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Niconico Livestream: Anzu Hana’s Tendonitis Santa Special!!

On 22 December 2014, St. Michael Girls’ School hosted a livestream on Niconico to promote the release of Songworks at Comiket 87 on 28 December 2014. The show was hosted by Anzu Hana, Manazuru Kou (Houraisen Rena, the extra character “Girl C”) and Tsubakino Nao 椿野なお (the extra character “Girl D”). Throughout the broadcast, Anzu Hana signed 500 special discs to be distributed at Comiket, which contains an alternate version of “Sakura in Bloom ~The Scent of Flowers~”. The show took place between 8:00-10:30 P.M. Japan time, 6:00-8:30 A.M. Eastern Standard Time.

I had learned of it only hours before it started, and that the show would accept fan mail. I quickly wrote a letter with the help of Kuma Ichigo and sent it immediately before I went to bed. As it was a special event, I incorporated grandiose posturing in my text and wrote it longer than I normally write for Reo-ppoi Radio. However, in my haste to make myself known on the show, I had realized the following morning that I have failed to both take any measures to record the show and adequately inform readers of this opportunity. For this, I sincerely apologize and will take greater effort to prevent this in the future.

At the time, I had assumed that Niconico livestreams were automatically archived for later viewing (known as “timeshifting”), but St. Michael Girls’ School opted out of this feature for this video as the hosts’ faces were shown on camera for a brief time. I learned that my letter was read, but because no one had recorded the show, I thought the reply was lost. However, on 29 December, the entire show was uploaded in three parts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), albeit edited to remove the hosts’ faces. I believe readers will find the hosts’ reply to my letter entertaining. It has been transcribed by Kuma Ichigo (who provides annotations) and translated by Ralen.

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Music CD: Songworks (Updated 19 December 2014)

Songworks cover

The final product announced in Dengeki Hime is A Kiss For The Petals – Songworks (その花びらにくちづけを そんぐわーくす), a music album by Anzu Hana. The album contains 13 tracks and consists of theme songs from the visual novels (some of which appeared on previous albums) and songs that originated in Reo-ppoi Radio. It will cost 2500 yen and will be released during Comiket 87 on 28 December 2014.

Update 19 December 2014: St. Michael Girls’ School has uploaded previews of all tracks on YouTube as a single video.

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Reo-ppoi Radio Episode 90

YouTube user momoiro koneko has uploaded Reo-ppoi Radio 90 on their channel, which was originally uploaded on Niconico on 25 October 2014.  Izumi Ayaka, who had served as the “assistant” for the past several episodes, formally graduates from that role in the cold open of this episode. This episode is treated as a milestone celebration.

玲緒っぽいらじお 第90回-1 玲緒っぽいらじお 第90回-2 玲緒っぽいらじお 第90回-3 玲緒っぽいらじお 第90回-4

At 7:40,  it’s the Reo & Mai True Friendship Quiz, where the hosts test their knowledge of their friendship, particularly in past episodes.

19:05 introduces a new segment named “Ask Reo-chan-senpai”, an advice column.

At 25:07, Reo and Mai read letters to each other, making many references to both past episodes of the show and the light novels and drama CDs.

In the closing minutes of this episode, Hana announces a giveaway for a line of yuri-related goods at 34:40. The top prize is a bundle of three CDs published in her name: First Love Melon KissInnocent Flower Fortune Telling, and the Non-Reo-ish Radio Summer 2013 special. They will be autographed by both Hana and Ayaka, similar to the discs sold at the autograph session from Girls Love Festival 12 the week before. One runner up will receive a yuri goods set that is yet to be determined. This contest requires a valid mailing address in Japan.

I have written a letter about the CDs Hana signed for me. If it’s accepted, it will appear approximately a month from now.

You can listen to every Reo-ppoi Radio to date on this YouTube playlist.

Brand announcement: St. Michael Girls’ School (Updated 29 October 2014)

Update 30 October 2014: The website has officially launched.

Girls Love Festival 12 has concluded, and at the booth of Yurin Yurin’s parent company, Carnival, a new brand under their umbrella has been revealed. It is named St. Michael Girls’ School (生ミカエル女子学園 Sei Mikaeru Joshi Gakuen), after the school in which A Kiss For The Petals takes place.

