Remembering How We Met Version 2.0 – Japanese and Chinese Languages, New Features Added

A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met has been updated to version 2.0 on Steam and Version 2.0 is a significant update, introducing new features, the original Japanese script, and new translations in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Simplified Chinese version

When you start this new version for the first time, you will be asked to select a language. This will affect all in-game text, including menus. It can be changed at any time from the System menu, the fourth option on the title screen and the last option on the left side of the in-game text box.

Several features first introduced in A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation! have been added to this version:

  • The ability to adjust the opacity of the text box freely.
  • The option to render text with a shadow or outline, which can be changed independently of the text box opacity setting.
  • An option to pause the text when a full-screen CG is shown. By default, it will pause until the user clicks.

These options are available in the second page of the System menu.

Japanese version

Version 2.0 is built in Ren’Py, which features optimizations with the Steam overlay. It is available via Steam now and on, though you will need to log into your MangaGamer account to access the latter.

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