Visual novel release: A Kiss For The Petals – For Old Times’ Sake (iOS, Android)


A Kiss For The Petals - For Old Times' Sake title screen; Android version shown.

St. Michael Girls’ School has released A Kiss For The Petals – For Old Times’ Sake (その花びらにくちづけを 出会った頃の思い出に Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Deatta Koro no Omoide ni) on iOS 6.0 and later and Android 2.3 and later devices today.  On Android, the app is a free trial including a small portion of the story and requires an initial download. The full version is provided as an in-app purchase and initiates an additional download, totaling approximately 300 MB of data to the SD card. No free version is available for iOS.

The price is 500 yen on both platforms. The title screenshot above is of the Android version, which I was able to download and upgrade with my USA-based Google account without issue. Currency conversions are calculated on purchase of the in-app upgrade; the price for me was $3.80 USD as of this writing.

However, the iOS version requires a Japanese Apple ID to download, which requires a Japanese credit card or Japanese gift cards to add funds. Instructions are available to change an existing account’s region or to create a new account for the Japanese store. A 500 yen gift card will be sufficient to download the app. YuriBook Pro recommends Japan Codes for obtaining them, but at this time, many of the lower denominations are out of stock. Nihongo Pera Pera also sells Japanese gift cards, but at a higher price.

Additionally, on both platforms, the app is classified at the highest maturity ratings available, so accounts restricted by parental controls may not be able to access them.

For more information, see this post.


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