get such great sex scenes at school. I salute the Ero-Otome.

  5. I think the school needs it’s name changing to St. Yuunas school for perveted maidens since Yuuna-Sama has so much power there

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