Update 28 October 2014: A clear scan of the banner from Girls Love Festival 12 was posted on Carnival’s staff blog on 22 October. It contains an official English name for the new brand, St. Michael Girls’ School. The post has been updated with this new name.

St. Michael Girls' School

St. Michael's Academy for Girls

This photo by @yuriseyui was the first to show information on the first product of this new brand. The person in the photo was a worker at the booth. It is currently unclear if Yurin Yurin will be absorbed into this brand, as neither they nor Fuguriya have yet made any announcements on it, and the http://mikajyo.pink address is currently displaying a placeholder page. It will launch on 30 October, on which the December issue of Dengeki Hime will be released.

Six new characters are shown in the photo, along with Risa and Miya dressed in what appears to be sporting attire. The character designs and different uniforms have led some to speculate that Peko is not involved with this product.

Update 29 October 2014: Dengeki Hime released silhouettes of the six new characters via Twitter.


In addition, Ralen is currently in Japan for language classes, and he was gracious enough to attend at my request on short notice. He returned with two photos of interest.


Update 20 October 2014: This leaflet was distributed at Carnival’s booth and advertises A Kiss For The Petals – Songworks, the complete album of the theme songs performed by Anzu Hana. It will be sold at Comiket 87 on 28-30 December 2014.

In addition, he was kind enough to return with something I didn’t expect at all.


I had asked him to buy any drama CDs that were missing from my collection on my behalf had they sold them there. None of the drama CDs were available, but the music CDs released under Anzu Hana’s name were, and as Anzu Hana was in attendance, he was even able to get her to autograph them for me. He mentioned my name to her, and, in her excitement, Hana struggled to pronounce my name correctly. He clarified that it begins with ク (as in クレイグ Craig) rather than グ (as in グレッグ Greg) , and she signed it クレッグ, an amalgam of the two. It is a new addition to the running joke that my name to the Japanese fans is anything but my actual name.

It should be clarified this autograph signing was her only appearance at this event, unlike the previous Girls Love Festival where she held her own panel. The overall presence of A Kiss For The Petals was lesser than the previous show as well. Neither Yurin Yurin nor Fuguriya were in attendance. More information about this brand will be available on 30 October, and possibly the next installment of Reo-ppoi Radio.

Update 19 October 2014: Anzu Hana has addressed the new brand and her visit to Girls Love Festival 12 on her website in a post dated 20 October 2014 and on Twitter (@anjyuhanyan) across two tweets. She also uploaded another photo of the banner showcasing the new characters.

Reo-ppoi Radio Episode 89

YouTube user momoiro koneko has uploaded Reo-ppoi Radio 89 on their channel, which was originally uploaded on Niconico on 11 October 2014.  Izumi Ayaka reprises her role as this episode’s “assistant”. This episode opens without any music, and the hosts whisper over it.

玲緒っぽいらじお 第89回-1 玲緒っぽいらじお 第89回-2

Fan mail is read at 15:07.

The hosts give editorial at 19:42.

At 35:27, a voice letter from Sara (Uri Satsuki) plays.

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Reo-ppoi Radio Episode 88

YouTube user momoiro koneko has uploaded Reo-ppoi Radio 88 on their channel, which was originally uploaded on Niconico on 27 September 2014.  Izumi Ayaka reprises her role as this episode’s “assistant”.

The cold open was by fan request. Several letters in the introduction commented on the おばーりん from episode 85.

玲緒っぽいらじお 第88回-1 玲緒っぽいらじお 第88回-2

At 27:23, a section called “St. Michael’s Comedy Club” (ミカ女笑点部; see comments below) has the hosts rewrite a line from the opening theme, “First Love Melon Kiss”, in sketches. The results are attached below, alternating between Hana and Ayaka.

玲緒っぽいらじお 第88回.flv_snapshot_29.36_[2014.10.17_22.33.58] 玲緒っぽいらじお 第88回-4 玲緒っぽいらじお 第88回-5 玲緒っぽいらじお 第88回-6

At 33:28, a brief tease from the voice of the Yuri Goddess plays.

