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Getchu: The Future of A Kiss For The Petals

On 28 October 2016, A Kiss For The Petals  series producer Mi Kara Deta Saba wrote an article for the Getchu blog detailing the most recent visual novel and drama CD releases, products aimed at smart device users with limited access to a computer, and a first look at new characters for yet unnamed future products. It has been translated by Ralen. Emphasis has been added by me at some points, and my annotations are added in italics.

St. Michael Girls’ School Column #6 – The Future of A Kiss For The Petals

Hello there.

The new game, A Kiss For The Petals – From the Day We First Met is finally out today!

Everyone, please purchase it from Getchu~♪


Now, in this installment, I thought I’d talk about the future of A Kiss For The Petals~

* Please be aware, this article contains images not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

See this post on From the Day We First Met for more information. It can be purchased for download from the following stores:

Amazon Japan requires a proxy service. See the Buying Guide for more links.


The A Kiss For The Petals series isn’t losing any steam this year!  For starters, the current release, Revolution! Rinagisa is getting a sequel… Revolution! AiAya is currently in production♪

Naturally the heroines are Ai and Aya, the twin couple from the St. Michael’s Annex♪  Although the twins may have gotten together in The New Generation, Ai gets jealous of Aya’s adoration of Rikka and Sayuki when they come to visit the annex, and goes into an all-out fit of rage!

Aya tries everything she can to put Ai back in a good mood… but when Ai makes an outrageous request… Well, that’s what the story’s about♪

Also, this release will see the debut of this mysterious costume design of Ai’s!



What the heck kind of costume is that…?  And what’s going to happen?!

You’ll find all that out in Revolution! AiAya, currently in production!

I hope you’re looking forward to it! ♪

This image was originally tweeted by Fuguriya on 6 January 2016. It was described as a character on “Apron Angel Magical Reo,” a recurring segment on Reo-ppoi Radio. I translated it as follows:

“Apron Angel Magical Reo” Character Profile
Voiced by Tsubakino Nao

Ashura is a cadre of Black Star, an evil group that opposes Magical Reo, and is known for her intense laugh befitting a lady of class. She operates in civilian settings as a student of a school for well-to-do ladies under the alias “Shura Ai”.

It is likely that the appearance on AiAya will not resemble the above.

The Revolution! Prologue explores the premise of Ai’s disapproval of Aya’s admiration of Rikka and Sayuki in detail. Chapter 3 is told from Aya’s point of view.

Even those of you without a PC

Lately, this issue has been coming up a lot in our fan mail…

I really want to play the Petals games, but I don’t actually have a computer.


Oh yeah… People who use PCs at work or school everyday… but they only have smartphones at home….  I’ve been hearing more and more about people like that lately!

That’s why one of the many projects currently in planning is… The Petals series smartphone edition project!

Even From the Day We First Met, which comes out today, originally began as Remembering How We Met, a smartphone game… We’re currently working on porting other doujin-released Petals games as Android apps♪

We’ve tentatively started with Nanami and Yuuna, with plans to eventually port all of the doujin releases, beginning with all of the couples from First Series

And then… all of you who don’t have anything but a smartphone will be able to play the Petals games♪

An Android version of the first visual novel was first shown on a Nicovideo live broadcast on 22 April 2016.


This screenshot was taken by me during the broadcast, showing Tanaka Lili demonstrating the Android version. This post is the first official mention of that version since the broadcast.

†Easier Readability

And then there’s this!  As part of the plan to promote the Petals series, a Petals CG novel is currently being serialized on Fuguriya’s Twitter, and Pixiv’s illustration social networking service♪

Right now, the first installment in the Petals series, Yuuna and Nanami’s A Kiss For The Petals is being serialized.

In short, the character portraits, event images, and text have been compiled into JPEG images as something you can read as a sort of CG light novel♪


Yuuna: “It’s not a very interesting room…”
Nanami: “That’s not true at all!  It’s the best!  Your room is the best!”

* Available from Fuguriya’s website

It started as an effort to create something you could read from your smartphone whenever you have a little free time, so please check it out at your leisure♪

Also… there are currently two new works in progress for release as CG novels♪

Now I’m going to introduce you to each of the new characters, Kurara (眩蘭) and Noel (ノエル).



The goal is to one day release these as games, but the scripts are still in progress, so I hope you’ll look forward to them♪

It must be emphasized that these characters may not necessarily be a couple, and that they may not debut simultaneously, but rather in each of the two CG novels. At present, Hazuki and Manami are the only New Generation couple to not have a Revolution visual novel or drama CD to continue their story, so it is probable that Kurara and Noel will not have primary focus until afterward, similar to Maki, who debuted in Revolution! Rinagisa as a secondary character.

Perhaps I will have something to add myself about these images in the future…

And now, an announcement♪

A drama CD, Remember Our Love Again, featuring Risa and Miya, the star couple in From the Day We First Met, which comes out today, was released by the doujin circle Fuguriya last week.

I would be so grateful if you got this one too, and enjoyed them together♪

Well, it’s just about that time again…

May the world overflow with yuri♪

Written by:
A Kiss For The Petals series producer, Mi Kara Deta Saba.

English translation: A Kiss For The Petals Revolution! Prologue

2015-12-29 22_30_45-A Kiss For The Petals Revolution!

St. Michael Girls’ School has published an online short story leading to the events of A Kiss For The Petals Revolution! As in the visual novel Rinagisa, the prologue concerns Rikka and Sayuki volunteering to serve as guidance counselors to the students of the St. Michael’s annex school. The translation by Ralen is hosted on this server as a mirror of the original product page for Revolution.

The index page for Revolution contains a copy of the cover image for Rinagisa that may not be safe for work.

The translation is hosted here at http://petalsgarden.axypb.net/trans/rev/index.html

Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals Revolution! – Rinagisa

Fuguriya has announced a visual novel titled A Kiss For The Petals Revolution! – Rinagisa (その花びらにくちづけを れぼりゅーしょん! りなぎさ Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo Revolution! Rinagisa), a direct sequel to A Kiss For The Petals – The New Generation, for release on 25 December 2015 in online markets and 31 December 2015 during Comiket 89.

This visual novel features Rina and Nagisa and is the first of three visual novels to follow The New Generation. This is the first visual novel release in the main A Kiss For The Petals series released by Fuguriya since Lily Platinum in 2010, excluding Anata ni Chikau Ai in 2014, which was released as a supplementary storyline to a larger product. The reasons for this title’s release through Fuguriya and not St. Michael Girls’ School are currently unclear.

The writer for The New Generation, Madoka Madoka, announced a hiatus this August for personal reasons. She will be replaced by previous writers JUN and Hiyoshi Hiyori, who wrote the stories in the main “red label” series.

Ralen has translated the announcement page. Most of the images in the announcement post are not safe for work. See Petals’ Garden on Tumblr or the original announcement for images. The original announcement also includes voice samples.

Continue reading Visual novel: A Kiss For The Petals Revolution! – Rinagisa