Site Layout Changes

I have updated Petals’ Garden to use the new Twenty Fourteen theme in the latest version of WordPress. Significant changes to the layout have been made to accommodate this. In particular, I have removed many elements from the older Twenty Ten theme for a cleaner look.  The header images from the older theme have been removed in favor of a showing of featured posts, which for this site are the latest major visual novel announcements.

If you have any feedback, or if any elements are broken in your browser, please comment.

4 thoughts on “Site Layout Changes”

  1. Looking good my esteemed mechanical ally. Keep up the good work dood. Adds more flavor giving the site a spray paint of black. I’m not joking.

  2. Nice, it looks great!
    The title font for the posts could be better in my opinion, all capitals with thin font is not a very good combination.

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