At 33:41, a voice letter from Kaede (Gogyou Nazuna) plays.

You can listen to every Reo-ppoi Radio to date on this YouTube playlist.

Reo-ppoi Radio Episode 87

YouTube user momoiro koneko has uploaded Reo-ppoi Radio 87 on their channel, which was originally uploaded on Niconico on 14 September 2014.  Izumi Ayaka reprises her role as this episode’s “assistant”.

玲緒っぽいらじお 第87回-1

Much of this episode is dedicated to fan mail, which begins at 11:11.

At 27:05, two voice letters are played. Both are from Shizuku (Mi Ei) and Eris (Oukawa Mio), but the first is from impersonators.

A mini-drama is played at 34:02.

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Reo-ppoi Radio Episode 86

YouTube user momoiro koneko has uploaded Reo-ppoi Radio 86 on their channel, which was originally uploaded on Niconico on 24 August 2014.  A pre-show was uploaded the week prior. Izumi Ayaka introduced the show as this episode’s “assistant”.

玲緒っぽいらじお 第86回-1

Fan mail is read at 17:19.

The conclusion of this episode promoted the drama CDs sold at Comiket 86: With You ‘Till Morning and My Darling Lover.

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Reo-ppoi Radio Episode 85

YouTube user momoiro koneko has uploaded Reo-ppoi Radio 85 on their channel, which was originally uploaded on Niconico on 10 August 2014.  A pre-show was uploaded the week prior. This episode is guest hosted by Izumi Ayaka (Mai) and a second anonymous guest known as “Obaarin” (おばーりん). Like the previous anonymous guest who used “Calpis Soda” as an alias, she is a fellow voice actress. For this reason, and to differentiate her from the previous Calpis Soda, she is also referred to as “Calpis Soda No.2”.

The episode opens with an a capella performance of the theme song.

玲緒っぽいらじお 第85回-1 玲緒っぽいらじお 第85回-2 玲緒っぽいらじお 第85回-3 玲緒っぽいらじお 第85回-4 玲緒っぽいらじお 第85回-5 玲緒っぽいらじお 第85回-6

The last of these six images from this episode shows the three hosts. Which one is the Obaarin is uncertain.

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Reo-ppoi Radio Episode 84

YouTube user momoiro koneko has uploaded Reo-ppoi Radio 84 on their channel, which was originally uploaded on Niconico on 26 July 2014.  A pre-show was uploaded the week prior. In this episode, a second voice can be heard in the background.

At Otakon 2012 and 2013, I hosted a panel for A Kiss For The Petals that I was unable to reprise for the 2014 conference. On 28 June 2014, I wrote this letter to the show to inform them of this. The letter was translated to Japanese by Kuma Ichigo.




これでは、前回以来発売された新しい素材が! 私はあなたのために来年、さらに必死でもう一度イベントを開催するよう努力します。





Dear Anzu Hana:

ぽいちゃ! It’s Craig Donson again, writing to tell you about a recent development.

As you know, I hosted a talk session for “Sonohana” at the American anime convention Otakon in 2012 and 2013. However, I regret to say that I have not been invited to return this year. This, after all the new material that has debuted since then! I will try harder next year for your sake, and try to host it at other shows.

On another note, congratulations to the artists for the Yuri Goddess. The tights look great on them.

Craig Donson

But all the Japanese fans on Twitter still call me Greg…

In the closing seconds of this episode, my letter was addressed. At 26:29, Anzu Hana informs the listeners that Greg wasn’t selected for Otakon’s programming this year (グレッグはオタコンに落ちました。).

Fan mail is read at 6:00. One of the letters mentions the 2013 film Frozen, to which Anzu Hana very briefly tries to sing a line from the song “Let It Go”.

An SHN segment at 19:33 promotes “Songworks”, a music CD promoted at Anzu Hana’s personal website, Anju Hanyan. At present, further information has yet to be released.

A voice letter from Mai (Izumi Ayaka) is played at 20:28.

You can listen to every Reo-ppoi Radio to date on this YouTube playlist.