A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met in Humble MangaGamer and Friends Bundle

Humble Bundle has launched the Humble MangaGamer and Friends Bundle, which includes 14 visual novels published by MangaGamer and MoeNovel available in escalating pricing tiers of the customer’s choosing. Available at the $1.00 level is A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met, normally priced at $7.99. The titles in the bundle are available as Steam product keys and require a free Steam account to redeem.

Proceeds from bundle sales benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The bundle is offered until 27 December 2017.

A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux in English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. All of these versions are included in the package. It is a prequel to the upcoming A Kiss For The Petals – Maidens of Michael, also published by MangaGamer.

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