Reo-ppoi Radio Episode 58

YouTube user momoiro koneko has uploaded Reo-ppoi Radio 58 on their channel, which was originally uploaded on Niconico on 22 June 2013. The voices of Aihara Ringo and Takao Chiaki, Honno Shiori and Ichinose Koko, guest host once again. A pre-show was released the week prior.

The images from this episode are attached below.

smile.mp4_snapshot_04.02_[2013.06.23_13.21.03] smile.mp4_snapshot_20.40_[2013.06.23_13.51.04] smile.mp4_snapshot_32.57_[2013.06.23_13.49.59] smile.mp4_snapshot_33.23_[2013.06.23_13.50.25]

This episode is unusual and deviates greatly from the standard format. Many music tracks from this episode are borrowed from or inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which is decidedly dissimilar in theme from A Kiss For The Petals. Much of the episode is spent in an earnest discussion of voice acting and the role of dramatic storytelling in the series. Girls Love Festival is also discussed as this episode was recorded on the same day as the previous episode — according to a report from Kuma Ichigo, both Anzu Hana and the producer of the show were particularly impressed with the work of Amanda and Yuri Landim. They are currently working on another doujinshi for Girls Love Festival 10, which will take place on 29 September 2013.

Let’s Study Global Yuri~n Yuri~n is not featured in this episode, but you can send in yuri-related phrases in your native tongue to (replacing the ★ with @) with the subject line 百合っぽいセリフ (English), with the language of the line you’re submitting changed accordingly. As for what constitutes a yuri-related phrase, no criteria was given. Simply use your own judgment as to what should be submitted.

You can listen to every Reo-ppoi Radio to date on this YouTube playlist.

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