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Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals – My Prince Charming

Original product announcement page for the visual novel A Kiss For The Petals – My Prince Charming (その花びらにくちづけを わたしの王子さま Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo – Watashi no Ouji-sama), translated by Ralen. An updated edition is included as part of the First Series Complete Set. See the original page for image and voice samples.

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A Kiss For The Petals – My Prince Charming

A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty, romantic comedy full of yuri goodness♪

The second release from the doujin game circle Fuguriya is another yuri romantic comedy!
A Kiss For The Petals – My Prince Charming!

When our protagonist, Kaede, is reunited with her student model cousin, Sara, she gets a passionate confession.
Sara’s love for Kaede is so bold, every night is spent on the bed, petting and moaning♪
And there are absolutely no male characters! Please enjoy this pure, girls-only love story!

The same talented creators from last time have served up another one!
Illustrations: Peko (Drifting on the Waves, Learning from Teacher, The Brewer’s Town, The Road by the Sea).
Script: Sano Shin’ichirou (Sweet and Salty Twins, My Sister and Me, The Road by the Sea).

The game system is still all there!
Both Kaede and Sara are fully voiced♪ The sexy dialogue comes out full blast without any bleeps (lol).
Naturally, there’s a CG viewing mode, as well as a sex scene “memories” mode, plus you have the ability to go back and repeat the voices.
There’s also a text skip option, auto mode, and slider for text speed!
Plus, background music, sound effects, and voices can all be adjusted separately, so everything’s at your fingertips♪

“I’ve liked you, Kaede-chan… All this time!”

Won’t you give a very sweet, and veeery dirty cohabitation
with your passionate and somewhat naughty lover, Sara, a try?



I, Kitajima Kaede, am a plain class representative who doesn’t like to stand out.
When I was reunited with my younger cousin, Sara, at school…

…She came at me with a passionate kiss!!

In the years since I last saw her, Sara’s developed into such an adorable girl, that she goes to school while working part time as a beautiful model.
Famous for appearing in fashion magazines, she immediately becomes a school idol, only making me feel even more ordinary by comparison…

But Sara…
She shouts out “Kaede-chaaaaan♪” and sticks to me like glue, in front of everyone!
I hate the attention, so even though I don’t mean to, I end up being cold to her in response.
But then Sara pushes me down and says,

“I want all of you, Kaede-chan.”

I’m full of joy, and pleasure, and embarrassment…
Ahh, what’s going to become of me♪

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