Reo-ppoi Radio Episode 74

YouTube user momoiro koneko has uploaded Reo-ppoi Radio 74 on their channel, which was originally uploaded on Niconico on 22 February 2014. A pre-show was released the week prior. This episode is guest hosted by the voice actresses from The Angels’ Spring Romance, Meriru Yuka (Katakura Yuuno) and Anzu Hana (Ishigami Satsuki). Creative methods are used to address the issue of Anzu Hana hosting a single show from two places at once. The episode opens with a brief mini-drama between Reo, Yuuno, and Satsuki.

At 20:06, the theme song from The Angels’ Spring Romance, “Racing Pulse“, is previewed in part.

A brief mini-drama between Yuuno and Satsuki plays at 21:26.

At 23:07, Hana makes a great deal of Yurin Yurin’s top placement in the Moe Game Award listing. A dramatization of it takes place at 24:44.

You can send in yuri-related phrases in your native tongue for Let’s Study Global Yuri~n Yuri~n to reoppoi_radio★ (replacing the ★ with @) with the subject line 百合っぽいセリフ (English), with the language of the line you’re submitting changed accordingly. As for what constitutes a yuri-related phrase, no criteria was given. Simply use your own judgment as to what should be submitted.

You can listen to every Reo-ppoi Radio to date on this YouTube playlist.

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