#CASE 01: Kimishima Aya's Problem
Maaaiii, let's go home already~
We can't, Reo. We've still got a job to do today.
So? Let's just push it off on Shirakawa Sayuki so we can be done with it.
Reo? I don't like what I'm hearing.
Honestly... Anyway, we'll finish with today's work, and then...
And then?
And then I'll bake you your faaavorite chocolate cake♪
Ch- Chocolate Cake...? All right! Just watch me, Mai♪
Wow... You're so easy to buy.
So, what's this job we have to do today you keep talking about, Mai?
They'll calling it the "Trouble Counseling Center." We help students from the St. Michael's annex with their problems.
What? That sounds like too much work...
Don't say that, Reo. These girls look up to older students from the main campus like us. We have to be willing to listen to them.
Th- They look up to us...?
Yeah, as older students, we offer guidance to the wayward lambs of the St. Michael's annex. Come on, Reo!
H- Hmph! Fine, I guess "Reo Onee-sama" will listen to whatever these kids have to ask!
Eee♪ That's the spirit, Reo♪
...Now, as long as I've got you on board... Okay! The first person can come in now, please~♪
Pardon me.
Good day to you. Why don't you take a seat?
G- Good day... Thank you.
My name is Sawaguchi Mai from the senior class. It's a pleasure to meet you.
I'm Kawamura Reo! Now state your name!
Hey, Reo... That's a little...
Uh, I'm Kimishima Aya.
Aya-san, is it? Well, would you mind telling us what brings you here?
Right... You see, I have this twin sister, and...
Oh, is your sister also a student at St. Michael's?
She is. In fact, we're in the same class.
Hmph! Me and Mai are in the same class too, you know!
Reo... Is that really relevant?
Sorry about that, Aya-san. So, what were you saying about your sister?
The thing is... for certain reasons, my sister and I were raised separately.
Mm-hmm, and?
Recently, we've started living together... Oh, and that's also when I transferred into St. Michael's...
Oh, so you're a transfer student. So is Reo here.
Hmmh, I may be a transfer student, but I'm also your venerable superior! Now show some respect!
Wh- Where did that come from...? I didn't realize you even knew words like "venerable."
How rude! Even I know that!
Yes, yes, that was rude of me. Sorry, please continue.
Not at all. Anyway, um... My sister, you see, she...
She what?
Well... It's like she always wants to be around me. You might say she's clingy...
She's a little childish, and it seems like she's always getting her way.
Ah... (kind of like Sara-chan and Kaede-san, I wonder?)
Yeah, and? So it bugs you? You hate your sister or something?
You sure don't mince words...
That wasn't a compliment...
I- I could never hate her. In fact, I love... I mean, it doesn't bug me at all...
So what's the problem? Just forget about it and let your sister do what she wants. End of story!
Wh- Reo, how can you tell her that?
I don't hate it... so if I love her... I guess I could...
(Uh-oh... Could this Aya-chan and her sister be...?)
Yeah... Okay. I'll try what you suggest. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive...
Yeah! Nothing's better than when sisters get along♪
Really? You're an only child, Reo. What would you know about it?
Thank you so much for everything. I feel much better about things now.
Mm-hmm♪ Just keep focused on that feeling.
I will. Well, I'll be going now.
What do you think, Mai? Bring me a problem like that, and I'll knock it right out of the park!
Knock it out of the park, huh... Well, at least Aya-chan seemed satisfied.
Wow, Mai! At this rate we'll be done in no time!
Well... I can't really agree with your methods, but I guess all's well that ends well...
Mm-hmm! All right, send the next one in!

To be continued next time♪

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