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Drama CD: My Darling Lover

Product announcement for the drama CD A Kiss For The Petals – My Darling Lover (その花びらにくちづけを 可愛い私の恋人 Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Kawaii Watashi no Koibito) translated by Ralen. See the original announcement for the cover image, which is not safe for work.

A Kiss For The Petals – My Darling Lover

A Kiss For The Petals – My Darling Lover

That cute young girl is still playing queen,
and it’s got her girlfriend Takako twisted up in knots?!

Runa had really hit it off with the Best Couples from St. Michael’s high school department.
Takako just can’t help her pleasure at seeing Runa mature like this.
But with all the Best Couples hard at work on the Fall cultural festival, Runa, being from the annex facility, is feeling a bit left out…

“Maybe you can spend more time getting involved with girls from your own class.”
“Our school doesn’t have a real cultural festival, it’s just an educational show-and-tell.”
Runa’s passionate drive to shift the tone of the cultural festival has got Takako a little worried…
Will this be a nerve-wracking passionate yuri experience for the both of them?

Writing: JUN
Artwork: Peko
Voice Performance:
Suminoe Takako voiced by Azuma Yui
Houraisen Runa voiced by Ueda Yuki

Title: “A Kiss For The Petals – My Darling Lover”
Genre: Yuri Drama CD
System Requirements: Environment capable of playing music CDs
Total Runtime: 72 minutes
Size: Tall DVD case (14mm thick)
MSRP: ¥1900 (plus tax)
Available August 16th (Saturday) at Comiket 86, with plans for distribution in doujin shops everywhere

A Drama CD full of yuri goodness, serving as a sequel to the game A Kiss For The Petals – Show White’s Knight!
A mush, sexy, extremely dirty love story featuring Runa and Takako, who attend the annex facility of Saint Michael’s Academy for Girls, a school for refined young ladies.

Fanart: Rena x Takako x Runa Table Turner

Rena x Takako x Runa

Yuriwhale has published a new Table Turner series, this time featuring Rena, Takako, and Runa. There is currently one page available, seen above. In the artist’s words, there is no speech in these strips, so anyone should be able to understand them. Further pages will be published in the deviantART gallery.

Previous Table Turner installments:

For more Sonohana fanart, see this index.

Reo-ppoi Radio Episode 52

YouTube user momoiro koneko has uploaded Reo-ppoi Radio 52 on their channel, which was originally uploaded on Niconico on 23 March 2013. One week prior to this episode, a pre-show was uploaded that previews the next episode’s contents. These brief recordings will be posted ahead of each broadcast going forward.

This episode is guest hosted by Calpis Soda, who previously appeared in a limited capacity in episodes 30 and 43. Additionally, Azuma Yui (Suminoe Takako) provides a voice letter at 23:10.

The images from this episode are attached below.

玲緒っぽいらじお 第52回.mp4_snapshot_00.08_[2013.03.24_00.09.55] 玲緒っぽいらじお 第52回.mp4_snapshot_00.11_[2013.03.24_00.10.16] 玲緒っぽいらじお 第52回.mp4_snapshot_00.22_[2013.03.24_00.10.23] 玲緒っぽいらじお 第52回.mp4_snapshot_01.10_[2013.03.24_00.10.29] 玲緒っぽいらじお 第52回.mp4_snapshot_01.20_[2013.03.24_00.10.34] 玲緒っぽいらじお 第52回.mp4_snapshot_02.10_[2013.03.24_00.10.37] 玲緒っぽいらじお 第52回.mp4_snapshot_02.30_[2013.03.24_00.10.39] 玲緒っぽいらじお 第52回.mp4_snapshot_29.51_[2013.03.24_00.11.39]

Let’s Study Global Yuri~n Yuri~n is not featured in this episode, but you can send in yuri-related phrases in your native tongue to reoppoi_radiofuguriya.sakura.ne.jp (replacing the ★ with @) with the subject line 百合っぽいセリフ (English), with the language of the line you’re submitting changed accordingly. As for what constitutes a yuri-related phrase, no criteria was given. Simply use your own judgment as to what should be submitted.

You can listen to every Reo-ppoi Radio to date on this YouTube playlist.

DVD: Reo-ppoi Radio DVD #03

Product announcement for Reo-ppoi Radio DVD 03 translated by Ralen. See also the post on Reo-ppoi Radio DVD 02, which was announced simultaneously.

Image: A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty web radio show full of yuri goodness♪
A Kiss For The Petals – Reo-ppoi Radio 03

Part 3 of the A Kiss For The Petals Web Radio Show
Brought to You by a Certain Reo-ish Person ♪

The Web Radio Broadcast brought to you by the character “Reo” from Fuguriya’s doujin game series, A Kiss For The Petals, is now on DVD!

It includes episodes 13 through 18, along with episode 18.5, an original broadcast featuring a certain Mai-ish person!

It also includes a Reo-ish person’s Repentant Commentary

Throw in a fresh new drama track, and you’ve got a bargain (?) DVD full of yuri goodness!

*Please be aware that this is not a music CD.

Reo-ish person voiced by Anzu Hana
Mai-ish person voiced by Izumi Ayaka
Takako-sensei-ish person voiced by Azuma Yui

Art and comics: Peko

Genre: Yuri Radio DVD
System Requirements: Environment capable of playing video DVDs
Total Runtime: 256 Minutes
Size: Tall-sized DVD case (14mm thick)
MSRP: 1500¥ (plus tax)
Available in doujin shops everywhere on December 14th (Friday)

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