Fanart: St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story Released

St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story, a compilation of remixes of A Kiss For The Petals music, has been released today by Marking (Twitter: @mkdu_music) on Bandcamp. The compilation includes re-releases of St. Michael’s Music Academy (originally released on 21 August 2011) and St. Michael’s Music AcademySide Story (originally released on 8 April 2012), and a third disc titled “+” with new tracks, artist commentary, and fan artwork. Each disc is offered on a name-your-price basis with previews available for all tracks.

St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story was released in commemoration of five years since the initial release of St. Michael’s Music Academy and the 10th anniversary of A Kiss For The Petals. Additionally, the descriptions for the first two discs are reviews I wrote for them on Petals’ Garden on their initial releases.

The track titled “Time in the Garden” on the + disc was created for an artwork and music anthology of A Kiss For The Petals fanworks titled Sonohana Fan Illustrations, which was sold at Girls Love Festival 9 on 26 May 2013. Marking was approached by Kamibukuro Works to produce a track for the anthology, which was exclusive to it until this release. See the previous post on this album for more information.

St. Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story is available now at Bandcamp.

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