A Kiss For The Petals – Risa-Miya Theater 01 English Translation (Updated 19 May 2013)

Risa-Miya Theater
Episode 1: Chasing Day by Day
Episode 2: Inviting Her to Lunch
Episode 3: The Difference Between Commoners and the Elite
Episode 4: Let’s Play Together
Episode 5: How Do You Want to Spend Summer Break?
Episode 6: They Haven’t Changed a Bit
Episode 7: My Sweetheart’s Handmade Lunch
Episode 8: Are We Really a Best Couple?
Episode 9: Life’s Difficult Problems
Episode 10: Kiss Me Here

Update 19 May 2013: The batch release is now available. Episodes 1-5 have updated translations with QC from Rika-chama and Virus123. See A Kiss For The Petals – Risa-Miya Theater Complete Release for more information.

This is an English translation of the A Kiss For The Petals – Risa-Miya Theater (その花びらにくちづけを りさみや劇場 Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Risa Miya Gekijou) video series released by Yurin Yurin to promote Maidens of Michael. Produced in collaboration with Yuri Project, the series will be released on YouTube as well as on this website and Yuri Project in MKV format. Episode 1, Chasing Day by Day, takes place an unspecified amount of time before Maidens of Michael, as does the four episodes that follow.

Episodes will be collected in this YouTube playlist.

The MKV video file has two subtitle tracks – one including the English translation seen in the YouTube video, and another including the Japanese transcription on which it was based. The original videos did not have the message window from the visual novel A Kiss For The Petals – Maidens of Michael; it was encoded into the video by me. Please report any rendering issues to me if the text in the MKV file does not visually match the YouTube video, and all other issues in the Yuri Project thread.

Download MKV version 3 (MD5: CC96B77D46A66DDE4A57723CFE1298D8)

826 downloads (including 388 downloads for previous versions).

English Translation Credits

Transcription: k01
Translation: k01, Ralen, Saluki
Editing: AXYPB, Ralen, Saluki
Quality Check: Rika-chama, Virus123
Encoding, Typesetting: AXYPB
Timing: k01, AXYPB

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